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we are running a foundation and my boss want me to work over it...but i have no idea what i can suggest regarding working of a foundation.he is asking how can we make our foundation shine how can we help the needy....i suggest some ways but he want everything in proper format like every single idea must be well planned like how it will be implemented what it needs to follow that many employees required for implementation any plan etc...................please guide me how to make a proper plan?

From India, Chandigarh
Ok, its a tricky one!

I believe you should sit down with your boss and make an action plan. Lets assume that your organization is working for "women empwowerment". Just assuming ok?

~Identify which areas you would like to work in. Obviously you would want to know the geographical areas where women are underprivileged and deprived. Rajasthan and Bihar for instance?

~Im not clear if yours is a foundation or ngo. You need to decide whether you will intervene directly or through project partners. Look at your total funds. see how much money is there at your disposal in programs and operations

~ depending on how much budget is allocated and if you are working directly or with the help of local ngo partners. You need to do a baseline survey, i.e, identify the villages where help is required. this would involve extensive research- Refer to surveys done by Govt., find out people's entitlements and rights. help them in connecting to banks, mgnarega, give training on gender sensitization, nutition etc.

There is hell loads to be done. Just open your eyes, look around! I'm sure you will find lot of information.


From India, Delhi
Hi vineeta .....Thanks for guiding but the problem is that my boss is not giving any idea i jst went to him yesterday to discuss wat to do he jst replied this is your job to think how to invest the funds of our foundation and how to get returns on funds invested....he we want to invest around 20-25 lacs.not getting what should be the plan he jst gave the idea like scholarships or some educational training programmes could be beneficial...dats it....but he want me to implement properly which students would be given scholarships,what else the things i need to consider etc he is not giving that kind of idea.....
Please guide me

From India, Chandigarh
Dear Panki,

The details provided by you is very much inadequate.

1. Is't a Regd. Trust devoted to serve the general public or community or a minority's organisation/HUF.

2. Before you could pose your problems you should study your Charter of the Foundation from that you would derive some idea. This is very much necessary because your activities cannot deviate from the Aims & Scope of your Foundation.

3. I presume your Foundation should have your Governing Council or Board of Trustees or Committee. What happened to them? I think you cannot on your own plan certain activities without their directions, guidance and approval. Therefore why don't you try to convene a meeting of them and discuss what to do and what not to do.

4. I cannot presume the Foundation is aimed at charities as you people are discussing about 'investing your funds' or so. You have to attach Aims & Scope clause first for us to apply our mind on that.

5. Foundation is regd. with IT Dept. ? Got exemption under sec.80G/GG ?

6. Go through What your Foundation was doing in the past, and what you derive from those activities ?

7. If your Bosses wish to aid higher education there are so many avenues. Is it that your activities restricted only around your places? and higher/professional education ?

8. Is't that the budget of Rs.20-25 L indicated for per annum or at this point of time. Do you have corpus funds to replenish your fund flow regularly ?

9. It appears that these funds/aid should be ensured it returned to the Foundation - which means the funds are lent to the identified as refundable loans ? and so on..

Visualise systematically keeping in mind the Clauses provided in the Trust Deed.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Sir
As i have mentioned that i am a fresher hence the terms you have used to reply is out my knowledge. Further my problem is to plan out something to help the people through our foundation.its jsut a project where management want to invest 15-20 lacs one time provided that project must have some gains too in if we start some educational course for needy for free of cost then they might work for our organisation .what could be such plans from where society could be benefitted and foundation also keep on getting returns for further help of needy people.
Panki Sharma
or you Can share your views at


From India, Chandigarh
Dear Panki,

The ultimate aim of your foundation is appreciable. But I'm not sure what is the nature of operations of your foundation. At the best for the present I can think of suggesting you to set up some vocational courses with sufficient labs, tools and proper tutors in a computerised environment to educate deserving students freely. You can format your own criteria for identifying the beneficiaries. And I'm still not sure how many trained students your orgn. can accommodate and for how long. Probably simultaneously should set up few business ventures as well where you will be able to accommodate them and incidentally earn revenue which would be ploughed back into your foundation. There is always dearth for trained personnel in service sector, like plumbing, electricals, AC/refrigeration, automobile, couriering, garbage clearing/recycling, processed drinking water supply etc. If you would require there are enough no.of project reports available on the nets which will guide you thru'. Wish you all the best and if you would require some personalised mails on this, provide your e-mail ID friends would be able to respond to that directly.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Pankaj
What is your industry and what type of employment your company can provide to your locality. Please start some institute which can cater your company's requirement. Please accommodate deserving candidates free of cost and you can charge for the other category candidates. In that Institute the major part of training must have the practical classes with safety and environmental consciousness. If you do, it will be a CSR Activity as well as the yield will be useful for your organisations requirement. In addition you can take the Tax Advantage out of free quota of seats.
Further this investment will be remain as capital and caters the society as well as your organisation's future employees.
Think in that angle as advised by Mr. S. Kumar.

From India, Kumbakonam
Which type of reply do you expect from our members. Please seek guidance with exact doubt you have. If your query is incomplete then you will receive the incomplete reply only.
Once you are asking for returns for your charity expenditure and our members have given you good suggestions too. So discuss with your boss and if you need any more help ask with clarity.

From India, Kumbakonam
can anyone tell me what exactly should be the project???i mean which section i should choose for our foundation’s work??
From India, Chandigarh
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