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Is it true that HR can get employee bank statement without permission of employee only with knowing particular employee bank account number.
Dear Concerned,
You can't do that, nobody apart from the account holder is eligible for having bank statement. But, why do you want to peep into somebody else' account; Sounds fishy!!

Hi Prathyusha
In Banks they will not give any statement with out the account holders signature. If at all you have very good relationship in bank then they may share the statements but even that is illegal.

I agree with Jeevarathnam P; normally banks do not share the account holders information with anyone (except when there is a court order), if they have done so it’s illegal.
Respected seniors

I also wish to share one of my exp. related to this issue with you, may this have some relation with this issue.

I was working with one of very reputed corporate house of India which had started csr recently at that time. They used to deposite imprest money into our salarey account. All official, adminstration and other expences were used to be transfered to our salary acc. It leaed to compleate mess up, lot of problems for us, finance and operations dpt. It was very difficult to track bills, expences and reimbursement and finance dpt. used to ask bank statement very often. Finaly at end of financial year we three was declaired defaulters and we was asked 30000/- to 40000/- as they (finance) declared this much amount standing unadjusted in our account, no bills and expence claim was submitted by us in leu of this. And it was difficult for us to track the amount transfered, submit bills and mach if the bills are adjusted against advance/imprest given to us.

Finaly they had provied seprate imprest account and then it was bit easy for us. This was case where we were used to provide bank statement of our account. 2 times a months, and finance used to call ask clerification on all deposited and withdrawals by us to track the imprests and adjustments.

This may be the similar case.

I am not sure, but I equally share your fear for my experience.

Once the company credited twice the salary for a given month to my account and few days later I saw that the amount had been reverted back.

If what other members say is true, then the employer should not have been able to withdraw funds from my account without my explicit permission as it is my individual account.

Nevertheless, they could have requested / directed me to pay the money which I would certainly have returned back.

If they (employer) can withdraw money they certainly can seek employees bank a/c statements (if they have to) as these days corporate orgs have better relations with banks as they (banks) offer perks to orgs for forcing employees to have selected banks salary / reimbursement accounts.

I say this because I have seen organisations having tie up with only 1/2 banks (which are not so reputed at times) and employees are forced to open the salary a/c with these banks only.

In a way the banks would be obliged to respond to the employer with such illegal requests.

Hope I am wrong up here, but can't get over my fear.


Dear Pratyusha,

The Banks are not to disclose the banking transactions of the individual account holders to any third parties except the Government Authorities like Income-Tax, CBI, etc. under certain specific conditions with proper orders. If the Banks disclose or anyone obtain such information from banks, it is illegal and can be questioned before the Court of Law in case of any complications.

Of course, if the company operates any account, like Imprest or contingency account, in the name of any employee, they may be able to obtain the transaction details from the Bank with specific joint agreement of company-bank-employee. However, the personal details are beyond the purview of such arrangement.

The incident mentioned by Getblade does not seem to be a case of double payment by the company but double credit by the Bank. Otherwise, he could have atleast taken up the matter with the Bank as to how they had the authority to withdraw the money without his consent. He had every right to question the bank but not the employer as the transaction point is the Banker.

In any case, the idea of peeping into the personal banking transactions of any individual including employee is illegal leave alone the methods proposed to be adopted for the same.



I have also experienced this twice. First time the bank contacted me and told me that by mistake they credited my salary twice. This was after my company informed the bank that their bank reconciliation statement shows the credit twice. I had transferred all the money to my other account in another bank which is near my house. And the balance in my bank account was a few hundred rupees. Hence, the bank contacted me. I told them its the bank's mistake and they can take it but will pay in two instalments. They agreed and took the letter from me and deducted the money from my salary in the subsequent 2 nths.

Second time, I was based in Delhi and my account was credited twice. They automatically reversed the credit. But my passbook showed credit twice and a debit. When I checked with my financé team, they told me that the bank had made a wrong entry and so it was corrected. And they are within their rights to reverse the credit.

In such cases, either the bank reconciles in the evening itself, the day ledger and finds a dual credit and they correct it. Or when the bank sends a bank reconciliation statement fortnightly to the company, the company points out the mistake. And the bank then reverses the credit. This is absolutely legal.

But, the bank under no circumstances can share your account details with anyone else. Not even with your wife, who could be a nominee. It can be done only when the nomination comes in to force. That means when the account holder dies, the account details are shared only with the nominee and not even with legal heirs. And so there is no question of employer seeking account information


Well, only an account holder can have access to the bank account statement and just with holding some other's account number you can not get the bank account statement. You must have some special authority to access that like in fraud or other illegal matters special bureau officers etc. have authority to access anyone's account who is associated with that.
Dear Prathyusha,
Bank don't issue/send employees' bank statement to HR as it is violation of RBI guidelines to issue customers bank statement of other person without customers permission.
Though they can give confirmation with respect to dues on a/c of corporate credit cards or loans issued with the help of company so that liabilities can be taken care off before relieving a employee from services

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