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Combating negative emotions at work place will help employees increase their productivity. Here are Tips for coping up with negative emotions and increasing work productivity
5th August 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear friend,
You have shared a link for the presentation on negativity. However, could you implement the thoughts given in the presentation? If yes, what was your experience? How much time it took for you to mastering this skills? How did you measure positivity or negativity?
How many persons in your company do all this? Was there resistance to implement these thoughts?
Mere sharing the links is not sufficient. You should share your experiences of implementation of knowledge as well. Alike charity, acquisition and then implementation of knowledge also begins at home!
My comments are in your interest. These may have undertone of sarcasm but these are not sarcastic.
Dinesh V Divekar
5th August 2013 From India, Bangalore
Thanks Dinesh for raising valid questions. When people give a one-liner and a link to their websites, I do not bother reading. However, at your invitation, I looked at the site.

I take this opportunity to suggest that we all should support our theories with examples from our experience. Here is my pennies worth. I know of people who have changed jobs either because they were over/under worked and/or had bosses that did not appreciate their work and criticized them all the time or discriminated them when it came to promotions. In one case, a worker's boss had asked him to apply for a position 3 grades above his present grade in another branch in a different country (The worker's home country). However, the worker was denied promotion to the next level (only one grade above). When he challenged the boss, it seems the boss replied "I am sure, you can do the managers' job in your own culture". The worker found the first opportunity to take VRS and quit the firm.

In another case, a worker changed jobs as he had hardly anything to do and could not convince himself that he had earned the handsome wage paid. He was supervising around 10 workers, who had to slog all day to earn less than a third of his wages. His conscience pricked him so much that he was highly stressed up. in having to pose as those he was busy. His boss did not have much to do either; however, he was quite happy in earning double the wage of this worker and felt that he deserved it for all the hard work he had done in the past to reach that position.

I could keep on giving examples, but I won't.
5th August 2013 From United Kingdom
I second to Mr Divekar and Mr Simhan didnt get your motive behind your posting, and wont ask you more questions as you already have to answer the valid questions asked by the respective seniors above but certainly would like to know :
-What made you feel like to share this link here or what actually you wanted by community?
Second, I wont say that I never liked to go through the links or spend time with posted links by any member with or without any headline, knowledge earned or findings but certainly would like to know motive behind sharing which actually matters.
Lastly, if you had nothing to say while posting this link, there would have no need to post the same.
5th August 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Dinesh,
Thankyou for inviting us to the discussion as the topic interests me. I echo Simhan's thoughts.
I am a student to Positive Psychology. Happiness is not a state , but a practise, that calls for a life long discipline.
Choosing to respond, requires training , as we our thoughts are pre-dominantly based on fear.
The presentation deals with the reactions on the periphery. It requires far deeper levels of work , in order to put the principles to use.
Constructive criticism and mutual respect will only remain a lip service , if the individuals are suffering from dilemmas and other negative behavioural patterns.
My apologies for the disagreement with the author to the presentation. I find negative emotions, far deep seated in behaviour , probably through childhood or repeated experiences. It requires thorough knowledge of the self and a life-long discipline to replace it with the positive ones.
Looking forward to hear our other experts.
6th August 2013 From India, Mumbai
I appreciate the comments and thank our senior members for their time and effort in posting them. The points raised by them is valid; as this presentation only scratches the surface of a very important and relevant aspect of professional life, and provides just a few cursory and superficial approaches.
One could have even appreciated such a casual treatment of such a serious topic, had it come from a fresher or a new member; however, on further scrutiny of the posts and threads submitted earlier by the post-er; it is evident that all the posts in this forum have been made to attract eyeballs and advertise an HR software and the concerned website. Almost all posts are one-liners with a teaser link to direct the viewers to the website, or mentioning and recommending the HR software. Such attempts at advertising a product or website by subterfuge is deplorable.
Warm regards.
6th August 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Stalwarts of Citehr,
I see many stalwarts posing challenge to a fellow member who is definitely not as experienced as you guys.
He/She is probably trying to promote something, maybe some sort of training.
We all do it, right, Mr. Divekar ?
Let it go, it wasn't that bad either.
6th August 2013 From India, Delhi
Reactions of some Senior HR professionals do not seem to be justified, in my opinion, since the topic dealing with 'Negative Emotions' may have been initiated, through this presentation, with a view to gain deeper insights into the topic through the feed back provided by experts in the field of human psychology. May be someone is doing research on this topic & thought it convenient to pick up a 'Slide-share presentation' from a website to invite views/ opinions.

