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Thread Started by #Anonymous

Hello to all, I am an MBA HR student, certain of my classmates have got tattoos done on visible parts like forearm, wrist.. and a issue was created regarding corporate policy that while getting rehired, tattoos if found wont let you get job...i wanted to know is this true? Is there any such corporate policy that if you have a visible tattoo on your body like forearms or wrists, it leads to no job??
21st July 2013 From India, Mumbai
I do not know about Indian companies; it could affect with MNCs. Please see Tattoos and management don't mix | Chartered Management Institute <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )
Probably, it also depends upon the size, shape, and messages that tattoos display.
More links at Google
21st July 2013 From United Kingdom
Many people tatoo a name of the company in visible portion, what happens when they have to change their job.
Better avoid tattoing brand name/controversial topics, it will affect your ability to get a new job.
21st July 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hi Dhruti,
Well there is no such rule defined in laws in India but it is also depends on organizational policies. If any Company/Organization having such rule defined, it is just to maintain the good and professional work atmosphere and culture which i dont think is bad anyhow. Tattos are not bad thing but visible tattoos can be a problem anytime.
I personally know many company/organization where they have such strict rules and always take care of Personal /Physical Appearance of candidate/employees and rejected many employees with visible tattoos at neck and hand. Tattoos and other related things belong to the personal life that must not mix with professional life i believe.
Professional Demeanor and Physical Appearance matters alot at work place that can certainly affect job but It depends on the industry, the office environment and internal organizational policies and the image of the company you work for.
21st July 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Anil,
Thank you for your valuable advise, yes i do agree its does look unprofessional, but few of my classmates got and we had an debate on this issue, but getting to know from citehr makes all the big difference.
21st July 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear All,
I am working in a reputed company as HR Assistant. My concern is doing activities for the youth on the eve of World Literacy Day . So my responsibility is to take care of chief guest. am planing to invite 1 IAS and 1 Minister whom i know very well, Give me some suggestion for 3rd chief guest some one special i tried APJ Kalam but he is quite busy on that date so friends please suggest me some other famous people in Tamil Nadu.
Thanks in advance
Martin J
22nd July 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear Dhruti,
Yes as per govt job policy in some govt jobs its total banned if you have visible tattoo so you cannot join some important dept in govt
like defense/ ordinance/ police/intelligence & in private sectors like IT & other MNCs has banned & rest companies can allow you it will be depend on their company policy.
All the very best .
Aarin Ratnesh Sorathiya
Sr. Hr Executive
Aspee Gruop Mumbai
(You can add me on LinkedIn )
22nd July 2013 From India, Imphal
Tatoo is not an Indian culture. Indian corporate can not and does not digest such childish attitude. it shows that a candidate attends interview with such funny acts, certainly, it shows that, he/she is neither professionalized nor interested in professionalizing to become a professional. similarly, the jeans and short-shirts too project oneself an immature personality. College days and professional days must be distinguished with dress code and knowledge.
22nd July 2013 From India, Pune
The above post by Sundar prompted me to search if tattooing was done in India or not, as I seem to remember workers with tattoos even in 1950s. I found from The History Of Tattooing - From Tattoo Temple Hong Kong that tattooing has been pracrised for ages both in the East and the West. I was also surprised to find that it has become a craze with IT workers in Bangalore Bangalore's IT workers start tech tattoo craze - Telegraph
22nd July 2013 From United Kingdom
Our friend Simhan is very much correct. The tattoo is very much ;liked and adopted by workers who are neither managers or aspiring managers.
Managerial staff members do not like such practices but they wish to improve their skills and not a showy like tattoo.
Recruiters show their frown faces only, when they come across such uncomfortable situations.
Our country is India and we have no such mindset in accepting tattoos and the like.
22nd July 2013 From India, Pune
Hi Dhruti,
Chill..I don't have any problem hiring people who has tattoo.
Make sure tattoo is not vulgar or related to any offence.
In northern India, permanent tattoos are called ""Godna."" Tattoos have been used as cultural symbols among many tribal populations, as well as the caste-based Hindu population of India. Henna and Mehndi were popular in ancient India and ancient Egypt, and still remain popular today in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and North Africa.
Abhishek - HR
22nd July 2013 From India
For more information than what Abhishek-HR has quoted about tattoos, please see History of tattooing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
22nd July 2013 From United Kingdom
Dear Mr Sundar_mpm,
Tatoo is also included in indian culture. Peoples form hilly areas like assam nagaland e r also used to tatooed themselfs and also getting jobs in corporate. It is a part of our culture.
And for Dhruti just chill, if you are competant then no matter for the tatoo
23rd July 2013 From India
Dear Everyone,

Tattoo is more Indian culture even in rajsthan or in part of Bhuj or in tribal area of Indian states, we call it "Godna" i do remember am from deep forest in Chatisgarh & specially on Sunday market on district level all tribal group comes n get inked roadside most of them write their name in Hindi on their hand i have seen it 10 to 15 years before in my childhood as a Marwadi guy my parents belong to Rajasthan & my grandmother had dots next to her eyes (Small Tattoo) so its deff Indian culture now even i have made tattoo on my back which is not visible, the scenario has changed my parents, Tribal people don't belong to corporate world it seems not professional when we see someone with visible useless tattoo it only can be reason to banned tattoo in some corporate but we should accept our employees with their freedom of thinking what they think & make is their own decisions i don't think so tattoo can reduce someone's productivity .

