Hi Senior,

Hope you all are doing well.

I am here to take your suggestion for my situation. Kindly help me to solve my problem. I have inquiry related my work. I am explaining my situation to you. Kindly go through it.

I am working as a HR in a start up BPO outsourcing company. The Company started last Nov 2013(approved registration by Govt.). I joined over there mid September 2013. When I went for interview, the directors of the company took my interview. I told them my exp & my knowledge. I have 2 years of exp as Recruiter and HR Admin. They asked me to join that company very next day. In that time they offered me as salary for the first month Rs.15000. And they assure me they will increase the salary next month itself. I joined there as HR without any letter. I got my Appointment letter after one month like last of Noví13. They offered me Rs. 21000 PM (Net Salary) as HR Manager (for the first month Rs. 15000 PM and from 2nd month onwards Rs. 21000). When they took my Interview, They asked me whether I know Salary Calculation, Recruitment ? Then I answered them yes I have knowledge of these things and I took some professional training as well & I can manage that as basic. They had a high expectation from me, that I can manage everything. They just give me HR Manager Designation and power. But with 2years exp I was not that much eligible for that position. So I told them you can recruit me as HR Executive or HR Assistant but they gave me same designation as HR Manager and generated appointment letter. I tried to support them as per my exp & knowledge but suddenly after Oct 2013, their behaviorsí has changed and they took my appointment letter back. For first 15days of Sep 2013 they gave salary as per Rs.15000. I got my October 2013 salary on 30th noví13. They dispatched salary on the basis of calculation on Rs. 13000 PM. And On 3rd December 2013 they informed me that for respective salary you are not up to the marks of our expectation & so, for your position we can provide you salary of Rs 13000 PM. Now itís totally up to me whether I can work or I have to quite. After that I was totally surprised how without informing me they took this decision. I spend my 3 months over there with my full dedication & also they hold my Rs. 7000 from my November month salary. I didnít tell anything to them. Just I asked them at least you have to mention this problem, right from the moment when you got lackness in me. Right now I am working with this company without any document. Right now their way of talking also has changed. They are trying to underestimate me in every situation.

Seniors, Kindly let me know what I should do. Shall I leave that company or shall I stay. I want to learn as I am in entry level in my career.


1. I have 2 years exp as Recruiter & HR Admin.

2. I am working without any document.

3. They hold my Rs.7000 of my salary.

4. I am attaching my resume (exp, knowledge).

Please give me some suggestion what I should do.

Thanks in advance.

Have a good day.

From India, Bangalore

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First of all your query is not clear.

Your company started in Nov 13.

You got selected in Sep 13.

You got your appointment letter after 1 month, i.e., last of Nov 13

You salary fixed Rs. 15000/- for Sep 13

You got salary hike and fixed Rs.21000/- for second month onwards.

Now in Nov your salary fixed to Rs.13000/- and they hold your salary Rs.7000/-.

The company issued you the appointment letter and taken back. Once you surrender the appointment letter, it is surprising that you did not take the photocopy of the appointment letter. Now you are complaining that you are working without any documents. Hope you are having the salary slip.

Once they are willing to escalate you to manager level, you did not develop you upto the mark. This is the problem with you.

Even though the company is changing its stand, which is wrong, you are also having more problem with you, which needs to be corrected.

If you face any problem in coping up, have you explained the same to the management. If so, what was their reaction. (Hope that might be the salary reduction).

Have you asked for any assistance with Cite HR members by raising query in your subject. There are many freshers become successful in HR Field and it is happened only because they seek guidance in right time in right place.

Please rectify yourself and try to improve.

From India, Kumbakonam

HI Sir,
Yes my company got registration in Nov,2013. I got selected Sep,2013. I got my appointment letter after one month. My fixed salary for first month was Rs. 15000/-. From 2nd month onward its Rs. 21000/-.
I asked them not to give me the MANAGER level position as I have 2 years Exp in this field. And also I informed them I need some guidance. I took a scan copy of appointment letter when they asked to return back. I have salary slip. I am not constraint about salary package. I want to learn. But now problem is that they are misbehaving with me. In that situation what should i need to do.
Without any document they hold Rs. 7000/- amount from my salary. In that situation what should I do.
I want to learn, want to improve myself. But without guidance how it would be possible. Regarding salary slip i took suggestion from CiteHR seniors. They told me what should i do.
Kindly give a proper way Sir.
Thanks in advance.

From India, Bangalore

The first disconnect I see is the quality of language in your mail and the CV you have attached.
If you really had done all that had claimed in your CV, you should have been able to handle the position offered to you - especially after 2 years of experience. Since you have admitted you have not been able to do so, I suspect there is selective reporting of the facts of the case by you. If you are what you claim in your CV, please do the job well and demand the salary due.If you are not in a position to fulfil the role and responsibility given to you, it will be a good idea to accept the truth and look for another job.

