I am facing some problems. I am new as a HR manager. So i want some tips from you all. I am facing problem to manage all documentation of employees.I don't know how to manager new employees documents ,Hold candidates ,Cleared candidates, Their joining formalities, exit forms, trainings e.t.c
I lost 4-5 candidates documents, I don't know how ,but its really shameful for me as a HR. Please guys give me some ideas how you all manage these things. I really need you help.

From India, Delhi
Dear Rachana,
Prepare a separate file for all the existing employees, and file the documents corresponding to each person. To avoid loss of the documents try to clean up your cupboard, drawers and work area at least once every month.
You can request the employees to resend you the documents, stating that you are maintaining the personal file for all, but ensure the you don't loose them in future.

From India, Mumbai
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Hello Archana

1) You can create personal files in the name of individual employees who are cleared where in you can file all documents such bio data, appointment letters etc pertaining to the employee concerned as Rajitha said

2)If you mean by HOLD employees those who appeared for interview and still awaiting clearance of selection, you can create single file to file all their CVs /relevant documents in alphabetical manner to allow easy location.It is better the file should have such facility to allow you to remove the CV /document of a particular employee without taking out all other documents.Some thing like a BOX type file

3) You can create a third file like a pending file depending up your need where in you can file.all matters required to be followed up such as back ground verification etc.You can also create a file on your computer for follow up provided the data is adequately secured from being lost.Once all the matters, pending are cleared this file can be closed.


HR & Labour law Advisor

From India, Mumbai
maintain diary for all future activities.keep data in soft and hard copy. make seperate folders for each catagories. and also maintain the list of files with their place.
From India, Keonjhar
I'm unaware what's your man power strength and nature of entity & operations. However if you have facilities store them all duly scanned in digital format on your server/PC which will help either to retrieve or add or delete. It is cheap and easy to maintain, send/share & update without altering the originals. You can store them by creating personnel folders, keep back ups either in DVDs or pen drives or in hard discs so that you can always restore them. You don't have to lose papers/documents, paperless office ?!
If you need to store hard copies & originals, all of them should be kept in a safe cup board with lock & key, assign a person responsible for their storage & movement, keep a register with Keeper's signature in it for every movement of documents. Personnel(nal) folders are inevitable.

From India, Bangalore
Manpower strenght - 100 ..
Problem is this we have two companies and i am the only HR who handles both companies HR department. thats why i am facing these problem. its too hectic o handle two companies.
And thanx for your suggestion

From India, Delhi

Nothing to worry, if you have to handle two companies, of course more workload, but no.of personnel for whom you have to maintain records remain the same istn't ? One suggestion, for your Co.'A' you can keep the records in Drive 'C' and for Co.'B' keep the records in Drive 'E' or 'F' or any other drive as per your convenience. Initially you'll feel the workload, when you build the data base for the first time, it's only updating & adding/deleting only thereafter & in due course then you'll find manageable. It's indeed to be hectic to maintain for two companies single handedly.

Secondly in the Co. environment you may have to maintain more records compared to a Proprietorship or Partnership firm. I presume you'll have your Asst's help. If you don't have Assts. request your Mmt. to provide atleast one or two and explain to them convincingly the importance and consequences of deficiencies when there is let up in statutory matters.Plan your workload and distribute amongst your Assts. and you can manage your responsibilities nicely. Any specific problem let us share. We are here to help you. All the best child.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Rachana,

Hope you have created employee numbers for the employees in your company.

As you say you are in-charge of 2 companies,start giving employee numbers starting from 2 different serial numbers.For example : Company A as 1001,1002,1003 and Company B as 3001,3002,etc.,

Now maintaining the physical records - Take any flat file write employee name and their Employee number and start accumulating the documents as referred by Mr. Saikumar. Arrange these files as per the employee numbers,so that its easy for you to retrieve the documents whenever required. As you say you don't have time, it is much easier to maintain hanging files as you can drop the document of the employee folder.

Whenever the employee leaves the organisation to remove the file and file it separately in Box file meant for separated employees for future reference.

Maintain a paper rack on your desk,whenever you receive any documents drop it that and file when free.

When you have time you can maintain scanned copies as well creating a folder in employee name.

Further to this you can follow Mr. Saikumar's advice.

Hope this helps,kindly revert for any queries.



From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi Rachana,
Why don't you think of procuring an automated online HR software that can take care of your needs. It will make your work much simpler and would bring measurable gains to your business.

From India, Bangalore

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