Whenever I m interviewed I can't elaborate my experience,I get blank ,I hav read interview techniques n tips but no use I always practice before appearing in the interview but nothing help me,pls advise.
From Pakistan, Karachi
Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant and Trainer
Dear friend,
What questions were asked to you in the interview? Did you make note of the questions? Please furnish the details of the questions. No comments are possible unless you share those questions.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Manager-Legal & Finance
Well I agree with Dinesh that we won't be able to help you out much. But generally speaking, I think in an interview one has to be natural instead of putting on some image.
So a general suggestion from my side to you-Stay calm and take interview as candid talk and simply try to answer to questions posed to you as you would do naturally.

From India, Gurgaon

Have you ever practiced interview infront of mirror? if No then try it! trust me it will help you alot.
From Pakistan, Karachi
Thankyou for ur feed back.

One of the interview in which I hav recently appeared asked personal questions,like do u hav forces back ground,wht does ur husband do,Whr he exactly work,I wrote in my cv I hav gud observation so he asked me wht hav u observed whn u were coming here I mentioned couple of things n also that ur receptionist n one other person was eating paan,that guy the Hr mangr immediately called the receptionist n scolded him on.fone for eating paan/girls,I got confused as I wasn't expecting immediate response frm.him,I was interviewed for assi manger admin.

Hr manager asked nw abt my salary can it b negotiable I said yes,during my interview he kept on.writing n we had v little eye contact.

He asked abt my father,his business ,my mother n.her profession,I had read somewhere its unethical to ask.personal questions n.interviewee has rite to oppose it.

I hav started believing dat orb is with me dats why I m nt being hired,I m MBA marketing n diploma in.dhrm plus 5 yrs workin exp 3.5 yr in admin dept.

Pls help me out.

From Pakistan, Karachi
Why I m nt being called for interview or if they called why I m nt been called for second interview,the Hr manager also asked me do u agree dat admin is nt female field,I was abt to say if u believe dat its nt a female field then why hav u called me for this interview but I controller myself n said No I don't believe dat anything a male can do females can't u jay giv me a task n see the result.
From Pakistan, Karachi

Manager HR
I feel you need to have some hand holding in facing interviews and answering questions.
You can undergo a training session and trainer will give you some key points to handle this kind of situation.

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant and Trainer
Dear RAWK,
In the list of the questions that you have provided, I do not find any professional question per se. Quality of questions show the quality of interviewer. I do not find interviewer to be that professional. In fact this company itself appears to be unprofessional. How can any receptionist can have temerity to chew paan during office hours? Therefore, have no regrets and continue with your search for better company.
In future, while quoting example of your observation skills, I recommend you quoting some positive example and not negative example.
Lastly some feedback about quality of your writing. Why have you written your posts in SMS lingo? In these HRl forums how can you use informal language and that too when you ask some query to learned HR professionals?
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Puneet sarin I try to b as natural as possible,I hav received some gud feed back so will try to apply n share the experience with u if I find any change.
From Pakistan, Karachi
Hello Rawk,
One of the reasons why some HR's ask personal questions is because they wanted to know about your family background. This should be done objectively. However the one who interviewed you have done it subjectively. I have interviewed several applicants with bad family background. Some of them came from a broken family, some were abandoned and grew up with their grandparents, and some came from a family whose parents have no college degree, but none of those influenced my decision and my view of the person as what he/she is what he he/she claims to be in the resume.
In your case, it was the HR who set the environment, and not you. He/she have an intimidating environment that made you forget everything and destroyed your preparation. Set an environment in the way you're comfortable with. Do the first move, don't let the HR maneuver the conversation.
I hope this helps you.

From Philippines, Cagayan De Oro City

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