We, as seniors, need not exhibit our negative emotions & over react to a posting which is neither irrelevant nor absurd. Going through this presentation again, I find nothing obnoxious which injures anybody's sentiments or pride. Yes, if the presentation had some data, it could possibly be more convincing.

If CiteHR has to remain as an open platform to project & discuss any HR related issue, it may be wise for the Moderators/ Super- moderators to appear at the end, in an advisory capacity, when enough people have already given their comments/ opinions. Otherwise, let there be a decision by the CiteHR management to screen all presentations before these are permitted to be inserted by the contributor.

I do not support the attempts by anyone to be sarcastic/ ridiculing when there is nothing objectionable in the presentation shared by an honorable member of CiteHR community. Let us not lose our calm & maturity, which is our most valuable possession, as Senior members of this community.
6th August 2013 From India, Delhi
This thread seem to have served the purpose , at its best. The presentation was about dealing with negative emotions, and it almost brought it all out.
There are two clear points discussed on this thread. The first one is about the personal views to the content and second one is about the intent of sharing the presentation.
Taking a neutral view, we have almost established both the points.
Looking forward to hear from the author, summarising this discussion.
Thanks to everyone who participated.
6th August 2013 From India, Mumbai
I am surprised that as Super Moderator, (Cite Contribution) 1979 seems to indicate that there should be no more discussion and that the person who made the original posting may summarize the discussion now.

Should we cut off discussion even as it starts, without allowing more persons to share their opinions? And the discussion is just a day old!

I agree with Mr. B.K.Bhatia's views and am intrigued by the near violent reaction by some, including moderators. Agreed, the presentation is just touching the fringes of the subject, which is very deep. But I feel that the person posting it could have been handled with kid gloves so that he/she is not discouraged. There have been many many naive postings in the Forum and they are tolerated. And I guess the author has made it worse by not revealing his/her identity.

In my view, to challenge a person how much he or she has practiced the matter before posting isn't fair - after all how many 'consultants' practice themselves or in their own organsiation the very same subjects which they teach others? The link was just sharing of an idea, which basically isn't incorrect though incomplete, on which opinions could be shared.

R Ramamurthy
6th August 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear friends,

I need to give clarification on my previous post. It was me who had given my upright comments. I have nothing against that particular member.

HR professionals in general and few members of this forum have developed pastime to educate others. Bring material from somewhere and post it here without any value addition. Are we HR professionals or postmen?

Leadership is powerhouse and not storehouse of knowledge. Very few HR professionals understand this. Their lack of understanding is reflected in the market. Look around and how many HR's you will find getting or even aspiring for the position of CEO? Copying and pasting the material from one website to another is clerical activity. Will the clerks bring glory to the profession?

There are 'n' number of sources of getting knowledge. My primary school teacher use to tell us that a person should be like honeybee. Honeybee travels miles and miles for the sake of grain of honey. To gain knowledge person should show perseverance and patience like honeybee. However, few persons have made their habit of keeping honey readily available for the benefit of bees. This is what they do when they transfer material from one website to another. Those who want to grow, those who aspire for higher positions, they hunt for knowledge and use it to their advantage anyway. No conduit is required for them.

The case is not in isolation. What the poster has done has been happening day in and day out. However, sometime we need to put a stop on this. I am not concerned about the quality of the material posted. I am more concerned about this tendency as a copycat. Unfortunately very senior HR professionals demonstrate this tendency.

For Shantanu (of grouphr): - Poster can promote one's website or any other services. However, let them do it openly and not surreptitiously. What was the logic of spreading knowledge by concealing one's identity?

