If employee takes leavs without permission of h o d / hr,inthat case what hr will do?
From India, Faridabad
If employee takes leavs without permission of h o d / hr,in that case what hr will do?
From India, Faridabad
What aspact employer from employee at the time of recruitment?
From India, Faridabad

Hi ,
My Suggestion in the above senerio would be to send an letter of intend and cause show notice to the Employee
Letter of intend would serve as your tool against that employee absenteesm from the work place withour prior approvals
this may work like this
step 1
Send out an email with letter of intent to know what are his intents on returning back to work and provide him 48 hours time to respond to your email , mention on that very email that discipilary action can be taken against him due to absconding
Step 2 in case of no response .
kindly send out an email with letter of absconding and mention on that email that no releiving letter would be issued to him and further 24 hours are provided to you for your response
Day Three
Terminate the employee in your System and Payrolls and send him other email thanking him for his service.
In Case he returns
request a cause : Supporting documents and he can be written up, Coached or Terminated

From Netherlands, Group
The general rule of an organization is if an employee goes on leave without informing for continuous 5 days then the employee is absond. The number of days may vary based on company policy.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Chouhan,
First check previous record of the employee in this regard. If he habitual and problem creating to the smooth working, then proceed as per policy or ask his explanation in writing for such absence. If it is not the case, then HOD/HR should ask reason of such absence and if he is satisfied with the reasoning, then employee should be accommodated with verbal warning. Subordinates should be treated as our own children.
V K Gupta

From India, Panipat
Hello all concerned,
I m agree with Deepa. First of all, u should check yr terms and conditions which u have mentioned in his appointment letter and then start to check his misconduct deeply. if he/she takes only one day then it is understood that no company do not take any harsh action against it. But yes if it is repeated then first of all give him written notice, then written warning, then show cause, then charge sheet, then set a inquiry, and then after termination. This is a legal steps.
Jasmin Ratanpara

From India, Surat
When an employee has not reported for work, his/her superior should notice the absence and take the following steps:
(a) Contact his/her for the reason of not coming.
(b) If the reason(s) is not justified (or not contactable), inform the HoD and HR. The leave accrued for the employee till then is to be adjusted with the absence.
(c) Initiate AWOL (Absent With Out Leave) proceedings (after adjusting the leave).
Duration of Absence for initiating action can be depending on the appointment and status.

From India, Coimbatore
Its depend on the relation of staff with HOD and HR. if any staff avail leave without permission it should be marked as LWP or ABSENT
From India, Mumbai
Well, it may depend on lot of factors, like the situation of the employee as was he able to inform....and the situation at office as does the company faced any losses or because of his absence on a particular day etc. and etc. so based on the situation and in worst situation employer can fire the employee without any notice otherwise employer can simply deduct the salary for the particular day or just warn him/her after considering all the factors.
From India, Lucknow

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