I am working in top MNC company & i have harassed & abused by a project manager.

He is asking his subordinates to go after me and damage my reputation in my previous organisation so that a negative background check can be obtained. He is even threatening me that he will not allow me to work anywhere.He is saying that wherever you will go , Me & my subordinates will defame you through facebook , so that you should get terminated.Also he himself has fraud experience certificate & used this to obtain the USA Visa & he use to do fraud recruitment (Candidates having the fake experience), he has got the full support of director who is getting his known persons recruited through him.I have complained to HR department, but instead of taking any action or warning him, they are saying that i have made the false allegation against the manager. These people have got the full support of Human Resource department as they have posted their relatives over there. I don\'t what to do in this case.Can i file a FIR against him.

From India, Delhi

Dear Sushma
The simple way to get out of this scenario is to quit the job and search for some other opportunities. Once as said by you, the entire team is corrupted, you cannot survive in that organisation.
Please change the people, if not you change yourself if both are not possible be away from the scene.
Once the Project Manager can keep all his teammate alongwith the HR Team, do you think it will be difficult to convince the police people against you. Think in that way and act wisely.

From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Sushma,

What you have written is quite horrible. You have not mentioned your industry. It appears to be IT company. That such thing should happen in "MNC" has stunned me still further. Your post goes on to show that whether MNC or otherwise, alike humans companies also have feet of clay.

We need to assess the situation objectively. I have following questions to ask you:

a) Do you have evidence of the threats that your project manager has given to you?

b) Do you have evidence of the fraud that project manager has committed?

c) Do you have evidence of your correspondence with the HR Department? If they dismissed your report as "false allegation" then how come they did not take action against you?

d) You have written that "These people have got the full support of Human Resource department as they have posted their relatives over there." Do you have evidence for nexus between HR and project manager to show that they are in cahoots with each other?

Options before you: - Now you have couple of options before you. These could be as below:

e) Just chicken out i.e. quit the employment. That is what previous member has said.

f) Throw in the towel i.e. continue the employment but accept the supremacy of the project manager. Ask for the verbal apology. Whatever he is doing, treat it as none of your business. Just work for your salary and continue.

g) Take up the cudgels for yourself i.e. fight it out. If you have sufficient and incontrovertible evidence then send that evidence under Registered/AD letter to the MD of your company. Your letter should be concise and give chronological order.

h) If you wish to take up option (g) then time being just lie low till you gather sufficient evidence. In the mean time approach some lawyer also. The second thing is to give them chance to defame you on Facebook. This will give you chance to hit them with libel suit. Before filing libel suit, approach cyber police. Let them investigate the case.

i) After following option (g), if MD also just does not do anything then send the lawyer's notice to the MD.

Final comments: - Now which option to take that you have to decide. Before taking the decision, please think of your family responsibilities, how far this job is important to you, financial obligations like loan etc, support from your family members like spouse or parents etc, which option will impact your career, what type of personality you have and so on.

Corruption at high places is a challenge to the leadership. It would be interesting to see how your leadership handles this situation if you take up option (g).

Other senior members may give their opinions.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
While Sushma answer the above questions, I would simply say-there are plenty of options like some of which have been outlined above. But to exercise or put them in practise successfully you must have relaxed mind and free from panick. So first thing is STOP PANICKING. Once you relax a bit you will see what exactly is happening and what can be done. You can also then help us assess the situation more clearly and then we all can chalk out the way ahead.
Its very often especially with girls that they are threatened with defamation on Social Media Handles. While it was very easy and almost untraceable 3-5yrs back, its not that easy now. So relax on that front too. If a person for posting personal defaming politician could be arrested then don't you think person could be arrested for unlawful defamation of the person???
Puneet Sarin

