Hi All,
I have got offere letter from TCS and they offered 10k increment for my salary.
But I am very happy with working with my current employer and I enojying alto here. Also I am sure I will not get this freedom any other company.
And now my current employer offered me a good project about "marketing intelligence, planning, analysing, integrating, communicating" and the MD is telling that this is the dream for any developer. I dont know anything about it.
What should do now. All you guyz can help me

From India, Mumbai
If you don't know, you better start doing research on the subject. I am sure nobody is going to spoon feed on this subject. Wish you good luck, or else I am sure you will be looking for a new job, if you fail on this project which according to your MD is a "Dream Project".
TCS ???........ its better you serve as a slave and add on some skills, than "enjoy & have freedom" and rule as King with "No....Sense" Give a thought buddy. Good Luck.

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
You seem to be asking us to tell you why you are looking for a change. Am afraid, that's just not logical.

I think you need to ask your MD to clarify what this dream project is. TCS will not consider you for at least a minimum of 3 years if you let this one go. On the other hand, TCS might also not be a great place to work in. It depends upon your immediate boss; your project etc. And its such a large ocean, your personal issues are too minor for them.


I have worked in start-ups all my life. I enjoyed it, and I got a lot of freedom - and there's no doubt that I have also learnt a lot. For years I have slogged 14 hours every day, 7 days a week - that's because small setups also let you run after your own dream. Of course, it depends upon you whether you can marry your dreams to the company's; or convince the bosses so that they share your dream. The debate between big fish in small pond VS small fish in big pond is never ending. Ultimately it is a personal choice that Miqdadali has to make.

From India, Mumbai
KarThickKumar ... irrelevant comment, request you to delete / moderators to act
From India, Mumbai

Lifetime is limited. Our career is like our father who feeds us! So for it's betterment, for the growth of abilities, it's better to take up the better offer than enjoying staying at a smaller workplace. If I were you, I might have considered it this way:
1. Taking a 15-20 days leave and join TCS and see if it fits my life.
2. Since the relation with present company is good, the door to come back may remain opened.
I would have always preferred the bigger pond to live swim.
Best regards

From India, Kolkata

dear ,
congrats for the offer letter from TCS, as your question states why do i change
well you know the answer yourself
why did you appear for the interview on the first hand if you had no interest in leaving your current company
my suggestion is a famous quote
love your job and not your company, you never know when your company would stop loving you

From Netherlands, Group
Subhabrata .. am afraid what you have suggested is completely unethical and even probably illegal. the 15-20 days you have mentioned has dual employment and hence is bound to be against the employment terms of BOTH firms.
Moreover, 15-20 days in a place like TCS is not even enough to know where all the washrooms are; let alone gauge whether the job is suitable! I would definitely urge the original poster to avoid doing any of this since this has the potential of irreparably damaging your career.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Anonymous,

I can very much appreciate your dilemma and only you can decide what you should do, based on your priority and circumstances. I will quote a couple of examples for you to take action, which are legal and ethical.

My friend worked for a firm, in the UK, and had a good offer from India; he liked to work in his company, where his wife also worked, and had a young boy. When he told his intentions to move to India, his company offered him long leave to try out and if he did not like it in India to return to the UK and continue his service. He went and tried and returned to the UK and continued with his previous employers. He got promoted and eventually retired, when he reached 65.

In another case, a friend who had a young child, and who had been without a job for a while, took a job with a firm. After 18 months, he got an excellent offer with 20% increase in wages in a firm nearer home. However, his wife was hesitant as she was expecting a second child. When he informed his employers about the offer, they offered him a promotion with only 5% pay rise. For the sake of family peace, and a certain continuity of job, he stayed put with his present employers.

From United Kingdom

Well, what I meant is exactly like the 'UK scenario' Mr. Nashbramhall presented in the previous post. Only I didn't elaborate that the individual has discussed openly his/her present opportunity with present boss and the present company is providing the necessary documents of release, considering the chance for the 'comeback'. Therefore there is absolutely no place for unethicalness or illegality in such a case. It's a humanitarian understanding between the employer and employee.

And secondly, since TCS has offered the original poster an increment of 10K, so we may assume that

1. He/She has a clear idea how the job is going to be

2. He/She is intelligent enough to gauge the practical work environment and scale the value between the new job and the past one within a fortnight, and will not waste time counting the washrooms around (and clever enough to locate the nearest one on the very first day!).

What I felt is that, it is a case of emotional bond with the present workplace. But for the sake of the career development, one must get over this inertia, or else, regret in future. I would love to quote Mr. Ro here: "Love your job and not your company, you never know when your company would stop loving you!"

And any opportunity for the development of the job should be embraced!

But I have also came across such people, who were unable to fit themselves with the bigger companies like Wipro, TCS, Webgrity etc. and forced to leave after a short period of service. Anything may happen, who knows? So it's wise to lay the bridge for going back.

God bless.


From India, Kolkata
Rejoinder's aside - and with deepest respect for everyone's intellect, 15 days is too short a time to gauge any intellectual job opportunity. Or, for that matter for an employer to decipher a new entrant's suitability. Probably exactly why 6 months is the minimum standard for probation. This is more true for the larger organizations; just because the layers of information and job alignments are so many.

And I have reason to believe that TCS will not allow a person "on leave" to join - rightly suspecting the commitment level of the joinee. The UK case is different since he was on a long sabbatical (operative word highlighted). I m still to see TCSs of the word offering employment on a Trial offer; especially at this level of employment.

Please note that the present employer has already dangled the carrot of a dream project, but has not indicated what kind of dream it is. This tells me that there is very little chance of a break to test TCS waters.

Anyway, each one his own.

From India, Mumbai

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