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Thread Started by #RAWK

Whenever I m interviewed I can't elaborate my experience,I get blank ,I hav read interview techniques n tips but no use I always practice before appearing in the interview but nothing help me,pls advise.
4th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
Dear friend,
What questions were asked to you in the interview? Did you make note of the questions? Please furnish the details of the questions. No comments are possible unless you share those questions.
Dinesh V Divekar
4th October 2013 From India, Bangalore
Well I agree with Dinesh that we won't be able to help you out much. But generally speaking, I think in an interview one has to be natural instead of putting on some image.
So a general suggestion from my side to you-Stay calm and take interview as candid talk and simply try to answer to questions posed to you as you would do naturally.
4th October 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Have you ever practiced interview infront of mirror? if No then try it! trust me it will help you alot.
5th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
Thankyou for ur feed back.

One of the interview in which I hav recently appeared asked personal questions,like do u hav forces back ground,wht does ur husband do,Whr he exactly work,I wrote in my cv I hav gud observation so he asked me wht hav u observed whn u were coming here I mentioned couple of things n also that ur receptionist n one other person was eating paan,that guy the Hr mangr immediately called the receptionist n scolded him on.fone for eating paan/girls,I got confused as I wasn't expecting immediate response frm.him,I was interviewed for assi manger admin.

Hr manager asked nw abt my salary can it b negotiable I said yes,during my interview he kept on.writing n we had v little eye contact.

He asked abt my father,his business ,my mother n.her profession,I had read somewhere its unethical to ask.personal questions n.interviewee has rite to oppose it.

I hav started believing dat orb is with me dats why I m nt being hired,I m MBA marketing n diploma in.dhrm plus 5 yrs workin exp 3.5 yr in admin dept.

Pls help me out.
5th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
Why I m nt being called for interview or if they called why I m nt been called for second interview,the Hr manager also asked me do u agree dat admin is nt female field,I was abt to say if u believe dat its nt a female field then why hav u called me for this interview but I controller myself n said No I don't believe dat anything a male can do females can't u jay giv me a task n see the result.
5th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
I feel you need to have some hand holding in facing interviews and answering questions.
You can undergo a training session and trainer will give you some key points to handle this kind of situation.
5th October 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear RAWK,
In the list of the questions that you have provided, I do not find any professional question per se. Quality of questions show the quality of interviewer. I do not find interviewer to be that professional. In fact this company itself appears to be unprofessional. How can any receptionist can have temerity to chew paan during office hours? Therefore, have no regrets and continue with your search for better company.
In future, while quoting example of your observation skills, I recommend you quoting some positive example and not negative example.
Lastly some feedback about quality of your writing. Why have you written your posts in SMS lingo? In these HRl forums how can you use informal language and that too when you ask some query to learned HR professionals?
Dinesh V Divekar
5th October 2013 From India, Bangalore
Puneet sarin I try to b as natural as possible,I hav received some gud feed back so will try to apply n share the experience with u if I find any change.
5th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
Hello Rawk,
One of the reasons why some HR's ask personal questions is because they wanted to know about your family background. This should be done objectively. However the one who interviewed you have done it subjectively. I have interviewed several applicants with bad family background. Some of them came from a broken family, some were abandoned and grew up with their grandparents, and some came from a family whose parents have no college degree, but none of those influenced my decision and my view of the person as what he/she is what he he/she claims to be in the resume.
In your case, it was the HR who set the environment, and not you. He/she have an intimidating environment that made you forget everything and destroyed your preparation. Set an environment in the way you're comfortable with. Do the first move, don't let the HR maneuver the conversation.
I hope this helps you.
5th October 2013 From Philippines, Cagayan De Oro City
As highlighted by Mr Divekar, I also would like to start with that you must not communicate in SMS language which is not professional and ethical. And also this can lead to misunderstanding/miscommunication by many ways, so please avoid SMSing...

Now what I found by your queries is that you are not just lacking confidence, problem with "Interview dilemma" but are also distracted and misguided in your career life actually.

-You are “MBA in Marketing and Diploma in HRM with 5 years of working experience including 3.5 years with admin department”, do you really feel you are at right career path?

-What made you feel to go for PGDHRM after MBA in Marketing?

-What is your aim of professional life?

-What are your present role and responsibilities with your present employer?

-Share about your first 1 and 6 months of working experience and

-Are you happy with your present work functions?

