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Need some advise on how to regularise the contract labour attendance at factory. We normally take gate attendance manually. Need suggestion for betterment. Of the process based on what other big industries follows.

From India, Delhi
Should b e very careful with all the activties related contract labour hence better to implement time card ( Hard copy) / let the superior sign in & out time, this system addresses your attendance part and control of their movements and accountability.
Regards - kamesh

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Saptarshi, Taking attendance of Contract labour by principal employer should not be done as this may entail to direct supervision of Contract labour. Sudipta
From India, Calcutta
Please suggest any better system of monitoring and tracking contractors' workmen's attendance rather than manual record keeping. As the no.s of labours are increasing day by day so this is the need of the hour to opt for any system oriented approach rather than manual process.
From India, Delhi
Hi, You can even use access cards along with biometrics in the work areas.However if it is under contract you will have to get this done from contractors. Thanks. Bijay
From India, Vadodara
if you have the contractor supervisor then take the daily basis attendance from him and cross tally with the entry at Security gate.
if there is no any difference then ask to the supervisor.
Rao Rajbir
Sr.Executive HR

From India, Coimbatore
you can do many thing,
if u have contractor so batter you can take attendance from them every end of month and please advise to contractor he can maintain attendance in muster roll ferment in computer and fill up in Attendance register from computer better u can maintain attendance in computer date .

From India, Ahmedabad

Sorry for joining this conversation late.

First, your choice of words is wrong.

Regularise contract labour would mean absorbing them into the main work force of permanent and direct employee. Which is definitely not what you do. Words carry a lot of power, so please be careful.

What you probably intend to say (which seem to follow from the comments to your post) is how to keep proper record of who has attended work from contractors.

That is also a dangerous thing to do as there are implications on your right to use contract labour without being forced to make them permanent.

1. There can not be any records to show that you have direct control or supervision over the employees

2. Do not get involved in any payroll procedure

3. If you are getting large overtime done (specially paid at single rate by the contractor) ensure that there are no records of overtime hours available with you.

Maintaining manual records at gate, getting them verified and ensuring their correctness is a tough job. So the option of biometric records is a better option. But you must show that you are using biometric only for security reasons and not for attendance records.

If your unit is large, you may issue security gate pass to every contract employee. However, these must clearly say "Security Gate Pass : Allowed to enter on behalf of xyz" and have an expiry date, (preferably not over 3 months)

Most of my clients follow a practice of not giving the biometrics records to the contractor and ask them to keep their own records. In some cases, they give the records over to them at the end of the month. Again in a few cases, they have got the contractors to install biometric machines at the gate (so it becomes their record and not company records).

One of my clients has come up with a superb arrangement. The security ensures that everyone uses the fingerprint scanner when they enter the factory but not when leaving. This gives them data they need to verify attendance and prevents contractors from marking false attendance. They do not give the records to the contractor. When the contractor sends attendance records for verification of payroll (after all principal employer is required to verify that everyone is paid proper wages), the verify with the electronic records they have obtained from the biometric.

The main advantage is that they have authentic data, at the same time, they dont have any record of how much time a person worked (whether he left at end of shift, did overtime, etc)

From India, Mumbai
Hi Mr. Banerjee And Mr. DG,

It Seems from the conversation that recording of correct attendance has been the problem or else regularising the attendance of contratual worker is the challenge.In later case, I feel it is the terms of contract that needs to be worked out with the contrator as there may be manpower crisis for which contrator needs to be taken on task.As for maintaining the records company can have the parallel checks on the attendance of workers so that wages etc can be properly calculated.

Obiviously,the words matter a lot. and hence the misunderstanding.Hope my view will be of some help.

Additionally,request that,' wrong indications of statutry violations like - (specially paid at single rate by the contractor), ensure that there are no records of overtime hours available with you etc, May not be added/encouraged in posts,as the new learners on forum would have negative impression about the hr fraternity. as well as hr practices in the industry.




From India, Vadodara
Hi bijay

It is an unfortunate situation in the country where large number of contract workers do not get double rate overtime, in spite of there being a rule to the effect. Given that even larger companies are not paying proper overtime rates (including I am told companies like coca cola - case filed by labour commissioner in pune pending for 7 years), smaller companies do not have the ability to correct the situation.

Further problem is with latest trend of giving piece rate wages, many principal employers no longer have the ability to force payment of double rate wages as they are themselves not giving it.

From the point of view a person moving to electronic records and controls, he needs to I'd rest and what records he is creating and how it can affect him. First it gives attendance which he WILL HAVE TO cross check with registers to ensure all those who worked are getting paid for all days.

Second, it will create in and out times that can be correlated with overtime records. If the company is in a position to insist on full over time wages, then by all means let him have and use the data. If he is not capable of enforcing it (for whatever reason), then it's better he does not have the data. So it's better to have a sign in but not a sign out.

Incidentally (thought not directly connected), many factoris are having a major problem with outward biometric records as many time scanners fail to recognise finger print on dirty fingers after a full shift Woking.....

Let me make it clear : I do not condone or support anything other than paying double rate of wages on gross rate (not basic + da) because that is what the law requires. I insist on it during audits we conduct and clearly put it in report along with financial impact of failure to pay it. However, on this site, we are exachanging information to ensure all of us stay out of trouble, so we need to know how to do it.

From India, Mumbai
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