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Hi All
Please help me, I am working in IT industry from last 4.5 years. 4 months ago, i joined one IT company and right now i have best offer from TCS. when i cleared HR round i did not told HR that i am currently employed. I told him that from last 4 months i am unemployed due to some personal reason.
Now i got offer letter from TCS and they want me to join within 7 days and As i mention, i am currently working with company which have notice period of 2 months.
Please suggest me immediately what to do. I want to join TCS.
1) If I absconded from my current company, will it affect my carrier in future ?
2) What kind of action TCS can take if they came to know that i am absconded in BGV ?
3) what kind of action my current company can take against me ?
Please help...
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You have done the mistake by hiding your current status of employment and knowing that TCS has asked to join in 7 days. But as per current scenario, I would suggest that in your current cmpany you are working for only 4 months so you must be in probation and that's why you don't need to serve the notice period so you can simply leave after handing over your tasks to HR.
Also, if there is no such probation than you should pay 2 months salary in lieu of not serving the notice period and then you can get easy and healthy relieve from.
Moreover, if you not willing to pay in lieu of notice period then simpley leave the company and do not ever mention that you have worked over there and put those 4 months as unemployed.
Dear Friend,

You may quit from the current company without uttering a word to the world. .you may manage all these things for a while only. The IT world is well connected and eventually they will find out who you are. The BGV will find out your complete profile. The money and project will soon go away if you are practicing unfair and unethical idealogy.. It will land you in more troubles. You may be a young graduate from IT industry. You have caught into this web of fudging, misrepresenting the background and trying to ask for remedy from the fellow members of this cite.Unwittingly members also suggest you do this or do that. Please bear this fact in mind that the HR managers of leading organisations are connected to this cite directly or indirectly and they may also see this.

I refuse to give you the advise in this context. Notwithstanding the fact that in your friends circle you must have got suggestions and advise in person or though mails. Please be the positive link of just and fair HR philosophy practices in Human Chain. Believe me that what we give now will eventually come back in multifold may be immediately and may be years later, but surely it will come back.

Best of luck.

V. Rangarajan. (Chennai)_
Dear Friend,
Please check your appointment order that received from your current employment. If there is any clause of notice period, you should abide to that otherwise you are free from such legal obligations of your current company.
In any case, absconding from the job is not suggestable as it might have hit your career somewhere in future. Hence, better inform your current HR that you are not interested to work with the company and request them to relieve immediately.
Best of Luck.
Bhavani Sankar
As a professional one should not hide any thing. Any how, In your new org. If you will tell the truth , u don't. Know how they will take it .now you join without disclosing four month experience. Before joining take proper relieving from yr present employer.
S c Gupta
The best approach is for you to pay in lieu of notice and discharge of yourself of future severe reprisal. You will by this fulfil your obligation to your present company and fully discharge yourself.
I am sorry to be a very critical "WET BLANKET". When I found that the blogger had lied and is asking for help, like many other bloggers, I remembered what Judge Judy says about lying. She says that people who lie need a profound memory to make sure that they do not get exposed. I remembered an old saying "He who lies and lies to hide it makes it two." While searching for its source found a very good article on Lying at Two Definitions of Lying | James Mahon -

Sorry for digressing away from the topic. Like Rangarajan has pointed out, what the blogger has done is highly unethical and we should be bold enough to say so. What guarantee is there that someone from TCS does not read these posts. The blogger told a lie that (s)he was unemployed though (s)he was working. Now is scared of what could happen, if (s)he resigns and takes up TCS' offer.

"Please suggest me immediately what to do. I want to join TCS.

1) If I absconded from my current company, will it affect my carrier in future ?

2) What kind of action TCS can take if they came to know that i am absconded in BGV ?

3) what kind of action my current company can take against me ?"

As a lay man, and not an HR expert, I will answer the questions raised.
Hi Anonymous

Thanks to Simhan sir, he has spoken of Ethics. Professional Ethics is imperative if you want to survive in any industry, just as integrity is inevitable if you want to lead a peaceful life.

As an ex- HR person from TCS, I want to tell you that TCS, like all IT giants, conducts a thorough background verification. It's a pity that Couvery's suggestion that you pretend you were unemployed WON'T work.The TCS HR WILL certainly find out. When the BGC report comes as negative, you will be terminated and black listed.

Also, as Rangarajan sir has said, what goes around comes around. so do not abscond from your present organization. You may have to work with your present colleagues sometime later in the future too. Do not ever burn your bridges. If you have signed a contract, your present organization is free to take legal action.

Without passing moral judgement on you, my humble suggestion is PLAY FAIR. Talk to both HRs. And bear in mind that you cannot change the inevitable. If being honest means that you may not join TCS, or that you have to delay your joining TCS by 2 months, so be it. Accept it. You don't have a choice.

God bless.

Dear all,
I am sorry for not finishing my post and give answers to the three questions. I was interrupted by our 2 year old grandson. However, now that an expert from TCS has answered the questions, there is no need for me to give answers.
However, I would like to give an example of what could happen if anyone lies about working for a company/absconding and taking up a job elsewhere by hiding the fact about working. As someone has pointed out, people do move from one company to another and there is every chance of some colleague or even ones boss may join the firm that a candidate joins. Let me give an example; a friend of mine joined an educational institution and after 2 years his ex-boss came for an interview in the same institution. I have posted in one of my previous threads what transpired.

According to me, not only TCS all top companies will give a complete background verification but only on the experience you have mentioned in the assessment form they have provided you when you have completed all your rounds. So if you didn't mention this company in that form you no need to worry for anything, you can blindly join with TCS. Keep in mind DONT TELL to anyone in your current company that you are going to join with TCS, even to your close friends. Four months gap in your profile will not affect much in your future career.

But my question is why do you want to shift your job within four months? I'm not sure what is the exact scenario happening in your organization, but company have paid you for 4 months and suddenly you abscond, think of your company for 2 mins. Especially for small organizations it will be a so hefty. If you are planning to move only for package, my advice is just give sometime, there are lot of openings in IT. If you miss one company no need to upset you will get it in another for sure, only thing is it will take sometime.

I have started my career in one of the top organization as a call center executive. IT was my dream that time. I missed lot of oppourtunies because of my notice period. I missed RBS, TCS & HCL. But today Im in a very good position in one of the top software company. Put lot of efforts, learn more, try to be teachie, oppourtunity will automatically pour in your inbox.

Lastly I want to share is for this kind of situations you should know what decision you should take. Fine we all are asking you to join in TCS and tomorrow something happen who will take the responsibility? It depends on various factors, how much your job is necessity to you & your family, how long you can serve without job, you have capability to get another job if something happened, etc... Internet is vast network, people from almost all countries are reading your post. We have Clients around the world, and I will speak to many of my Clients. Almost most of the people already lost their confident level with India. So don't post this kind of posts in forum it will spoil our reputation, hope you can understand.

Decision is yours, All the Best.



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