From India, Mumbai

Thank you Bsundhara Mam.
I am not looking for salary. I just need document. Nothing else. Till now they did not provide proper document.
As i told them I am not able to handle all those responsibility I need some seniors support. After this, their behavior has changed to me. That is why I am worried. I can search a new opportunity with my exp and knowledge. But they are paying salary. Total salary amount Rs. 7000+ 13000 (Nov month salary) is pending. If i leave the company asap then I will loose my that amount.
'That is the typical situation. I don't have problem to learn. I want to improve. But they are misbehaving with me. That is the problem.
I need solution for that. Please give me suggestion on that point.

From India, Bangalore

Write an e mail requesting the documents and specify the amounts discussed and agreed upon as salary from your company's official e mail id to the official e mail id of the person who took the interview and offered you the job in the first place. Mark a copy to your personal e mail id as a proof. Use polite language and state only the facts.
After sending the e mail, follow it up with a hard copy to the same person. Be polite and request for official document of appointment.
Hope for the best.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Anonymous.
Your doubt is not clear and you yourself is not clear about your requirement.
You got your salary Rs.15000/- for Sep 13
You got your salary Rs. 21000/- for Oct 13
You got your salary Rs. 13000/- for Nov 13.
Now you are claiming for Rs.7000/- less paid to you. (Please explain how they deducted this amount and on which month salary this amount is deducted. Now again you are claiming for Nov 13 Salary and unexplained Deduction of Rs.7000/-. Please explain clearly to the members so that they can guide you properly.

From India, Kumbakonam

Apart from what the seniors has advised you, I would only tell you that you lack confidence where the problem has arise. As advised by Busundara send a mail to the concerned person with regards to your appointment letter and Salary part which you and your management is well aware of, as we cannot make out from your query.
Last but not the least, since you have accepted that you cannot work without the help of any senior, search a job immediately where you can work under the guidance of any seniors where you feel comfortable. The company may be in search of a HR who can handle the HR functions independently so be careful

From India, Ahmadabad

Dear Anonymous

your posts still have a lot of discrepancies.

1. You were interviewed in Sep 2013, asked to join next day, got your appointment letter a month later at the end of Nov 2013. I see a month missing

2. You talk of 7000 being held back and not paid to you. Well, you were given an option of leaving immediately or working at a lower salary of Rs. 13000. you accepted the lower salary, so you are not entitled to Rs. 21000. So where is the question of them holding it back.

3. You talk of "Misbehaviour" but do not specify what that is.

4. You say they are underestimating you. Well, they realise that they were fooled into hiring you, surely, you dont think they will be still thinking you are very good at your work. Still, if they are underestimating you, prove to them that they are wrong by doing the work better than their current expectation.

5. You say you are working without document. You have an appointment letter (scanned copy), you have pay slips. What other documentation are you expecting ? A new appointment letter ? I am sure it will come once they verify that you at least have that much capability to do what your new job description provides. In any case, i do not understand what the revised letter will give you that the existing (scanned) copy will not.

6. You keep saying in your posts that you do not mind the lower salary and you want to learn, but you seem to mind the salary seriously. You do not want to wait for a quarter, and then approach the matter with a history of having achievement.

I think the writing is on the wall.

You made claims in your CV and in your interview of certain capabilities that you did not have. You took up a job you were not capable of doing. I suspect you make tall claims during the interview thinking that HR job must be very easy. Knowing its a startup, you were quiet surely aware that you will be the only person in HR and that you will not have a senior to go to or take guidance.

When you got the designation more than what you asked, you should have taken up the matter and ensured that they understood where your abilities stand. Now in the first month its self they found you have over stated your ability and have failed (miserably, i suspect). They should / could have terminated you on the spot (you were in probation and no notice pay would be due). Instead they offered you an option of working at a lower salary, one that would be in line with your abilities.

You have gotten off to a bad start.

Now you have 2 choices

- leave immediately and get another job (write these 3 months as a mistake, and dont make the same in the next job)

- Go and speak to the director who you are reporting to. Apologise to him for the mistake and your failure to live up to his expectation. Tell him you would like to work here keeping along term in view and that you will work hard to reach the expectation. Ask him for a bit of patients for 2-3 months. Further, if there is actual problem with language and behaviour, you can ask him to put a stop to it explaining it is undermining your role and work.

If you do not get a positive response to the above, then you have already reached a stage of no repair and should look for another job anyway.

From India, Mumbai


I think you have not mentioned all the things happened with you. Some points are still not cleared. First of all i dont understand if compant has given you the positon of HR Manager then why you said you are not avle to do take responsibilties. You should have taken the opportunities for post and you could have work hard insead of showing your weekness that you can not do so. And the second thing is that if you are true in your interview with your employer that you will be not able for the subject post then why they are giving you that post. Why they have forced you to join that HR manager post if you are not be able to handle that.

Thirdly how come this possible that once if organisation has given you the appointment letter and they have taken back from you as i have never some to this scence that once appointment letter signed by you and given to you or any other staff can be taken back.

I think u should have clear all the hidden things with your organisation. And for you i would suggest that kindly go for another job if they are underestimating you and so on.



From India, Mumbai

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