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I would like to know what are the most innovative ideas to stop late reporting in office in IT companies. looking at the working conditions (Late night etc) it is situation of dilemma for HR to every time ask them to come on time. Also if we make the timings flexible their is a chance to spoiling office decorum. Kindly suggest.

From India, Indore
Well, I would suggest to not ask them again and again to come on time if you already emailed once to them. It will be better if you set a rule for late commers like if a person late consecutive 3 days or something like 5 or more days late in a month some amount of the salary will be deducted along with you can start considering the punctuality of the employee as a key point in appraisal process and inform this about your employee by sending a circular to all of the employees.
Many companies are already implemented this to avoid such problems an increase productivity as well as ROI for the company. I am sure the same will give you good results as time passes.

From India, Lucknow
Instead of forcing them to come on time, let them know what would they achieve coming in time. Connect with them and inspire them. You need to build a rapport with every employee and make them understand what it means to come on time to the company and themselves.More you tell them not come late they are tempted to come late. Never try "DONOT" because human mind does not understand "NOT". Coach them and inspire them. That the only way!! Good Luck!
From India, Bangalore
You could take the following steps:

1. Put a Notice mentioning the Sign-In time is made flexible (9 - 10 AM).

2. The Sign -Out time is 7 PM, but it can be extended by the employee to enable completion of the work assigned.

3. However, if any employee is detained by the Project Manager (who assigns the tasks for the day) to undertake any extra task, he/ she may be permitted to come late next day. In such cases, the PM shall send an e-mail to HR indicating the time at which the employee will report next day. Delay beyond 1 hour (reporting time - 11 AM) is not permitted. However, dinner shall be provided by the company to all those detained beyond 8.30 PM, provided the HR is informed by 7 PM.

4. For detaining a female employee for an extra task, the PM shall be responsible to arrange her safe return back home.

5. The above process is to ensure that the attendance procedure is regulated in the company & the PMs have the requisite power to detain employees for essential jobs leading to timely delivery of projects & client satisfaction.

6. Those not following the above guidelines, will be treated as absent (for 0.5 day, if they report by 1 PM).

It may be better to get the draft Notice cleared by your management. Also it may be desirable to send a copy of the Notice by e-mail to all Managers & Team/ Project Leads.

From India, Delhi
In addition to these,
We can introduce the monthly awards or if you have huge strength you can atleast do recognition.
What we do in my firm is we started off with a monthly recognition mail to all which informs who all were the attenders of the month (people who took 0 leaves and have not even one single late mark.)
Since ours is a small team, off lately we decided to introduce a monthly budget of X amount per month for such attenders. It will actually enable them to look forward and try to reach off on time.
Also as you mentioned if the late back sitting is too frequent, as suggest allow a flexi in time of about an hour so that the people do not think they are just being violated for services.
Instead of using the punishing methods, why not we initiate a rewarding method to engage the people better at work?
All the best

From India, Mumbai

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