Please answer the above questions which will enable us/ community to know more about you and your present situation, so that; we can direct you appropriately and help you in your career/professional life.

Now I would like to state that there is nothing like "interview dilemma" but “Interview fobia or fever” which you have to accept first and this is because you are not getting what is actually wrong with you and have not recognized your mistakes that you have done so far.

And about your Interview Fobia/Fever, first I would like to buy the suggestions by Mr. Puneet Sarin as quoted above.

You must stop revising and studying interview Q&A immediately (if you are doing) which are not helping you but making you more confuse with the interview situation. You and other candidates who are doing so, must not look for the possible interview questions asked by interviewer/recruiters and but to be in an interview what you/they are in actuality.

Be honest with your earned experience, knowledge and present yourself.

For example: One who is an educated and skilled person having good experience and knowledge of his/her work functions, just need to answer the questions of interviewer /recruiters his/her own by applying/applying knowledge and experience. Interview questions always be related to past and present experience, knowledge and to judge the skills one having and whatever mentioned in the profile, which basically to identify whether you are according to your profile (CV/RESUME) or not.

Questions about family, rightly expressed by Rabel (#12) -- is really appreciable.

Like you shared your recent interview experience where you asked some personal and other questions, so you are now more experienced with the interview situations but here you made a mistake. You were asked about your “Observations Skill” but there you have to be wise with the things or what you have to speak about or what not. You must not have spoken about the receptionist but other things.

To be candid and honest or to tell them the truth is not bad but not a good thing too and to be wise with the things/situations and words/statements which are actually important here.

Coming back to your “Interview Fobia” and questions asked by interviewer, I would like to say that you have to recognize your weakness and work with your qualities and mistakes that you have done so far. You answered the questions asked by interviewer recently which says that you can answer the questions to the best of your knowledge but with lacking confidence in you and of your professional experience and knowledge, you are not able to answer which is actually your problem.

Also you have to work with your profile, improve your knowledge, presentation skills and attitude which will boost your confidence and make your profile strong...
5th October 2013 From India, Gurgaon
I would suggest you to follow these steps everyday for 15 minutes, Stand in front of mirror and look in your eyes and start speaking in English. This will grow your confidence in terms of speaking plus will be able to make you create flawless speaking power.
Blogs - Famous Great All In One
5th October 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Rawk,
You should be thankful to Mr Anil Arora. He has not only given just guidance but it is quite lengthy one. He must have spent at least hour or may be more than that to type the whole reply.
Seniors like Mr Arora invest their precious time in guiding junior members albeit they are from terra incognita. They do it in the HR community as a whole. This is the major strength of Citehr is. Hope you will derive benefits from this as well as replies by other seniors.
Dinesh V Divekar
5th October 2013 From India, Bangalore
Just an add-up to the insightful suggestions and advices by our senior members here.

In case one is faced with some awkward question at an interview, interviewee can always turn around question to divert the discussion to professional profile.

For instance, if an interviewer had asked me to suggest an example of my observation skill then I would have said, "The building is situated in (suppose) posh area. Building rent should be around 2L a month aggregating to 24L a year. This is merely one of the items in an overhead. This rental expense should be merely 40% of total overhead. Overhead should be around 60L. As per the profiles of the team as researched by me, salary expense should be huge. With the sales forecast of the industry appropriated by your market share and deducting the expected expenses, I land up with downline figure of around 20L of which some portion should have been distributed in your staff. In all this seems to be a good company to work with."

Well, I don't know if its correct or not. That only our senior members here can guide us. But this has definitely worked for me. Not once but everytime.
5th October 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Rawk,
Being a behaviour skill coach, I would advise that you practice mock interviews with a senior friend or colleague who can give you a good feedback.
Incase you need further handholding you may get in touch at
6th October 2013 From India, New Delhi
Thank you everyone especially Mr Anil Arora for your detailed answer,I would reply you in detail later.

Right now I just want to say when I was doing MBA only three majors were offered in my university finance,Information technology and Marketing as I had no.interst in Finance and IT so I went for Marketing,though HR was my first choice,the jobs were offered to me were mostly sales job n field work,my family didn't allow me to do that,the first good job was offered to me was in administration with good salary package,I only accept the offer as I had an intention to go move into the HR department from administration but unfortunately my this dream could not be materialized.

As the organization where I was appointed acquired by another organization and hiring and internal transfers everything stopped as the merger completed after one and half year we moved to another department where I was still in the administration department.