From India, Gurgaon
Hello Sushma,
Suggest tackle the issue from ANOTHER ANGLE ALTOGETHER--this is PRESUMING that you have evidence of your Facebook page being tarnished by your PM and/or HR.
Just file a Police Complaint thru their Cyber Crimes cell--that your name is being tarnished thru Facebook. As far as the Police is concerned, you ARE NOT SURE that it's the PM, etc who are behind this. At the most, you ONLY SUSPECT that they could behind this. Let the Police figure it out for themselves.
Coming to the reasons for this PoA, there are MANY.
1] It saves you the trouble of collecting evidence to back whatever you have mentioned in this Posting--including corruption.
2] The evidence collected by Police would stand legal scrutiny.
3] The Police have the legal & administrative access to many aspects of such cases that you, as an individual, DON'T HAVE [like IP addresses, locations, etc].
4] Whatever you mentioned about corruption is, at best, background material & NOT the primary area of concern of your's. BUT your name being tarnished is FIRST-HAND info as far as you are concerned.
Quite often, when you hit @ the most vulnerable point, the rest of the 'skeletons' tumble-out WITHOUT any extra effort.
Hope you get the point.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear "anonymous"

I appreciate all the suggestions given earlier.

Since you are working in a "top MNC company", it is surprising how a manager can be so ignorant of laws and stoop so low to harass a female colleague.

It is apparent that he is trying to "bully" you into submission. What you should realize is, that such bullies have no real courage and they just thrive because the victims are too terrified to oppose or fight.

You must be absolutely confident that he can not get away scot-free if he really intends to carry out his threats.

The simplest solution would be to call-off his bluff !! Since you seem already over-stressed by the situation; I shall not burden you with technical legalities, but just a plain do-able suggestion.

Next time he comes to bully you, just let him know that you have taken professional help on this matter, and any such action from him would land him in trouble with law-enforcement authorities. Tell him that you"ll not hesitate to file a case of sexual harassment against him, if he persists.

Meanwhile, try to have someone who can be relied upon as a witness for you.

Be brave and take the bull by the horn; and be assured that you have absolutely nothing to worry.

Do let us know the developments and if you need further help on this.

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
Before anything else, close down your Facebook account immediately, and cut off that avenue of harassment to them.
Facebook is totally unnecessary for anyone, and as shown by this example, more trouble than it's worth.
Make sure you document everything and keep copies of all emails etc. That has probably already been mentioned in earlier posts.

From Australia, Melbourne
Dear Sushma,
The matter can be made serious if u r defaulter, since u r on right way no one can damage u.
First of all do not go through these teasers propaganda, just them bark
You have your own reputation and no one can damage it.
Only in physical relation case one can be defamed.
Be sure and enjoy ur job peacefully
Ajay Sinha

From India, Jamshedpur
I have gone through the grievance and the advice offered by many of senior members. But frankly, I did not like their say "quit the organisation ". Why to quit? On the other hand, be brave and fight against the harassment and threats. If you have received or are receiving threats of damaging your image on the public platform such as Facebook etc. well, the Project Manger and his spoons are certainly inviting trouble. If they do so, they will have imprisonment. You can certainly file FIR in the police station.

If your superiors are not taking any cognizance of your complaints, certainly they are also inviting trouble. In view of the Supreme Court Judgement in Vishaakha Raut Case, the employer is supposed to appoint an Inquiry Committee to investigate the complaint and if they do not do any thing you have certain rights and recourse to proceed.

There is certainly a difference in "issuing warning or memo for negligence in work/ poor performance of work etc." and "giving threats of damaging image on a social web site". The first part is a perfect exercise of authority. But the latter part is a criminal act warranting criminal action. So my advice is in this situation that instead of thinking to quit the organisation, seek a advice of a good advocate practicing in criminal side of law and do accordingly.

Such things nobody should face in life, but if it comes to that, fight against it.

Wishing you good luck

Adv. K. H. Kulkarni

From India, Kolhapur
Do not worry follow the steps.
1. Write a complete report to your Managing Director and submit it through email only. after submission take immediate printout of your mail and if your MD replied take printout of his mail also. Take all correspondence to home and in residence create/Built up a file.
2. Be careful in your duties.
3. In spite of your detail reporting/complaint to MD, if MD has not taken cognizance then gather all evidence and file criminal complaint/FIR with proper proof to Police station of your Office against culprit ( when you will decide to lodge complaint, discuss with your Lawyer and along with him go to police station and then lodge compliant)
Do not worry, this forum is with you.
All the best.....

From India, Pune

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