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Now I am working to know why employees leave an organization. Because attrition is headache for HR professionals and for me also. So the management asked me to tell the reasons why employees are resigning and remedies.

I studied on myself why will I leave and the reasons? I could find the following reasons:

1. Competitive pay: Employees should be paid as per the position and market rate. I believe we need to check what competitor is paying. This is the most sensitive issue as “Money Matters”. If they are not able to satisfy their needs and will see their friends are getting more in other company then it will be a drive to quit the company.

2. Positive working environment: I believe these include employees work life balance, better working environment, positive attitude, cohesive team and many more. As this is the most vital as employees spend more than one third of its day time at workplace. For providing this senior management is responsible and this should flow from top. I personally feel poor work environment is the main reason for employee attrition as employee may compromise on salary to some extend but not on work environment specially young and dynamic employees.

3. Continuous development: Employees feel attached to the job till he/she feels there is scope of development and learning new things. Environment of trying and implementing new things. In absence of these job became monotonous and boring. Employees will high ambition will leave company for development and promotion.

If I don’t get this thing in a workplace then I will prefer to quit. I am preparing a brief report and will submit to the management before completion of my assignment may be by end of this week. Seniors and experts kindly give your views, comments, suggestion and guidance. My only motive is to create a better workplace and happy employees.


Human Resources Professional
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Someof the reasons i feel are 1. Work culture 2. Pay 3. Partiality at workplace 4. Carrier growth
Dear Friend
Your problem needs to be addressed through diagnosis, prognosis, prescription and intervention.
It’s an Organizational Development excersie and should be carried out in structured manner, and the data/input need to be supported by empirical analysis.
1) Diagnosis: You can use inputs from "Exit Interviews". May also collect the informal feedback from peers and superiors about the exiting employees.
2) Intervention: Derive a plan to address the cause - perhaps u may need to modify HR processes, develop interlinks, implement engagement interventions or it could be simpler like addressing hygiene issues (Herzberg’s theory of motivation and hygiene factors). It depends on org culture, business goals etc.
3) Follow up: conduct "stay interviews", "Engagement interviews" etc. to take preventive measures
Shailesh Parikh
Vadodara, Gujarat
99 98 97 10 65
Hello Abedeen7,
Frankly, I think you are shooting off a tangent.
Your management wanted you to "......tell the reasons why employees are resigning and remedies" AS RELATED TO YOUR COMPANY. But you just collated the GENERIC reasons for attrition. How many of those reasons you [or other members] mentioned ACTUALLY APPLY to your company?
I guess your bosses want to hear from you about the reasons THAT APPLY TO YOUR COMPANY. Hope you get the point.
Suggest focus on this angle & also give more details about your company--which sector, size, location(s), present attrition rate in your company vs industry average in your sector, etc, etc
This will give the right ingredients/inputs to the members to offer 'actionable' suggestions. More the inputs, better the suggestions.
All the Best.
Hello Tajsateesh,
I agree with your post and the reasons I have mentioned earlier are applicable to me in this organization. I feel I would have quit the company for these reason if I would have been a permanent employee.
I have interacted with employees they highlight as we are paid less than X & Y company belonging to same locality and same business, they say they stay late for no reasons, they says we don’t get training, backbiting and many more.
We are working on designing competitive pay structure for the employees. Hope things will start changing.
Hello Shaikh Abedeen,

Suggest AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE when you are making any Report for the management--since they will see for 'Actionable' inputs from you.

For eg., '...we are paid less than X & Y company belonging to same locality and same business' can mean anything. How much are these employees paid & how much the other companies? As far as possible, give FIGURES & STICK TO THE FACTS. It's the Management's job to make conclusions/decisions--whether the salaries are LOW or HIGH or SAME. Even within the same industry, many factors/variables decide the Salary Structure among companies. If you just repeat what the employees say ['salary low', 'no training', etc], then there's every chance that YOU would be viewed as being 'partial' towards the employees--even when that's NOT your intent.

Hope you get the point.

