Dear Mr Samvedan
Even I am passing through a very difficult scenerio in my organisation today. I have completed 10 months in the company and my seniors have transferred me to three different departments, that too when the Company policy is strictly against any transfer till one year and I also do not have any office order for the transfers. Before I get settled in one department, I am asked to join another. Now second time when they have asked me to go to third department I feel I should raise an issue with HR. Kindly suggest whether it is right or wrong to do so? Even though I am experienced and appreciated by my seniors why this office politics going on?

From India, Mumbai

Hello Mr. Anonymous,

Sad to see that one more person is also getting the wrong end of the stick!

Before thinking of a way to respond, I like to know:

1) Your function, level and reporting relationship.

2) Strength in your function and at your level.

3) Was your position advertised or you went through a Placement Agency?

4) Your years of experience since the qualification that you obtained.

Now coming to the point why are you being treated like this!

One reason could "performance issues".

Other reasons could be that you have been imposed upon the boss who may not have been involved in finalization of your recruitment and further he wants some one else instead of you! You and I both do not know the reason for the treatment you are receiving.

In such a scenario, I would suggest:

1) You request the Boss to whom you report or who is head of the function you work in, for a "performance review" and "guidance" to meet the organization's level of expected performance. This you do first orally which may not be paid any attention to. The you make a formal request. If within a dialogue does not begin you should approach the HR for intervention.

2) If HR intervenes, he would be able to straighten out the matter. But if he is also a part of the Bosses game plan, he may not help or intervene seriously or genuinely or in an authentic manner. You wait, without reminding the HR, except orally, for about ten days. If the process does not begin, you move to the next senior level whoever that be occupied by!

3) As you approach the highest (so to say) level you must a comprehensive but concise note and forward the same to him along with a polite but not servile, letter. You should not be seen as complaining against the line manager or against the HR.

If at the levels no sincerity is seen, its time for you to start looking around too.I say this since despite your honest efforts to raise your performance to company's expectation, the organization's response is weak or disinterested! Nothing good may happen here even if you continue for a long time. The organization culture is not worth your best efforts.

But while doing all this, ensure that you are transparent. If you have made mistake/s, admit without argument or justifications. Seem to be seeking HELP to improve. If your performance is NOT the issue, then you are being simply decent and sincere to forge a workable relationship with people/organization and if either of them is unappreciative, it would time to say Good Bye!

I am willing to interact further if you desire.



October 27, 2013


From India, Pune

Hi HR Mind,
You know first six months need for to adjust in compnay ......this is the time when you know people either they are good or bad. some people are very annoyed,they start talk with you and try to very friendly with you ,and then start back stubbed you....just ignore them ....and just conc on your is the only thing that can stand by you.....pls do not involve any personal conversation .....gossip ...follow all the office rule strictly ....try to impress your boss with your work......and be professional with every friendly but do not make friends ....

From India, Gurgaon
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