Just after two months the head of administration transfered me into another department as according to him he couldn't find administration work suitable for females and there was no female staff.

In New department I worked around 8 months and resigned as I got married.

After marriage I waited couple of months and didn't do any job,just after 7-8 months I again started searching jobs in Administration/HR,whenever I was called for interview the male candidate or major/colonel was preferred for administration work,I also applied in HR but there the mandatory degree was MBA HR which I didn't have ,so just to complete my dream I m doing DHRM after that will do CHRP,and since last 1 year I have been searching job,now please tell me what is my fault?

Hope I have answered few of your questions.

6th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
I was not guided properly by my elders as they were simple people and mostly in.business,so whatever I thought best for myself I did,my parents supported me financialy but couldn't guide me in my career,I had no elder sibling who could do the same.
I am.very clear about my career that I want to start my career in HR and I am trying and keep on.trying.
6th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi

Firstly interview is a process whereby you are marketing yourself and demonstrating your skills. When you go for an interview, the employer or the interviewer don't know you personally, so they would definitely ask questions which they want to know about yourself and also check if you are recruited for a position would you be fit for the same and the kind of condition you can survive. This is because every company has a different kind of work atmosphere and work pressures.

Questions ask by interviewer could be anything. That could be from a personal to professional or even a general question which might not be related to work. This is to see your ability, your patience and your knowledge about the subject.

Practically it is good to refer tips and tricks for interview, but once should concentrate on the self skills only. Because tips and tricks where you find the details mostly are based on the self experience and they forget that every individual as a different way of communication and skills.

So every if you fail in interview it is no a problem, it will make you more powerful and perfect to attend a next interview.
6th October 2013 From India, Mumbai

Setting aside the example you have given which is totally unprofessional as Dinesh has pointed out, there is no reason why you cannot go into an interview fully prepared.

Study the position description carefully and assess the type of questions you are most likely to be asked. Do not prepare rote answers to these possible questions. Instead, make some notes in dot point form about your experience and jot down examples from your previous work that will demonstrate your skills and ability. Take those notes into the interview so that you have an aide memoir to assist you. That way you ensure that you will not forget things in the stressful environment of an interview.

There is no shame in having notes. I would regard that as being professional and being able to answer questions comprehensively to assist the interviewers in deciding your claims to the position.

Having notes to assist you also allows you to "take charge" of the interview when it is running off track, particularly with an inexperienced interviewer. You can use your skills to talk yourself into the job by keeping the focus solely on what you can do to help the company achieve its goals and mission.

This also allows you to competently answer the stupid "tell me about yourself" question, so beloved of poor and incompetent interviewers. Stick solely to championing your skills and ability to do the job, nothing else is important.

Another bit of friendly advice - when you arrive at a business for an interview, be polite to everyone you meet, including the receptionist. No matter what they are doing, it is none of your business. Smile sweetly, take a seat, read your notes, and wait patiently. NEVER EVER make any disparaging remarks about staff. If you are asked a question about staff, merely reply that you were treated courteously, and you didn't really notice anything as you were preparing for the interview so as to present yourself as a suitable candidate for the position. Should you have been successful in this job, how would you have felt having to face that receptionist every day after what happened??

As for personal questions, you have to find a way to deal with those. I am not sure what the laws are India, but in many countries they are now illegal. But, illegal or not, it does not stop interviewers asking them. In a country like India where people are desperate to find jobs, interviewers think they have the upper hand and can do what they like because the candidate is powerless to argue if they want a job. This is one area where being fully prepared and confident in yourself, can pay dividends, because you can politely steer the interview back to your skills and abilities, and negate those improper questions.

One final thing, please do not use sms language in your postings. We are professional people here at CiteHR, and correct use of language helps many of our members who are keen to improve their English language skills.
6th October 2013 From Australia, Melbourne
cracking interviews is not difficult if you have the 3 Cs- cool calm & collected. You need to prepare for the interview thoroughly and give your best shot.
its even about your body language- if you are nervous or donot answer with consistency, you are rejected.
Asking about your family background may be personal but its necessary for the interviewer. So there is no need to feel offended.
All the best!