For Mr BK Bhatia: - Unfortunately, (it appears that) you have failed to read between the lines of my post. My post was not on what was written or what link was posted. Yes, this is open forum and anybody can say anything and post anything. But then what matters is quality and not necessarily quantity. My post was to guide that person. Some times guidance demands terse language too. Every time it is not necessary to mollycoddle. Neither it in the interest of that member not in the interest of HR community as a whole.

I had predicted my comments could stern hornet's nest. But then even after 30 hours also the originator of the post did not come forward to clarify the logic of this "copy and paste" activity. Possibly he/she does not have anything say and his/her silence is louder than words.


Dinesh V Divekar
6th August 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hello Anonymous,

While the other members have given their views on various aspects of your Posting, I noticed a few things in the Link you gave & would like to focus on the Presentation itself.

Firstly, I think you should have given the reasons WHY you were posting this thread--whether you are a Fresher or experienced doesn't matter here. If you want others to appreciate what you posted, don't you think giving reason(s) would better--just picking from the VERY Link you mentioned [Slide-6]?

Now coming to the content of the SlideShow, the following points are PURELY SUGGESTIONS to improve--no pun intended pl.

I think there ought to have been more thinking into the slides. For eg., Slide-2 mentions Workload+co-workers=Work Pressure. What about the environment/surroundings/circumstances of the worker? They surely have at least an equal contribution [if not more] to the end-result you mentioned [Work Pressure].

I am not sure to whom is this SlideShow targeted--since it's, in a way, an amateur effort. IF you have corporate guys in mind, you need to go much deeper with--like other members pointed-out--examples & various angles of a single situation [case studies, so to say].

All the Best.


6th August 2013 From India, Hyderabad
As I am not a HR expert, I searched the web and found the following

"Negative emotions at work can be formed by “work overload, lack of rewards, and social relations which appear to be the most stressful work-related factors”.[16] “Cynicism is a negative affective reaction to the organization. Cynics feel contempt, distress, shame, and even disgust when they reflect upon their organizations” (Abraham, 1999). Negative emotions are caused by “a range of workplace issues, including aggression, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, computer flaming, blogging, assertiveness training, grapevines, and non verbal behavior”.[17] “Stress is the problem of each person feeling it. [Negative emotions] can be caused by “poor leadership, lack of guidance, lack of support and backup. Employees lack of confidence in their abilities to deal with work demands… and their lack of confidence in coworkers… can also create prolonged negative stress”.[18] Showing stress reveals weakness, therefore, employees suppress their negative emotions at work and home. “People who continually inhibit their emotions have been found to be more prone to disease than those who are emotionally expressive”.[5]" at Emotions in the workplace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This clearly supports views of TS.

The blogger who posted the link has changed to "Anonymous" after the critical response. Before it was changed, I had looked at the posts by this blogger and most of it were directing readers to their website.

In my earlier response I had said that I do not bother to click and peruse the links. This is due to my previous experience of poor material in such links.
6th August 2013 From United Kingdom
Good observation & recall Simhan. I recollect a similar thread earlier — in fact it created a lot of heated discussions in CiteHR between the initiator & some members. Rgds, TS
6th August 2013 From India, Hyderabad
1979, I don't understand your purpose of short-closing a discussion & asking the author to summarize it. It sounds autocratic.

Therefore, I wish to advice all members not to feel discouraged in sharing views/ opinions/ presentations which, in their opinion, may be useful to the community.

At the same time, I seek the liberty of advising you (Mr. Super - Moderator), to refrain from taking similar initiatives which jeopardize the very purpose of a social platform like CiteHR. If you do have any views, contrary to mine, please discuss the same with the CiteHR management & introduce formal processes to screen the material before it could be shared by a member with the rest of community. I have already mentioned it earlier, though you preferred to ignore this suggestion.

