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There have been lot of discussions related to Fake Experience Certificate. As a professional even I am against it. But we have to think what makes people produce such certificates. Many a times people change jobs because of wrong selection of companies and not relevant job profile. Now if they want to apply for a reputed company their education qualification and work experience would be considered. If they mention real experience on CV their CV would be rejected and if they are called for interview the interviewers would never understand their plight and never accept their explanation. In such a scenario they are forced to fake experience on CV and based on that they do get jobs in reputed companies and they do perform well. Just because they faked their experience it does not mean that they will cheat their company.They may prove to be loyal to the company. Is it wrong to change companies before getting a better job profile in a company of our choice?

Please give your valuable and practical suggestions. Don't mention about honesty and ethics. There are many reputed companies which never display such qualities. I mean they proudly say that we bribed government officers to get license. Employees who commit fraud and cheating(related to job)in their company should be punished.

From India, Mumbai
If you say that you should not fake your experience then in that case the employers should understand the candidates reason for changing jobs. If this happens there will be no need to show fake experience. I can understand in some critical jobs like medicine and engineering you can't fake experience because the job is related to life of a person and you can't play with their lives but at least in other jobs it should not matter if the person has sound theoretical or practical knowledge.
From India, Mumbai
Having already directed that I shouldn't be stating for the moral and ethical backdrops of the subject, the only way left to retort is citing reasons as to why does faking experience certificates happen.

I have been conferring my services as Corporate Consultant-cum-Recruiter for quite some time and even my blunt observation skills state that a trivial experience certificate of an year can land you a job paying as-much-as a couple of lacks/year more than the one who sans it. Plus, you are taken seriously from the interview room itself. However, the sling experience certificate for which you put your ethics on hold need not necessarily end up landing you a job!

The experience certificate stands not only for a designation that you held (possibly faked) for a given tenure. It rather stands for the totality of conventional/unconventional permutations and combinations of the resources that you learnt for the tenure. These methods are the things that gives a candidate with experience an edge over those who have just saw the things work or have been miling through the course books.

I agree that the market and hiring authorities are cruelly morphed towards the 'experienced ones' and rightly so. I even agree that one may come across candidates who are rightly more deserving and prospective than some 'douchey experienced ones'. But one thing that the faked credentials serve you stealthily is that it takes some of your confidence in your knowledge and flushes it down. It makes you unsure. And the unsure, confidence-lacking candidates seldom make it through the interviews. Or do they?

End of the line; ensure that the faked credentials land you a job and not end up wrapping your career into a jail of blacklist written all over your resume.

From India, Chandigarh
Respected Sir/madam I'm a fresher Seeking Job opportunity for Software test engineer,HYD Location,skills(manual/automationie,QTP,QC,LOAD RUNNER). I'm mtech dec, 2011 passout.
I'd like an expert advice if any . I'd planned a fake experience since 2010 with only btech.
Please help me I'm helpless.. Contact me

From India
If someone has changed many jobs and worked in each of those companies only for few months and now he has got the profile and company he desired will you consider his real experience?

In such a scenario whatever happened has happened and he can't change that. I agree that his selection of companies over the years was not proper. Does it mean he will not be stable in company and profile of his choice? I don't think so. But generally what happens is recruiters humiliate such candidates by asking various questions and even if the candidate speaks the truth they don't buy his argument. This eventually leads to disappointment and then he has only one option and that is to fake his experience. Morally this is not right but by faking experience his confidence to face interviews increases and he clears it because he has proper knowledge of the job profile he applied for. Some one has rightly said that " A Lie is not Lie if you and the other party benefits from it but a Lie is Lie if you benefit but in the process cause damage to the other party". I mean come on you are not stealing money or involved in any anti-social activity. I understand that in certain professions like medicine, engineering etc you can't play with people's life and in such professions you should always be truthful.

It is always easy to blame someone for faking experience but we never understand the reason behind it. If all recruiters and reputed companies are willing to consider candidates with huge gap in career then such problems will be solved. At the same time candidates should he ready to accept whatever salary is offered to them by such companies and focus to build their career in such reputed companies and should think of sticking with such companies for long time.

From India, Mumbai
I understand that along with knowledge, skill and experience the stability of candidate is also an important factor but if the candidate is really serious to stabilize his career will you accept him? Do you want him to stay at home just because he was not stable in earlier companies?
From India, Mumbai
Dear Anonymous,
There can be no rationalisation to dishonesty. Whether its an employer bribing an official or an employee submitting a fake certificate, both remains equally wrong.
We need to achieve certain goals and few measures can make them easy.
To your question, may I ask , how would you do justice to an employee who have using real certificate, hence continues to earn low?
We cannot equate one's immoral activity with others.
As an employer, you may value the skills a talent brings in to your firm. But when you scale up, you too will have to set certain guidelines and create a fitment to find the right fit.
Knowingly or even unknowingly, you too might have to reject genuine candidates, because they dont fit into your bill.
This is not a consolation, but many of us lived through your situation and was eventually out of it. So would you be .
My request, please refrain from practices that might make you pay up big , in the long run.
Wish you all the best!

From India, Mumbai
I'd Like to know what other Suggestions would you probably give me so as to pursue my career .
I've tried a lot to get genuinely , but system in India is itself corrupt .
Please Kindly help me
Anil kumar

From India
WHAT Was my mistake ... Am I overqualified else don't meet eligibilty criteria.. But I'm very confident and Strong in the subject arena ..just because of my career gap I'm deemed to fake ..PLEASE HELP ME OUT ..I've my family in trouble retired father n ill mother What to be done.
Anil kumar

From India
It is a tricky issue.

What constitutes "faking" and to what extent. Is it something in black and white; or are there any shades of grey in between ?

Everyday we come across ads from prominent companies that claim that 90% of women uses a particular shampoo; 85% use a particular toothpaste; some health drinks promote growth of children to a sports champion or a giant in shortest possible time; and there are counter claims by competitors, supported by unheard of Medical Associations.

This trend continues for every other consumer products.

Taking into consideration the population of India, disposable income of households; and the tonnage of products/productions required to justify such claims and the Turnover of claiming companies; do these figures add up??

Companies which are involved in scams to rip-off billions, put up "fake" documents or claims. They routinely doctor their accounts to evade Taxes. They window-dress their financial statements to serve the intended purpose. Even when asked to testify on oath in Courts, they "forget" several important decisions taken at Board level which pertains to their group companies or companies in which they have substantial stake.

These are just a few random illustration depicting the tip of an iceberg. One can not support any un-ethical action. But the irony is, when much more serious lies are openly expressed it becomes an advertisement; and when an applicant seeking a job, withholds or suppresses a few situational facts on tenure or job responsibilities or widens his job descriptions; it becomes fake.

For example: If our member Anil Kumar wish to suppresses the fact that he is an M.Tech. and wants to look for jobs on the basis of his B. Tech. degree only, it constitutes a "fake".

Whereas, the damage in the case of latter may not be as serious; as a person faking his experience does not survive on it for eternity but on his actual performance; and considering the trend now-a-days of "hiring and firing", the companies already have the right to fire an employee whenever it wishes, whether it is on his performance or upon the pleasure of the company.

It is difficult to sit on judgement and pronounce every other omission, non-disclosure, exaggeration or hyperboles as "fake", unless it is something serious such as Counterfeit or Forged Degrees/Marksheets; Counterfeit or Forged Experience Letters and Testimonials where the employee has never worked in that company.

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi

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