6th October 2013 From India, Chennai
Thankyou for your feed back,this is the first site I have joined ever so didn't know much about sms language please do not repeat it as I am not using it anymore.
Now coming to your suggestion that I must not memorise or ratafication of the common interview question/answers,when did I say I have done it? I said I have gone through the interview tips that's all,noone can do rata on interview question/answers it will seriously put the interviewee into the hot water.
And yes I know the norms of the organization I do not do there to humiliate anyone but to get the better job opportunity.
It is requested to everyone please do not give me same suggestions repeatedly.
6th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
Questions, on the family background, are usually asked to make a person relaxed. Before starting job related questions, which give tension and make serious atmosphere in the interview room, family related questions make candidate comfortable. Also a candidate becomes more acquainted with language and tries to adjust with interviewers. Even if such questions are asked at the end, it is to make feel the candidate tension-free, which he has experienced while answering serious job related issues.
7th October 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi Rawk,
These suggestions or advice's are more than sufficient for an individual to learn, but that not it most of us start to think about what we have prepared for the interview which affects your thought flow and you mix up every thing.
To Make it more simple to understand, I will take an example very commonly used by all of us,
Lets assume, To complete some task error free we need to focus or you can say you need to have 100% concentration, now in your case 50% of your concentration is on thing about what should I reply next?. Remaining 50% is on what you are talking. here you tend to miss most of the thoughts as or brain is not designed for Multi Tasking. Its just like computer, The more command you give the slower the computer gets.
So stop thinking, eat a chocolate or candy before you enter the interviewing room and give your best... your Real best..
9th October 2013 From India, Chennai
Whenever you do attend the interview please go in relaxed mind. You need not to oblige anyone with any sort of attitude or your replies. While entering into the interview hall, wish the interview panel members and seek permission before entering the room.
Sit in the chair provided to you properly and relax for some seconds. Whatever questions you are being asked, please reply with smiling face. Do not imitate anyone. Interview is for you and not for anyone. If you are not understanding the question you can ask them to repeat the question. Always reply with a smiling face. If you read some books on interview techniques and tips, then your thinking will be on the books and not on the question asked or the answer you will give. Keep your mind and body in the interview hall. Be attentive and concentrate on the questions and then start replying.
Surely you will succeed in the interview and get a good placement.
Wish you all the best.
10th October 2013 From India, Kumbakonam
Thankyou for ur valuable suggestions.
One more question:
Is it possible that some organizations do not give appointment letters to their employees?and they deposit the first month salary as security deposit,beside they hav no leaves not even sick,casual or Pay leaves,or gazatted holidays,they only give eid holidays n Sundays are off,in this case if someone has been offered a job in such type organization what shall they do?
12th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
Here's pointwise revert:
1. Appointment Letter may not be provided immediately on appointment but at latter date. But it must be provided as it defined the terms of employment.
2. Salary as security deposit- That's news to me. That's not only unfair but illegal. Even daily wages workers to be paid wages and can't be kept as security deposit;
3. No Leaves. Well its impossible.At most it could be said that apart from statutory leaves, no leave is available during probation. But no leaves at all forever, that's not possible. Various acts prohibit such activity and allow only exceptions with an intimation and confirmation from Labour department.
4. Job Offer- Well its personal decision, so can't opine on that.
12th October 2013 From India, Gurgaon
One of the organization has such rules no gazatted holidays,no CL,SL or PL,first salary must b security deposit and appointment letter,in.this case wht oné should do?
12th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
It is not for probationary period,only sundays and eid holidays are off otherwise no leaves,no appointment letter even.if someone takes a day off his/her salary would be deducted,minimum wages here is rs10000,but some people are still paid lesa than that.
In this case what oné should do and whom to inform?
This organization has a good reputation.
12th October 2013 From Pakistan, Karachi
The simple answer to this is DO NOT take the job if you do not like the conditions offered.
How can this company have a good reputation if it treats it's staff so badly?
This is a case where you know beforehand what is going to happen, so you can make an informed decision. We read so many cases here on CiteHR where people take jobs which turn out not to be their liking, or have onerous conditions, which the person claims they didn't know about or weren't told.
It would appear that this company may be in breach of Indian laws in regard to some aspects, though I cannot say for certain, as I do not know what the various employment laws are there. By taking the job you are assenting to possible illegal activity.
The only way to stop companies like this from treating staff so badly, IS NOT to take jobs with them.
13th October 2013 From Australia, Melbourne
Hi Would Suggest be impeccable with your word rest will fall in place. Good luck to you kalyan
15th October 2013 From India, Bangalore
Can you tell me what you consider as good reputation. How did you know it had good reputation here and abroad. Certificates are of little meaning by them selves. You can buy certificates from abroad :)

25th October 2013 From India, Mumbai
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