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Thread Started by #Kesava Pillai

Dear Friends,
For quite some time I wanted to be a part of this useful forum. I was also initiating few discussions which I felt might be useful to aspiring safety professionals. However later found that members were just coping and pasting things from here and there just for the sake of getting their names to appear. A few were asking for spoon feeding. I could not appreciate professionals in safety gaining knowledge without involvement. In most of my postings you may find the reflections of the teacher in me.
Am I realizing the mistakes in me? Answer is “yes” ! I could have very well initiated new approaches to get the issue resolved.
Time permits, I will now try to involve myself to the extent possible.
Kindly feed your ideas on the above question “SAFETY IS A VALUE OR IS IT A PRIORITY” ?
Kesava Pillai
27th December 2013 From India, Kollam
Dear Sir

I am very happy to see this thread been initiated by you... Also very much exited by seeing your statement "Time permits, I will now try to involve myself to the extent possible" & happy to get back a great senior like you in this forum...

Let me put down my views onto the topic... “SAFETY IS A VALUE OR IS IT A PRIORITY”

Safety is neither a Value or a Priority in majority of Indian Industries... Say 80% of the Indian Industries... Then what it is??? They consider it as a burden / barrier to achieve their production targets... They doing something for the sake of fulfilling the mere statutory requirements... Safety getting implemented by chance, not by choice...

Now ideally safety should considered as a Value than Priority... Many companies doing this as well....

One company who is considering safety as value implementing world class safety systems and believes that if any leading news paper reporting issues related to EHS (Accident, Environmental Releases or Occupational Diseases) against this company they will consider that, it is as equals to loosing billions of rupees.. Safety directly linked with their reputation of the company... Where Safety is getting implemented and followed by each and everyone by choice, not by chance…

So I am concluding my views as Safety Should be a Value than a Priority...

Looking forward to listen from other members as well from you...
27th December 2013 From India
Value determines the priorities. Safety is the value. It determines other priorities like quality, progress, timely completion, end results, etc. If no value is accorded, the whole project or endeavour goes haywire and not reaching to its logical conclusion.
27th December 2013 From India, Lucknow
Respected sir,
Safety is the most important part of a company.Resently we have heared a lot of accidents in industries which cause harm to employes .Safety is consider as most prominent and important for the development of a company
27th December 2013 From India
Dear sir,
Safety is value.
If we have passion towards the value, things gets automatically prioritized.
In case if we prioritize safety, its importance & the message does not gets penetrated into people & things will be done only for sake, as they are forced to do so.
27th December 2013 From India, Delhi
I do not know if I have understood the question properly.
However, from what I understand, I think Safety is a PRIORITY.
If an organization can not ensure the safety of its employees; or is careless about it; then it has no business to continue or exist in the business.
Employees are not meant to be a sacrificial goat for the employer.
Safety comes FIRST and ALWAYS !!
Warm regards.
29th December 2013 From India, Delhi
I think, any organisation take safety as a proirity will gets value too. the moment we start calculating at accidents, mandays lost and resluting loss in production, absence of skilled person base certianly safety activities and precautions will become priority and organisations too realise the value in it.
30th December 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Priorities are set based on the value. Hence safety is the value first and then it gets prioritised. pon
30th December 2013 From India, Lucknow
All types of organisations require people, other than machines, to carryout desired activities. We talk about our target of achieving our objectives effectively and efficiently. Providing a safe environment at work place becomes essential to attain targets effectively. Planning for safety means taking prior actions to prevent from or minimize possible hazards, that may harm the organisations' people, including the management.
Organisations who have established Safety and Health Management Systems have added VALUE to their reputation in the eyes of their employees, their stakeholders as well as the public. in a similar way establishing a QMS, or Communication Management System, or EMS have added more VALUE to their organisations.
3rd January 2014 From Malaysia, Sungai Petani
Dear Friends

It is interesting to see such safety awareness creating debates in this Forum and I specially appreciate Mr. Kesava Pillai for initiating this thread.

As a matter of fact, here we are discussing about the Safety as a Value or Priority. But the safety should be in the minds of everyone.

Safety and Security is the responsibility of everyone - The safety part is taking care of by my father in my house, hence I will touch the live electric wire and it will not give electric shock to me............ Is there anyone tells like this. The security is taking care of by my father in my house, hence if some unknown person trying to break open the door of my house I will not tell anything. Because It is the duty of my father.................. Is there anyone thinks like this. The apparent reply is known to everyone.

