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Dear All, I am working in Biometric Company at Bangalore location for 2 ½ years as HR Admin, I look after PAN India locations for all HR and Admin activities, before 10 days by mistake I have replied one E-mail to one of our employees without taking permission of my manager, she created the big issue of this, she had taken me to the director I begged my apologies for doing so... my director took it very lightly and suggested me not to repeat it. But my manager had taken all the responsibilities away from me, she is not letting me do a single work and behaving very rudely in front of everyone & she is insulting me badly on the floor.

As far as my concern I should not raise complaints against my manager and should not go to directors directly. But the situation is getting worse. She is not ready to listen to anything if I try to talk to her, she starts shouting very loud Please suggest to me what to do in this situation.

From India, Bangalore

H.R &Admin
Please pour in more information which would enable us to suggest you appropriately.
1. Your roles and responsibilities in the organization
2. Your and manager's work relationship prior to this occurence
3. Are you not allowed to reply to e-mails sent by employees?
4. what was mentioned in the e-mail , what was the reply sent by you- what you actually wrote, was it a commitment over raise or comment, etc.?
5. what duties are you presently performing when you say she is not letting you do anything?
6. Any benefits given which have been withdrawn from you now?
7. Is it just because of one e-mail that your manager is annoyed with you or there have been other incidents too? What does she say when you try to talk to her.

From India, Vadodara
Dear Swaati, I feel you should talk to your manager (in case she is ready to talk),else discuss it with her manager . Regards Kavita
From India, New Delhi
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Community Manager
Dear Swaati,
Please call for a formal meeting with your manager and ask for directions with pointers .
She is likely to react more . Give her a complete listening. Once she is done speaking, ask her what actions from your side will stop her treating you like this. Tell her directly that her actions and words are going beyond your limits. Seek her assurance in building synergy in the environment.
After the meeting mail her all that you two have discussed and thank her for the meeting.
If she continues to treat you badly, mail it to her manager and seek her guidance to resolve this. But before that, ensure you haven't left any stone unturned.
If you have already tried my suggestion, you have no reason to wait. Find a mentor in your organization. Seek to develop yourself , not just with this situation, but in every manner

From India, Mumbai

HR Admin( generalist)executive

Thanks for your kind suggestion, kindly have a look on details:

I look after Joining and exit formalities, recruitment, Salary account opening, dealing with vendors for stationeries, Coffee & tea, Mobile bills, new mobile numbers, issuing appointment letters, ID cards, maintaining excel records for all these activities for PAN India locations.

I have authority to send mails to everyone, one of our old employee had sent goodbye mail to us on his last working day, we were good colleagues so he was keep on asking for my reply, so I wrote a casual comment (on what he wrote, not official) to him by mistake I clicked on reply to all.

In front of everybody she is shouting at me, if any employee come and asks me for anything she scolds them too.

She is working under director only, no other manager for her.

I tried to talk to her, I called her for meeting too I begged for apologies many times but she was keep on shouting and passing sarcastic remarks. Whenever I try to talk to her all of sudden she shouts very badly.

I am simply coming and going back from office, I am only updating myself and searching for new things which could enhance my knowledge.

If any other information is required at my end please ask!



From India, Bangalore
Then there is no option but to talk to the Director in a polite way(preferable when she is present before the director) and apprise him of the facts while reminding him start of the incidence and about her behaviour otherwise she will apprise the Director which will adverse your position.
V K Gupta

From India, Panipat
Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant and Trainer
Dear Swaati,
In India, "Saans and Bahu" is bygone era. Even soaps like "Kyuki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" are also bygone. But few cherish this very mentality of typical "Bharatiya Saans". Nothing can be done against these modern "Saans" of the corporate world. Therefore, bear with it. Count the days and call it quit once you get new employment.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Swaati,
I am not sure but yes I have seen this. My apologies if I am wrong.
I am not trying to demotivate you but I have seen such cases. May be your boss do not want you to continue with the organization hence she was finding the reason and she got one.
This is very common practice when the manager wants somebody to leave they start insulting them in public for no reason.
What you can do look for another job, once you get one call a meeting with your boss and the director of the company. Do not complain about anything but yes put your foot down and tell everything to the director and resign.

From India, Pune
Raj Kumar Hansdah

Dear Swaati

So, an old employee sent a farewell mail to all on his last working day. You replied to this; but by mistake copied the reply to all.

Well, thee first part is fine, in fact most apropriate; however, the second part is a mistake, which you too admit.

The Director, rightly, took it lightly and in good spirit and advised you not to repeat the mistake.

The matter should have ended there. But your manager is taking this incident as an excuse to strip you off the responsibilities and make your existence redundant.

If you have studied "Games People Play" , a book on Transactional Analysis, by Dr. Eric Berne; during your MBA classes; you would have immediately noticed and recognized that your manager iss playing the game of "NIGYSOB" - wherein the person, say A, stalks his or her victim, say B; and waits till the intended victim makes a mistake. whereupon A pounces on B and gets her pay-off.

http://wikipedia.org <link fixed> )

Games People Play | Eric Berne | Creator of Transactional Analysis

So, she must have been waiting for this opportunity. You don't have to fall in despair, and play the victim game of 'Why it Always Happen to Me?' (WAHM).

(Cite Contribution) and others have already suggested you, the ways how you can fight back and beat her at her own game.

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
Madan Singh

Dear Swati,
What I suggest after going thru the problem you have been facing, you try somewhere else.
Why I am saying this because you have to work with this manager and have no authority to talk beyond this under
these circumstances, it will be better you look for new
job. You will definitely get the job.
All the best....don't get disheartened, it happens in work-life.
Be positive, think positive and look for the positive.

From India, Delhi

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