The following are the bullet points about the happenings on the issue:

1. While joining in their company, I was appointed for 2 years on the basis of contractual employment from Jan 2006.

2. My Initial appointment order was becomes obsolete automatically on Jan 2008 after 2 years from my appointment.

3. After that, their HR Dept has not issued any formal letters about my Employment Position for the further 6 months but I was working there continuously till July 2008.

4. But, there was no formal letter from HRD given to me for any Promotion & Regular employment. (Although My Dept. Manager informed me on appraisal that you are promoted and absorbed for regular employment after my contractual employment period was over).

5. So, after getting three appointment offers from various companies (1-Automotive, 1-OEM & 1-MNC companies), I submitted my resignation Letter to my Dept DGM on July 2008.

6. But, There was no action & decision taken by HRD on my Resignation and even there was no initiative by the HRD to conduct the exit interview (I informed by my colleagues that they will not relieve me & will not give service certificates).

7. So, I left and joined in the MNC Company without my previous employer’s Service Certificate since I already got on the spot appointment order with Higher Salary & Position.They are very professional company.

8. But after marriage, due to my Family circumstances, I was forced to leave the MNC Company on Mar’2012 without any offers.

9. So, Now Service certificate of my previous employer is very much required for me to my future employment. This is the main reason of my unemployment since they might be giving negative feed backs about me to all the companies while on background verification on my present job search.

10. So, now I have sent them a Requisition Letter asking them to give my service certificates addressed to their HR Department Officer.

But still they are delaying to give my service certificates.

Please give me some good procedures to get the service certificates to close this issue and to get me a new job.



From India, Pondicherry

Firstly have you received your full and final settlement by the Org? a service letter/ certificate is not a legal mandate identified by law but is more of a practice.
secondly, how did you get your salary? was it cheque? direct transfer to bank or cash. Incase it is cheque/ direcxt transfer to bank, your bank statements would be able to prove that
lastly, you can bring it upto the notice of your previous Org if you think/ have evidence that your background check has been tampered with - under the constitution one cannot take away the right of livelihood of any person.
hope this helps.
regards, N

From India, Chandigarh

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