Dear friends, Can someone help me with case studies in cognitive ergonomics to use them in teaching occupational psychology students?. Best regards to all,
From Algeria, Alger
Dear Aliqabas,

It is quite useful to study cognitive ergonomics. It is also one of my favorite subjects.I may be able to help you.

However please try to answer the following. These are from CIH (Certified industrial Hygienist) examination. Your answers will help me to get exactly what you need – I hope.

Sample Questions:

1. Ergonomics is:

• The study of energy

• Biomechanics

• The field devoted to minimizing damage caused by high energy ioniozation

• The study of man at work

2. The branch of ergonomics that deals with an employee’s ability to accurately perceive information presented is called:

• Anthropometry

• Biomechanics

• Cognitive ergonomics

• Counter ergonomics

3. Which of the following stressful positions is used when working with a manual screwdriver?

• Flexion

• Radial Deviation

• Ulnar Deviation

• Extension

4. Raynaud’s syndrome would most likely be associated with which work task?

• Using pliers

• Overhead assembly

• Jack hammering

• Typing

5. All of the following terms are relevant to body position descriptions except:

• Posterior

• Superior

• Distal

• Facial

6. Work and work stations should accommodate what percentile of the working populations?

• The average person (50%)

• 95%

• 90%

• 99.97%

7. Which of the following is not an effective ergonomic strategy?

• Avoid bending over continually

• Vibration isolation

• Adjustability design

• Using pinch grips for finely detailed assembly

8. Carpel tunnel syndrome is associated with compression of the :

• Radial nerve

• Median nerve

• Ulnar nerve

• Carpel nerve

9. MSD risk factors include:

• long duration.

• too short a recovery time.

• frequent force.

• all of the above.

10. our body can be stressed by:

• vibration.

• cold.

• bad lighting.

• all of the above.


Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam

Dear Aliqabas
Nice to see your thread with such a new topic into this forum... It's really new to me... I love to learn more about the subject matter... Request you to answer to Mr. Kesava Pillai and I am sure he will share great input with us...
I have just made a search on ergonomics material available with me and able to gather the attached file.. If similar case studies of your use, please let me know, I have few more which I can share with you...
Dear Kesava Pillai Sir
Really appreciating the way of your approach... I will study more about the topic then will answer to your questions by tomorrow... Thanks for your great inputs...

From India

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Dear friends,
Appreciate the discussion and the interest shown on the subject as its gaining its due place in the modern life style we have now. Eager to see more materials. With my limited exposure I had with a National Institute devoted to Health & Occupational Psychology which I associated with about a decade ago, I would also suggest you to study the materials relating to Occupational hygiene & diseases, work ethics & environmental science etc also along with the Ergonomics & Psychology.
Wish you all the very best of the Season and purposeful New Year.

From India, Bangalore

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