P.F deductions Going on with a Pf account number.. Also P.F Employee and PF employer is deducted by the employe... is it correct? Please suggest

11th November 2013 From India, Kumar

Senior Hr Executive
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P.F deductions Going on with out Pf account number.. Also P.F Employee and PF employer is deducted by the employe... is it correct? Please suggest
11th November 2013 From India, Kumar
Employee as well as employer both contributes partially for the employee’s PF account.
12th November 2013 From India, Lucknow
Dear Sajo,
your question is not clear that what you want to know. Please describe the scenario to make the question more clear so that Seniors can help you.
Do you want to know that PF contribution of employee & employer deducted from employee salary is correct or not?
If it is your question than please check employee's appointment letter, CTC and company policy.
Please reply if further clarification is required.
13th November 2013 From India, Gurgaon
and we never seen a pf account number in our salary slip.... Now tell me what to do next... can we go leagal on the company?
13th November 2013 From India, Kumar
Dear Ajit,,,
I joined a company in the the process started in the month of may 2013.... Management informed that there will be no deductions and ur salary will be *****.
Couple of months passed away and in the month of sep 2013,management approched with a pf plan, we felt, like other companies this company also will contribute with the employee... But as soon we saw the payslip for the month of oct 2013... we were shocked by seeing PF employee, pf employeer, ESI employee and esi employer has been detuctued from CTC.......In the month of sep we employees got a mail that in the next months salary slip we can see the PF account number.. but we never seen the PF acount number till now...
What can be done... Feeling bad
13th November 2013 From India, Kumar
bcarya 156
Dear Sajo,
It is illegal to deduct both (Employee & Employer) the ESI & EPF part from the salary of the employee.
You and other employees should raise voice against it. The Employee Part of EPF (12% of Basic + DA) & ESI (1.75% of Gross Salary) can only be deducted from the employee salary. If your employer don't change this system and return back the deducted contribution, you can lodge complaint of this to Labour Commissioner.
Secondly, as per your query of not mentioned pf a/c no. in salary slip, I think it is more important to confirm whether the deducted EPF & ESI has been submitted to the concern department or not..?? So, for this, ask the management to give you the EPF A/c Number and ESI IP Number at the earliest, and share with us here or through message. I'll try to help you somehow in this matter.
So, need not to worry and be happy.
13th November 2013 From India, Delhi
By going legal will solve your purpose ??? on receiving the notice itself the employer will get rid of you. It is advisable to talk to the HR to implement of mentioning the PF Account No. on payslip. In most of the payroll software it is inbuilt, the only pain is to make the data entry.
Let me also guide you that for small/petty issues approaching the court of law will yield no results, even the court of law also takes its due course of time.
Last but not the least, if the same energy is utilized for constructive things to your company may take you to the topmost echelon.
13th November 2013 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Ajit It totally depends on your Offer Letter. If they have mentioned your salary as CTC then both the contributions will be deducted from your salary.
14th November 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Sajo,

I feel your are working in a small company where because of lesser employee strength company did not register for PF and ESI. And now as the company has increased its workforce then they registered for PF & ESI.

Now let me explain:

CTC means how much do you Cost To The Company.

CTC = Salary(Basic+DA+Conveyance+Medical and Others) +Employee PF contribution + Employer PF contribution + Employee ESI contribution + Employer ESI contribution.

If you were getting CTC as in hand salary before PF & ESI deduction started, then it is all right if your employer deduct both employee's as well as employer's share from your Salary (I mean CTC).

So please check your Appointment Letter, Salary breakups and CTC and find what is written in it. It might be possible that you do not get clear understanding from your company policy documents if company is new as I stated above.

In this case I will suggest you to have a meeting with HR or Management to understand on which basis Company deducted PF & ESI contribution.

Secondly as you stated that you didn't get PF account number.

In this case I will suggest to ask for it in the meeting or if they are unable to provide your PF account number then ask for Organization's account number.

If company has registered itself in EPFO then it must have an account no. By getting company's account number, you can check EPFO website for company status and name of employees for those company submitted PF contribution last month.

I feel it is not much complicated and there is no need to go legal at this point of time.

I will not recommend to take any legal step before checking all the scenario which I explained above.

Please reply if further assistance is required.
14th November 2013 From India, Gurgaon

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