Dear all,
Everybody will have ups and downs in life. good and bad things, right and wrong, morals and values. want to know from everyone what exactly happiness is all about according to you. please reply to this with good fun. definetly u'll enjoy.share your good and bad experiences, also how did you perceive your happiness in what terms. any special factors, reasons and all. do it. hope u all enjoy sharing this.

From India, Madras

Let me share with you a link in which I have written about various quotes centered around HAPPINESS. Click on the link to read up on various shades and hues on Happiness.
happiness | Actspot's Blog
Hope you get some valuable insights from the various posts in the above link

From India, Mumbai
Hello Kalpana Sreeram,
You have posted a very intriguing message.
As rightly pointed out by you, happiness and sorrow are like the two sides of a coin.
We cannot afford to be selective always on happiness. It would be an unrealistic wish.
Mr Jacob has responded giving his elaborate thoughts on happiness.
During the internal training programmes, I used to ask the participants who amongst them all want to be always happy.
Without a doubt, everyone would raise their hand.
The next question – a slightly modified one would be who all can say that they are always happy.
Seldom someone would give an affirmative vote.
There are different dimensions to Happiness – jumping with joy, a pantomime,
emotionless, contentment and what not. I have shared my views and the thoughts that have impressed me in the attachment. Some have already appeared in Cite HR in one context or other. Hope this contribution is useful to the thread started by you.

From India

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Dear Kalpana

Happiness depends on how you are able to steer your life adjusting the ups and down. As a grown up person in your teenage your responsibility is restricted to your self, enjoying the company of friends, seeing the movies, cutting jokes, going for outing etc. When you get your employment it is widen and you feel that when you do your work and get the salary, increment etc you feel happy. After you get married it is widened and your responsibility is to take care of your family, husband/wife/children/aged parents. Here it starts that your happiness starts reducing as there are more responsibilities in life. Here you will have to adjust your life to balance it to make your self comfortable. From now on it is in your hands to make your self to be happy. it is definite that it is not that much easy, but it is upto you to take up the matters,solve it and make yourself happy. Therefore happiness in most period of your life is to get adjusted by yourself and to live in this world.

to make your self happy by adjusting to your needs and family you must be able to :-

1. make a balance in your income and expenses and also to make a savings

2. do not go beyond your limit in any area which will trap you to go into problems.

3. Try to be happy with what you get and attempt to improve on your life.

4. impress on your partner and children that it is necessary to enjoy life with what you have in your hand.

5. Never think bad to others and try to spoil others.

6. Make life happy by showering your love and affection on your partner and children as well as respect your parents.

7. Be honest and sincere in your work etc which will definitely make you always happy inspite of any shortcomings.

8. Do not aim for which are not possible to get in life.

9. Plan your future properly. budget is not only for the country but also for a family.

10. share your thoughts etc with your partner which will make you comfortable as well as happy.

From India, Madras
Thanks both for the warm and practical reply. its always truly said try to be happy with watever you have in life. respect to all. no regrets and no bad thoughts. I know its difficult in practical, but nothing is impossible to achieve and follow. keep going your cheerful spirit with full hardwork, dedication and fun.
Kalpana Raghavaprasad

From India, Madras
Dear Ms Kalpan,
Hap "I" ness is happiness. Happiness is when one are oneself (one with the event or happening). But seldom man feels that he is himself; because he even sits in a judging position.
Thanks and regards,
Sarma Duvvuri

From India, Hyderabad
Hello Kalpana,
This discussion on Happiness will surely go as a long thread,cause I feel everyone wants to share their thoughts on it.
Happiness to me is self-made,one can be happy with what all one's got and on contrary some can never be happy even if's the world is @ their feet.happiness is the one thing one cant buy,it is to be felt within.Being happy defines the mentality of the person.When i was studying and working of all my spinster life ,i thought yes this is happiness,this is life ,after i got married with the kind of right companionship i felt yes this is happiness and this is called a lovely life and now being a a mother of a 2 year old lovely kid,At this face of time i feel this is life with my happiness fulfilled
being blessed with the baby's touch,voice,naughtiness and happiness filled by him.
For me Motherhood is the eternal Happiness.

From India, Mumbai
Thanks Sarma and Swapna, completely agree with both of them. swapna truly said happiness within ourself, should enjoy each and every phase of life with minimum amount of expectations. thanks both of you again for sharing this, giving warm reply.

From India, Madras
Hello Sarma Duvvuri,
You have brought out a nice explanation on Happiness. HAPP "I" NESS sounds good.
You are right about human beings taking the position of a judge.
As rightly observed by you,sits also does have an '"i" !!
Hence there is an impediment to happiness.
One has to come out of it to be happy.

From India
Dear Raghunathan,
Thanks for your observatation on the word 'sits' used by me and for your considered agreement with my statement. In my opinion Newton's first law of motion amply defines happiness.
To quote: "Every body continues to be in a state of rest or continuous motion unless it is acted upon by an external force to change that state or uniform motion". This external force is nothing but the judging position of the individual, as a result of which the position of rest or continuous motion (Happiness) is disturbed.
Maslow put this law in another fashion " “Every human prefers to idle if he is not acted upon by a need”. This perpetual idleness is happiness, but is very difficult to achieve, unless one is one's self.
The above are an extract from the book I am penning on "Aspiration Management".
Thanks & regards,
Sarma Duvvuri

From India, Hyderabad

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