The safety and security is everyone's concern. It must be inculcated in the minds of everyone. The change in the attitude towards safety will add value and it will make everyone to give priority in "Safety First & Work Next"
4th January 2014 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Friends,
Nice to see this discussion gaining due attention.
From the comments being posted; I further get an idea to add more for your involvement. May be; this because we have friends from other disciplines also involving in the discussion and bringing out certain points they consider apt.
Now here is the point for your views:
Do you continue to accept the slogan “safety first” for a safetyman.
Kindly express your views.
Kesava Pillai
4th January 2014 From India, Kollam
Dear Sir
Let me share my thoughts on the new topic which you bring upon for discussion....
“Do you continue to accept the slogan “safety first” for a safetyman"
My answer is No in case if you specifically ask about safety man only.
Why Safety First only for a Safety Man? Safety first should be for everyone... For a Production Man, For an Engineering Man, For all the line management function professionals... Everyone should give at least a minute thought to safety before executing any job…
Safety should be the line management responsibility… Safety Man should be able to perform his own duty of managing safety… When comes to Safety, Managing of the same plays vital role than execution…
4th January 2014 From India
Dear Mr. Kesava Pillai
In my thread I clearly mentioned that Safety is everyone's concern and not only for safety personnel. Reading in between the lines will not make any meaning and it will twist the concept itself. Safety first is for everyone and not only specific to Safetymen. Eventhough we are from other discipline and not having any link with safety discipline, on curiosity and interest towards safety, we are involving ourselves and giving our opinion. As like facebook we do not have such limited user group, so that others will not have access to your safety group in this forum. Further I will restrict myself in involving and giving reply to any safety related threads.
Have a great weekend.
5th January 2014 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Mr. Bhaskar
Thanks for the response.
See I think you interpret the meaning of what Mr. Kesava Pillai pointed out... It's always great to see people from other background comes into the discussion on safety related topics... He not stopped anyone from participating into the threads... The discussion will get more interested & useful with the inclusion of many people...
Again participating or no participating is purely your choice.. Being old member of this forum, hope you clearly understand what my intention of intervening and commenting... Try to participate more and lets make it forum alive for the benefit of everyone...

5th January 2014 From India
Dear my Bhaskar,

If you feel offended in any manner I take this opportunity to express my regret. I really expect none others to feel so without getting the spirit of my posting by end of the day.

My intention is purely professional and I am sure that you have misinterpreted my posting.

I do not have to prove myself by stating my qualification, experience, exposure involvement and so on in safety. Some of my technical explanations will speak for me. Yet I am proud to say that still I am a student in safety engineering.

While contributing to these columns I wanted to be of some help to young safety professionals specifically and to people from other disciplines in general.

In the past there were various theories on accident prevention. Of these, the first one was Domino theory. To help accident prevention; very many slogans were developed. For some time the most popular one was “Safety First’. Many who have little knowledge on later developments in the field still hold on to it. We have come a long way. The slogan is outdated. Slowly I wanted to move on to the present situation and wanted the practicing safety men to come out with their understanding. I reinstate; my method is not spoon feeding. I wanted to know how much they hold, then interpret and add on to it for their own benefit.

Hope I have clarified myself and now it is up to you to decide what to do or what not to do.

Being a safety professional; I am capable of controlling my emotions to some extent and think well to react.


5th January 2014 From India, Kollam
Dear Mr. Kesava Pillai & Dipil

Please note that Safety and Safety consciousness is not only required for Safety personnel, but also it is required for all the personnel involved even in day to day activities. Hence Safety First is not only warranted for Safety professional, it must be inculcated in the minds of everyone. Due to lack of safety awareness if someone inflicted some injury, no way safety personnel will be held responsible. But nowadays, even the Government is first arresting the safety professional and the Project head. Because it has become the moral responsibility of both to provide safe environment to the employees. The safety persons are to find out the Unsafe Conditions and ensure to rectify the same to give safe working condition to the employees. In the same way the Unsafe Acts due to lack of knowledge and ignorance also to be identified and needs to be attended and necessary corrective action to be taken.

Here I would like to quote the Murphy's Law, in that there will be the some wordings "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". If we read the sentence, initially we will feel it as like a comedy. But in depth if you analyse, you can find the real meaning for that simple funny sentence. Where there are chances to go wrong in any activity, surely someone will commit the mistake and it will go wrong. It is not that someone will willingly commit wrong. But due to lack of knowledge or ignorance, someone will commit the mistake and in times it will cause irreparable damage.

That's the reason I quoted Safety First and Work Next. But I have not specifically mentioned it Safety First only for Safety professionals. Hope you understood the wordings and its meaning in a healthy way, what I like to convey in this forum.
6th January 2014 From India, Kumbakonam
Safety is a responsibility that should be give priority and in the sense which always reflect the value that we are giving to the people around and also at the work place. Acquiring knowledge on fire and safety is always good one, which is very essential to handle the fire accident situation effectively.
8th January 2014 From India, Kakinada
The saying or slogan "Better safe than sorry" is the underlying principle of all safety management. The recent accidents are a grim reminder of this.Therefore the slogan 'Safety First' is all inclusive in it's applicability.The people discharging this responsibility are experts in their field and thus are trusted by all others to ensure their safety.Of course safety people too need to take care of their safety first so as to be in a position to take care of other's safety Thus they are to be provided all material and infrastructure like safety gear, tools and equipment to discharge their responsibilities effectively. I appreciate Mr.kesav Pillai to initiate this discussion on safety to spread awareness as one learned member Mr.Dipil has rightly commented that safety is more viewed as a cost rather than a value by the employers....
HR & Labour law Advisor

8th January 2014 From India, Mumbai
If we know the value of life;
If we know the value of our kith & kin;
If we know the value of our accomplishment;
we decide the priority and deliver according to its values. My point is priority is based on values. So Safety is value and accorded first priority.
8th January 2014 From India, Lucknow
Dear Mr. Bhaskar
Being such a senior member in this forum we never expecting even slightly negative comment from your end... I am very happy to see your this explanation response but why the condition arises in which we all need spend our energy for the cause which will not add any value to anyone... So I am humbly requesting you to be a true professional while replying to threads.... We are not suppose to hurt the emotions of anyone even through a single word...
Hope being a senior member in this forum, you will take my words in it's right spirit....More importantly expecting to see your more active participation into the EHS threads...

20th January 2014 From India
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