Going by what you mentioned in your last posting, gives me an impression that this is a Consulting Assignment for you--rather than being the HR person IN the Company--not sure IF I am right/wrong.

All the Best.


Dear Abdeen,
I suggest you to work on The Employee engagement Actuvutues. Plan for the list of Engagement activites that requires maximum worker participation and cost Effective.
Basically have motto in mind that people should Say, Stay & Strive for the Organisation.
Means. 1 say- Always say positive things about the company
2. Stay- they should have desire to be a ctive member of the organisation
3. Strive- Exert extra effort that contributes to business success.
Yours Sincerly,
Jitender Kumar Sehgal
Hi Abedeen
Apart from the points mentioned by you and others, the immediate superior of the person has a very important part to play in retention or separation of the employee. There are instances where people join Companies to be associated with a boss from whom they can learn and be comfortable.
Hi Abedeen
Apart from the points mentioned by you and others, the immediate superior of the person has a very important part to play in retention or separation of the employee. There are instances where people join Companies to be associated with a boss from whom they can learn and be comfortable.
Hi Abedeen,
3-4% of Employees leaving and new people coming in is a normal fact of life.
Apart from all reasons discussed so far, I add three questions.
Are you recruiting from too far off places? If that's the case unless you pay too heavily, workers won't stay.
Does the job need niche skills? In that case, competitors may be poaching your people.
Or does the work involve any risks? In this case, all good employees will leave whatever you do. Lower the risk or keep hiring more people at a time.
That's what Tajsateesh is suggesting in saying analyse your company and not the world.
Do an Employee satisfaction survey or get it done by a professional company.

Yours is a small company but the attrition rate in big companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc. is quite alarming. The environment at these big IT companies is quite comfortable and there are a lot of facilities also and the salary structure is also good. There seems to be good scope for further improvements but still there is problem of attrition of atleast+5%, may be 10%.

I have a small IT company and I get the technocrats from big IT companies for my work. I find that they leave the company on account of various reasons including but not limited to as below:

1. They do not get multiple exposure in these companies. They keep on doing the same thing all the time, may be with higher salary in time to come.

2. The boss or supervisor is not cooperative in their view and so they decide to leave the company.

3. They get a good jump in salary structure and better respect in small companies. They are more respected here.

4.They normally leave the company on account of some referrals, being their friends. They try to work with their friends who happen to work in small company and recommends them.

5.There may be some domestic circumstances, near the parental home, due to to timings of the office, due to some personal reasons too.

Mahavir Mittal
Dear Abdeen,
It would have been nice if you could have given more data like which sector you work for.
Manufacturing? PR/Media? IT? Hospitality? Medical? Sales Marketing? what else.
Assumption's may be many. This forum can give you valuable in-puts if the query is specific.
You might be surprised, that the highest turnover in many cities especially in the F&B area. A good chef here today somewhere else tomorrow.
Another set of people who are in high demand are the nurses in the hospital.
Some companies which have outsourced their Housekeeping and Building maintenance, offering these services find it difficult to retain people such as Electricians, Plumbers, Cleaners, etc., face the challenge of attrition.
You could be in IT or Advertising too.
Post the data reap the information that will flow through.
Dear Abedeen, There can be many causes.I feel that the need to leave is due to the immediate boss whom you cannot get along with & the culture of the organization. Regards
At lower levels salary is the most important criteria for quitting whereas at higher levels it is learning opportunity, leading a team, getting responsibility of important matters and finally recognition & appreciation of job well done.
Thanks all for your views and suggestions.
Our company is into medical sector. Each employee has it own need so factors differ. So I am trying to summarize the factors.
I agree with Mr.Ramana because of competition in medical sector and scarcity of resources attrition is high as compare to other sectors.
Hai abedeen,Hope you r fine. i feel your post is relevant in this scenario, past few days am went a hunt in the same matter and get a fare answer in the attrition.Pay scale is not too much involve the matter but other some important aspects will be involved. finally developed a concepts of Star fish Eye.Now am happy to say after that i can handle the attrition.
Hai abedeen,
hop you are fine, In this Scenario attrition discussion is most relevant.company's searching a fare solution to stop the attrition in them, few months back i go through the sea (Attrition) after that i understood salary and the package is a secondary aspects of the employee,before that we wants treat pleasantly the environment.Few months back we face 45% attrition.Now the support of our analysis and in time implementation of Our New concept STAR FISH EYE Helps to wake up from the all threats.if you want my supports you can feel free contact me sandeepkgovind @08606081094