I, as a Senior HR professional, with over 50 years of experience, cannot tolerate denial of freedom to any member on a social website. Please respond, therefore, to the concerns of Mr R Ramamurthy & myself and let us know the basis of your comments.
7th August 2013 From India, Delhi
Hello BK Bhatia,
While respecting your seniority & experience, pl allow me to put across one fact--that you seem to have missed out.
I am quite sure (Cite Contribution)'s intent was something else altogether--ELSE neither YOU nor ME nor others like Simhan & Dinesh would have been able to post our responses AFTER she posted the said response for the simple reason that ANY THREAD CLOSED [or short-closed] WILL NOT HAVE this "Add To This Thread" facility.
Hope you get the point.
Frankly, you COULD have asked the reasoning/logic behind her remarks she mentioned, instead of jumping to conclusions/judgements.
I recollect a Quote by Abraham Lincoln: "I totally disagree with what you say, but I will defend to death your Right to say it".
7th August 2013 From India, Hyderabad
I have been sharing many presentations earlier also, which I could improve with inputs received from the members. This time, however, the response has been only from senior members. I am grateful for their inputs on this subject, as also for their advice.
I am closing this discussion.
8th August 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your response. I know that you have been sharing many presentations; but they are all from the same source EmpXtrack (Saigun Technologies). May we please know if you work for them.
8th August 2013 From United Kingdom
Yes, as a marketing analyst. I am not aware if there is any bar to sharing presentations and improve their content based on inputs from other members.
8th August 2013 From India, Bangalore
My reason to request the author to comment has served it purpose. Thankyou everyone for participating .
My apologies to everyone, who found my post offensive. Thankyou once again for your views and time to brainstorm.
8th August 2013 From India, Mumbai
Certainly there is no bar on seeking help to improve a presentation. Many have done by attaching one. But not disclosing the fact makes some members feel that giving links to other sites, without clearly stating it, is a devious method to direct traffic to another website.
As (Cite Contribution) has observed, our comments have served their purpose.
8th August 2013 From United Kingdom
In fact, this is an accepted method in SEO [Search Engine Optimization] of any website--though such actions are above board & announced.
No HIDING THE INTENT--only inviting the viewer to see their site. It's upto the viewer to decide.
8th August 2013 From India, Hyderabad
I keep getting challenged about my motives when I make critical comments when people post messages concealing their real intention. I may be wrong in some cases when I can't trace bloggers posts. I tried to find an old post of mine where I had sought people's comment to improve one of my presentations. However, I found a link where I have posted a ppt presentation on Research Methodology. You can find it at https://www.citehr.com/219355-resear...selection.html

I have also attached a presentation on Author Workshop and a students MBA project at CiteHR and I do not have the links handy..

I can assure people that I do not represent any organization and I do not peddle their services. As an Ex-Advisor to the Emerald Publishing Group and as one of their Book Reviewers, and having used their material for Author Workshops on Publishing in Scholarly Journals, I do publicise the fact that I am indebted to them.

As the link "About us" in my signature does not work (May be Promentorconsulting have not informed me about it.), I have attached my brief CV. I am not soliciting any work, as there is no likelihood of my visiting India for a couple of years. My wife and I are busy looking after our grand children.
8th August 2013 From United Kingdom

Attached Files
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File Type: doc Narasimhan_s_Profile_2008_promentor_consulting_rev1_.doc (26.0 KB, 12 views)

I don't think you need to be apologetic at all Simhan.
At the EoD, CiteHR members owe to the member fraternity at-large, and NOT to individuals--be they old or new members OR just users who get into the scene to 'TAKE' without any intent to 'GIVE'.
I think this aspect was discussed many times in the past--about the trait all the active CiteHR members have in common: the inherent & basic intent to 'share' & 'give' rather than just 'take'.
I recollect a couple of lines from an old Hindi Film song "samajhne wale samajh gaye, naa samajhe wo anadi hai"--meaning 'those who need to get the point have got it & those who didn't get the point don't matter' [hope my translation/interpretation is correct--IF not accurate, I will stand corrected].
8th August 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear originator of the post,

I am little surprised at your response. Whatever concealed identity you had, that also you have made it "anonymous". I do not understand the logic of hiding still deeper.

Your response Sl No 17: - "I have been sharing many presentations earlier also, which I could improve with inputs received from the members. This time, however, the response has been only from senior members. I am grateful for their inputs on this subject, as also for their advice.I am closing this discussion."

