Just an add-up to above.

We all are talking about moral and ethical issues, right and wrong. Question is not about right and wrong here. Let's assume his friend file a case and case is even admitted by the court. As pointed out in beginning, the company is an MNC. So presumably it should be having good legal cell. Even if it doesn't have one, owing to bigger pockets it can hire good legal personnel, which obviously would be presumably better armed than your friend. Lets even ignore such vast differences and treat both at equal footing financially.

In Indian scenario, usual case takes 5-7 years to conclude at Trial Court, 15 years to conclude at High Court and 25 years at Supreme Court (M not talking about exceptions here). This time period is not due to inefficiency but due to overburdened judiciary. Lets suppose company doesn't think of going beyond trial court. In that scenario too, 5 year period is pretty long. Company can afford to show in its financials as contingent liability. But can your friend afford to put in that amount of time and effort in attending court hearings (some of which will be merely adjourned) along with his new job. He surely won't be allowed that much of leaves from new company. Also, one more critical point here. Pending law suit, irrespective of whose favour or against it is, will feature in his profile and background screening will show red and new company won't think of going into hassle of investigating root cause and genuineness and immediately reject such profiles.

Exercising legal remedy is good but it should be done with complete cost-benefit analysis. If after 5 years of toil, you receive compensation of say 25k plus legal cost of 5k, will it be worth it for that much of period??

From India, Gurgaon
Mr. Puneet,
No matter what your intentions, but your post suggests like you are batting on behalf of MNC here and the message one can read is simply to Move ON!
To give an analogy:-
A person (we / us) happen to witness an accident on the road and the victim (the candidate here) was not at fault, but yet he was injured (say just mild bruises).
If no person stops and confronts or even compel the responsible person for his wrong actions and simply asks the victim to MOVE ON, just imagine where will this attitude lead us (the people).
MOVING ON is not an option! You or anyone for that sake has to fight (no matter what) for what is RIGHT!
I have no allegations against you, whatsoever just that I personally feel we shall empower those who know less, and give them hope that they can overcome a particular situation (if at all they are being wronged).
It SHOULD NOT matter how powerful your opponent / oppressor is!
Once again, no harsh feelings against you Mr. Puneet.

From India
Every honest, sincere, and truth loving citizen will definitely supports Getblade comments, and so do I. One must keep on fighting against injustice. There may be people who keep on fighting, knowingly all the hurdles, and we call them mad people. Actually, they deserve great honour and salute, and we too respect their work… since this does not cost us anything !
However, practically, in today’s Indian scenario, especially on judiciary side, it is highly impossible to work on this. The time and cost schedule provided by Puneet is 100 percent truth, and is a fact today. Common man, who wants to live simple and peaceful family life, cannot afford to accept the truth pointed out by Puneet.

From India, Mumbai
To Getblade/Abhaybandekar & to people who thought me as morally incorrect !!

While I had provided both the viewpoints.I had stressed on ignoring this and preparing for better future. What I had emphasized is not to accept the wrong. Unless one has the power to absorb such oppression, its sensible to take sidewalk. I'm not here batting for MNC or for corruption but its sensible to first understand who are we fighting against. Its like Bhutan fighting a war with US. Its highly beyond sensibility to fight such a war. But yes, when its about their dignity and national pride then all such sensibilities vanish and righteousness props in.

Let's take other view. Suppose the friend files a case. What will happen then? Will we get our means satisfied. Will we be there physically with that person or his filing of case will become a movement aka revolution? As a fuel for starting a revolution it will be really helpful but at the end of the day we all are working for 3 things-food, shelter and self respect.

Will his friend get this by filing a case? What will happen in all those months when case will be on? Who will help him financially and for how long? The families expand, time and situations change and with current inflation rate, we don't know where will it stop. But even if we all unite, will that suffice for that friend.

If suppose he take a sidewalk. Gets a new offer. Starts a new career with a bitter lesson learnt in life. Won't he be happy?

Ethics, righteousness etc. are all subjective concepts and should be applied in congruence with realistic situations, atleast in todays world.

At the end of this, I express my extreme apologies to all those who have felt hurt by my remarks, which in my opinion were realistic view. Hope I'm able to put up my thought process here.

From India, Gurgaon

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