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Sandeep Govind,

I saw your star fish concept with interest and have come to appreciate it, primarily because I personally too feel salary and the package is a secondary aspects of the employee.

The other aspects are

[BDISCRIMINATION -[/B] Personal experience - dates back to year 1990, the company I was with had a number of BITS-ians from different streams CSE to dual/sandwiched degrees etc. The decision of the management for fixing compensation was CSE on a 20% higher start compared to the other courses. I opposed this vehemently and my battle for justice to bring them on par took 13 months. I brought them on par with the others after all members of the management board except the Chief endorsed it. He too succumbed in the larger interest of the organization and the future. Everyone was brought on the same level, and sadly after a month all 35 them left the company to join another. I was DISAPPOINTED, and felt let down, but they all told me during the exit interview that they were really grateful to me for the efforts but they wanted to teach the management a lesson hence the exit.

People also leave when they feel they are DISCARDED, DISRESPECTED, personally (emotionally) DISTURBED, or feel DISENGAGED because they DISLIKE - what they are pursuing, or the environment they prevail in. Such people DISASSOCIATE themselves with the company and the rest too, then perhaps do a DISSECTION and DISCOVER a new self.

That's it from me now, for a DISTRIBUTION of events that may trigger attrition.
Hi Abedeen
Out of my experience, there are several reasons make employees leave a company.
1. competitive salaries in the same industry.
2. Nature of work and its environment –
3. Some kind of labor work need only to increase the number of rests during the day and then it guarantees to reduce employees leaving .
4. Working for Long hours . some companies creates the part time work
5. age of employee some time doesn’t fit the nature of work e.g. most of the millennium employees likes to work in the field of electronics, such as mobiles, computers and its peripherals ..
6. marital status ( Married employees stay longer in the work)
7. culture of society that required a communications and visits between relatives and friends the thing which is difficult to employees to scope and compromise with work and this drive them to leaves work.
8. If an employee doesn’t get well orientation and good training in the beginning this may effect and employee later.
Dear All,

Hope all My dears are Fine, It was a hot Topic to Discuss in this Scenario, but some one does not bother about the situation.Am an HR person Leading Engagement and Attrition Department,We go through ton of analysis and Research and finally we concluded its a balancing process in the organization no one can stop the attrition but one can that is the Employee.I Would like to share some Criteria we analyses few months back 1.Salary: If the person get salary more than the expectation can him stay back the company long time.

2.Competitive salary : Folk You wants to share how much was the competitive Salary, suppose one Jump from one another how to find out what is the competitive salary.

Finlay we Conclude our Intervention Salary Does not a parameter to Attrition, rather than HR wants to do to Retain.

Am saying with a live Experience I had recruit 5 Btech Student and we paying minimum wage of those now they all are passed 4 Years in same company . How its happen You should find out the answer from both success and failure then we can get a Suitable Answer.

Warm Regards


HR Generalist
Respected Seniors,

I am working with a manufacturing unit consisting 850 employees approx. I am facing a problem that recently joined workers leave very frequently, although the older ones do not leave so frequently. I had conducted a survey last year and analyzed that older workers prefer to work with us because our salary distribution date is fixed and we never exceed beyond 7th of each month.

My problem is with the new workers who leave the job within one month of joining and also their is high rate of absenteeism among all the workers.

We are paying minimum wages as per the law to all our workers.

