Dear All , How to motivate workers for near miss reporting . Please come up with your ideas . Thanks Abhay
From India, Thana
Dear All , So many views but no replay ....????.. please share how Near Miss reporting will help to reduce accidents so that one can improve their Near Miss reporting system. Thanks Abhay
From India, Thana
i think it is better, you should give a little reward to workman who give the near miss. Rajesh Safety
From India, Varanasi
Due to fear of head of deptt they don't want to report near miss.
some times they want to report near miss but they don't want to give any written statement.
some time they found near miss format typical to fill up and understand , so if possible you may convert you near miss format in hindi and english .

From India, Varanasi
An event having the potential to cause either personal injury or property damage or both is called a Near-miss. It may be noted that accident has not happened but it could have happened.
A “Near-miss” is an event that signals a system weakness that if not remedied could lead to significant consequences in the future. As such, a Near-miss i “ also an opportunity to improve system structure and stability, and an opportunity to reduce risk exposure to potential catastrophe.
So, whenever you come across a Near-miss, Report it. Let’s try to find out “What went wrong”?
please find Near-miss” report.

From India, Secunderabad
Dear Abhay,
I am happy to see your posting.
On your First Query: Let us check “what is motivation?”
Motivation refers to the state within the organism that impels it to behave in a particular fashion towards its goals. (Do you agree or not?)
Now think! What is in it for an employee to report near misses? You find many reasons and once satisfy them there you have a workable solution for your query.
On your second query: Near misses are warnings. Near misses indicate that there is something wrong in the management system. You need not have to wait for accidents to happen for remedial measures. Consider every near miss as serious and deal with it seriously. Where near miss reporting is religiously done accidents are few. Hope you can make it up.
Time permits I will come up on it again.
Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam
As far as near misses go they are just as important to report as any other incident that needs to be reported so you have to conduct Training and attend Toolbox/Safety meeting and reinforce how important a near miss is to report and don't sugar coat the facts show the workers some examples of what could happen to them or their work mates if they do not report them. Put them in the middle of it and use them as an example of what impact it could have on their families and work mate if something as simple as not reporting a near miss that could exculate into a serious incident and get them thinking about what if it did happen to me instead of it will never happen to me so i won't report it frame of mind.As far as giving incentives out that is a good idea i think with in reason positive reinforcement is always a good thing if the workers do something right let them know and you will find that they will be alot more willing to report near misses/incidents instead of being afraid to report them because of fear of getting in trouble or losing their job.
From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Dear RK Sharmaji , venkata ji , Rajesh ji

Thanks for Replay

Dear Kesava Sir ,

Thanks for reply . expecting more guidance on this subject .

for Not reporting Near Miss Culture ( or say barriers ) I have observed following which want to share with all of you

- 1.employees who want to report their personal near misses feels that what other will thinks about them (that reporting person itself accident prone person so feeling guilty /demotivated )

2.employees not reporting other members near misses due to fear of spoiling their relations

3.There are more than 2 plants and other plants if not mentioning their near misses in management meeting then safety officer who actually want to present also fears to highlight near misses ( Picture in front of management is - so many near misses are occurring in one plant that means manager doing nothing .)

4 employees are not clear on Near Miss definition ( some time they are reporting very minor injury as a near miss , some time Not able to identify severity )

So in such situation how to find a path which not only motivate employees but also safety officer , Management members .

I believe that seniors definitely suggest various ways to effective implementation of near miss reporting culture in organization . I request all safety professionals to come with their views / thoughts .



From India, Thana
Dear Abhay,

Reporting of near misses is a part of a safety culture. Developing a safety culture is a long term process. It takes time and earnest attempt on the part of safety department. Of course HRD has a major role in it too.

Analyze the problem in not reporting near misses. From industry to industry it may vary.

You may find :-

1. Employees do not know exactly what the meaning of a near miss is.

2. Employees do not know what to report and what not to report.

3. Employees do not know where and whom to report.

4. They doubt if at all there is any use in reporting near misses.

5. They are afraid of reprimand from certain corners.

These and many more issues are prevailing in industries as hindrance to reporting of near misses. However we can overcome all those.

You may start working on it. Continue the effort for the coming six months or so without expecting any result or improvement. If you work seriously at the end result will be automatic.

Constantly use publicity materials on importance of reporting near misses and how it helps to prevent possible accidents. This process is never ending.

List out all possible types of near misses in your industry and popularize it. Let everybody be clear as to what exactly a near miss is!

Whenever an employee reports a near miss; just acknowledge and appreciate it in writing. It goes a long way.

On monthly basis or so put up on notice boards all near misses reported, by whom reported and how management consider it helping in accident prevention, what action management has initiated on the report etc. Thank all those who reported the cases. Who doesn't love his name on a company notice board? Let it remain there till next month’s bulletin. .

Make it mandatory for the officers and staff to report near misses.

This is just one approach where we aim result. One may employ different approaches.

Coming to the end can you list out at least half a dozen near misses of different types?


Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam
Dear All,

We were also worried about why near miss is not reported or low reporting is there.

Than we did survey, talked to our employees and come up to few reasons as below:

1. Many employees at shop floor do know what is near miss. As there is a lot of confusion between what is near miss, unsafe act & condition.So we prepared ppt which shows pictorial presentation of difference bet. unsafe act, condition & near miss, to create awareness about what is a near miss & why it should be reported. This ppt was discussed during morning meeting, tool box talk, distribution points, safety chaupals etc & large hoardings were displayed at site at all prominent locations.

2. Most of employees don't know how to report, where to report & whom to report? So first of all we converted our Near miss reporting forms into Hindi as most of our contract employees are local & don't know English. Than we made these forms available at all prominent locations like main gate, canteen, rest room, at their workshops etc. so that they can get it easily. Than we place boxes at all prominent sites to drop these forms which are locked and opened by concern safety in-charges.

3. We do have near miss reward policy.

4.We also recognized one or two employees who had reported high potential fatality prone/ serious near miss by awarding them some token gifts.

5. We are multi units, so now we are gather information on initiatives that different units are taking so that the best practices can be replicated at other sites also.

We are still working on how to increase near miss reporting and will revert back if any updates are there.

Mean while sharing ppt with you. You may add definitions on your own in any language & may use these ppt.

And one more article which i found on net.

From India, Udaipur

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