You have taken help from members of this community to improve your presentations. What happened thereafter? When and where did you use them? What change you could bring by this improvisation? Who were the beneficiaries of this change? Were you the sole beneficiary? Don't you feel that you have obligation towards helpers of this forum to acknowledge their help explicitly? Have you put on use those presentations in your professional life? Why you are shy of sharing experience?

Your response Sl No 19: - Yes, as a marketing analyst. I am not aware if there is any bar to sharing presentations and improve their content based on inputs from other members.

I am still surprised by your above response. Since when marketing started happening sneakily? Since when branding started happening anonymously? What kind of marketing you do?

Not that I am hounding you but then gentleman, the way have posted your query, the way you have gone anonymous, the way you have given replies goes on to show your own negative behaviour. Before creating presentation on negative behaviour first fix your own negativity. It is in your own interest!


Dinesh V Divekar
8th August 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hello Everyone--especially (Cite Contribution),
Can this thread be closed FINALLY?
Dinesh is absolutely RIGHT--the point I just highlighted in my First response--that he needs to practice what he preaches--has been brought out glaringly by Dinesh.
There's a Concept in Sanskrit: 'paatra daan' AND 'apaatra daan'--the former meaning 'deserving' & the later 'undeserving'.
This thread's initiator seems a classic example of the later class or people--who only know & want to 'TAKE' and to top it, he's done it surreptitiously.
I don't think he deserves ANY MORE professional & knowledge-based [which is what this Forum deals in] views from this Forum--INCLUDING discussing anything more on this thread thereby giving him further professional inputs.
8th August 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Some of the discussions and responses here were read by my friend, a retired medical doctor by profession. He said "Nash, try and remember this old saying".
He who knows and knows that he knows is wise, follow him.
He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep, wake him.
He who knows not and knows that he knows not is ignorant, teach him.
He who knows not and knows that he knows not is not worth bothering, leave him alone.
May be we should follow his advice and not respond to some queries.
8th August 2013 From United Kingdom
There's a small mistake in the Quote you mentioned Simhan.
The original is actually:
He who knows and knows that he knows is wise, follow him.
He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep, wake him.
He who knows not and knows that he knows not is ignorant, teach him.
He who knows not and thinks that he knows is not worth bothering, ignore him.
9th August 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Sateesh,
Now you have joined (Cite Contribution) in closing this thread. However, if you look at the discussion, no respondent has crossed limits of decency, nobody has used impolite language, replies are professional too.
The discussion did not take rectilinear path. It went asunder or astray. But should be ground for hurried closure of the thread?
Dinesh V Divekar

9th August 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hello Dinesh,
The reason for my view to close the thread was this.
When you know that some individual has taken everyone for a ride--or putting in another way, 'tried to use' the knowledge-base of the members surreptitiously--& MAY still be gaining by this continuous debate about the topic. I didn't think he deserved any further feedback w.r.t. HIS particular thread. And let me clarify that I have NOTHING against anyone asking for suggestions--after all that's what CiteHR is for. But the method adopted by this person wasn't right.
That was the context in which I mentioned the relation to the Sanskrit words.
I can recollect one analogy from Mahabharata: that of Karna joining a Rishi's School/Gurukul by deceit to gain knowledge. While there, Karna was cursed, obviously we are mortals & can only WITHDRAW our support structure to the individual.
Hope that clarifies.
9th August 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Friends,
Thanks for sharing all your views and emotions for readers like me. Every thing in the Citehr is open. Some are copying some postings and pasting in it. In my view its are all just for knowledge sharing to others. All most all posting in this are pasting or posting from other sources, but my opinion is whether the subject is understand by others or not most important. Sharing your KNOWLEDGE with others who are not know is appreciated.
Correct me if I am wrong.
14th August 2013 From India, Kakinada
Dear PBS Kumar,
Thank you for the post. It gives me an opportunity to reinforce the point. Copy/cut and paste per se is not a bad idea to spread knowledge. However, what is not acceptable is not disclosing the source or giving due recognition and acknowledging that the material/idea is not our own.
14th August 2013 From United Kingdom
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