I made a study recently on the workers left since January 2014 till date and it showed that out of 257 left, 60 left within first fifteen days of joining, 50 were terminated due to absenteeism, 5 terminated due to misconduct, 27 left due to personal reason, 6 started their own business, 5 joined somewhere else and 75 left without information and rest due to misc. reasons

Please guide me how can I check this and promote retention among my manpower. This is highly urgent for me.
@Moderators--I think this situation deserves to be opened-up as a NEW thread--right now clubbed with an year-old thread.

Hello Vinexjobs,

I appreciate the exercise you did & the findings.

However, the solution to any problem rests with the WHY [meaning the reasons(s)] of the situation.

Except for the "27 left due to personal reason, 6 started their own business, 5 joined somewhere else", the tentative, if not exact, reason(s) aren't known. If you have checked with the others too, pl mention--since any suggestions by the members will depend on such details.

However, going by what you mentioned, there SURELY seems to be more problems in your company than what you seem to have noticed/mentioned. The older employees seem to be pretty happy NOT JUST due to the reason you mentioned ['because our salary distribution date is fixed and we never exceed beyond 7th of each month'], but COULD also be a case of 'inverse case of resistance to change'. At their age, obviously they would have more family responsibilities to handle & changing jobs would be in EITHER very desperate situations OR when they get very high hikes.

There's another aspect that your thread isn't clear about: are the reason(s) that you mentioned for the employees leaving collected by you/HR department OR collated & compiled by other employees across the spectrum? Quite often, what an exiting employee tells HR isn't the complete truth.



TajSateesh has shared some excellent

I would want to submit this as I am not risking any suggestion without enough data.

First thing you should clarify is : you say you work for a manufacturing unit

(What does your company manufacture)?

My assumptions:

You can face attrition is you are making "commercial explosives" or "hazardous chemicals" as thee may be a lot of safety measures that one needs to observe. People can leave with fear of serious or crippling injuries or loss of life too, as accidents are common occurences.

You say you conducted a study recently on the workers left since January 2014 till date and it showed that out of 257 left,

60 left within first fifteen days of joining,

Reasons I can assume are

your company could happen to be a manufacturing "commercial explosives" or "hazardous chemicals" and so fear of serious or crippling injuries or loss of life could be the reason.

50 were terminated due to absenteeism,


5 terminated due to misconduct,

they would have resisted your instance of working in unsafe conditions

27 left due to personal reason,

weak people who did want to mess their future or haper their career would cite this reason

6 started their own business,

personal ambition to fulfil but the question is did they learn something from being here that they decided to go on their own to compete with your organization.

5 joined somewhere else and

they may have had different choices of their career hence took your company offer and stayed in this company just for a fortnight

75 left without information and rest due to misc. reasons

this suggests that there could be something radically wrong with the company, these people would challenge the management should they threaten action.

Wonder how long these people stayed in the company.
Hi !!!

Thanks Mr. TajSateesh and Mr. Raman for your valuable views. I agree with you that the workers might not have shared complete truth with me. We are not manufacturing any hazardous products. We are into 100% export business along with manufacturing. One more reason i guess can be our disciplinary part. In our unit PPE usage and wearing shoes are compulsory, chewing tobacco in any form, Cigarette smoking and bringing mobile in factory premises are not allowed, as per the requirement of our International clients. Social compliance is followed as we are SA 8000 certified. Reason for longer stability of older workers can be that they do not prefer to take risk at this stage of life. We are taking all the employees on permanent role from the very first day. Workers are allowed to take leaves but with prior information except if there is some emergency. We pay attendance bonus per month 100% attendance with no late coming.

Now, for the solution I have selected one department as a model. The problem for attrition in this department was mainly due to work considered hard by the helpers and not reluctant to work in shifts. I have prepared a questionnaire to be filed by us at the time of entrance of the worker just to check whether he suits to our present scenario or not. We will implement this questionnaire in this department and watch the results. This may help us to recruit right candidate for the type of job he is supposed to do. Also i feel some training is required to be given to their supervisors for sustaining the manpower.

I have started a new thread on this topic yesterday but there is no response there. You may continue your suggestions on the same in future.

Thanks and Regards,

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