Aarin Ratnesh Sorathiya

Sr. Hr Executive

Aspee Gruop Mumbai

(You can add me on LinkedIn )
23rd July 2013 From India, Imphal
Well talking about the Indian culture, we don't have such specific rules defined in our corporate world but yes, it is not acceptable for some extent. Because in India we do judge people with their physical attire.
If we get done tattoos on our visible parts then probably our attire speaks and conveys a wrong impression on front people saying he is not aware of corporate etiquette. So its better to avoid them. And if you are really interested in getting done then of course you can go for non-visible parts like upper back and legs.
23rd July 2013 From India, Pune
Well, basically there's no such rules or laws in India regarding this that can stop you from getting a job but it depends on various factors including company size, industry, company policies as well as type and size of tattoos etc and also the HR mindset as even if the company do not have such policy but if the HR doesn't like it then it may affect negatively for you or may be sometimes positive as well.
23rd July 2013 From India, Lucknow
Pandit Satish is very correct.
One should improve skills and calibre. Tattoo is not going to ad any value.Of course, in olden days, tattoo is a sort of acupuncture treatment.
But Corporate Managers do not like it. what to do. Who can blame them? It is their perception, That is it..
27th July 2013 From India, Pune
I am not surprised but worried that people are not talking about ethics and professional appearance and values required at work place but Indian Culture and importance of Tattoos. Everyone is talking about Indian Culture, though there is no need to speak about what Indian Culture says or not I believe.

Mates, let me remind you all that the culture and the believing we are living with in our Social/Personal Life, and Professionalism or the ethics at work places that we required to maintain, are different to each other which have their own values in their own defined areas in our life. And we must not forget this difference while considering the question asked by the owner of thread and discussing it .

I buy that tattooing has been an integral part of the Indian tribal culture for centuries but this is a part of our social/personal life, and we are not discussing anything related to our social/personal life here but [u] Physical Appearance at work place[/] .

Therefore, we need to concentrate : Whether the visible tattoos are acceptable in corporate at professional /work places or not? , So please do not speak more about Indian culture but to speak about Professionalism and Physical Appearance at work place.

Let me ask you all: Why is professional appearance so important at work place? and what you understand the Professional Demeanor and Physical Appearance is?, please reply or define in your understanding...

-When we speak about the importance of body language, the professional attitude and style of work, behavior etc. at work place, we speak about Professional Demeanor.

-When we speak about physical appearance (dressing sense), the way we look and act at work, speaks about Professional Appearance which is always critical to our success on the job, so can visible tattoos be accepted?

Why is professional appearance so important at work place?

Because the appearance counts all the time – from the very first job application, interviews, to official dealings, internal as well as external (Vendor/Client) meetings and appointments, right through to every day on the job. The employee must not forget that they represent a company and their image is that company’s essence. The employer’s goal is to have employees project a favorable image; your goal is to represent the employer and yourself in a favorable way. Moreover, good appearance makes you feel great about yourself, you attract a positive energy and you start to notice that people start paying more attention to you. This makes you feel better about yourself and enables you to project positive inner emotions.

Why employers constitute HR Policies and Employee HandBook expect to maintain high standards of personal cleanliness and to present a neat, professional appearance at all times, because of a demand for appropriate professional appearance at work places. All employees need to be aware of this and employers need to reconsider it again.

I also would like to buy what Mr Aarin Ratnesh Sorathiya said and shared information about the Govt job policies where people are not allowed or offering jobs with visible tattoos at body parts and the same.

Lastly, I liked to wear hats a lot during my off days, holidays, so would it be acceptable if I wear hats under my office premises or during my office time? Any employer would like to answer please.
27th July 2013 From India, Gurgaon
What is considered as ethical or acceptable at the workplace depends upon the culture of a corporation/country. For example, bribery is tolerated to different extent in different organisations and countries and also at different levels in an organization. With respect to tattoos the position is changing. Please see Tattoos No Longer A Kiss Of Death In The Workplace - Forbes

Also kindly see Professional dress code and Tattoos where the author states

"This article titled "Body art in the workplace" confirms that companies have a constitutional right to ban employees with tattoos:

Companies can limit employees' personal expression on the job as long as they do not impinge on their civil liberties. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), employers are allowed to impose dress codes and appearance policies as long as they do not discriminate or hinder a person's race, color, religion, age, national origin, or gender."

A realtor is paying 15% pay rise to it's workers for getting a tattoo of the firm's logo according to Would YOU get a company tattoo in return for a payrise? These New York real estate agents have... | Mail Online

So, what is acceptable is changing with time.
28th July 2013 From United Kingdom
Dear HR Friends We should never judge by appearances... Pls see enclosed file. Regards Mohan Nair
28th July 2013 From India, Mumbai

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Dear Dhruti,

I think the people here are getting confused regarding tatoo on visible parts of body which your friends have got and between the tatoos in indian tradition.

It is all about common sense, anyways let me explain this to you.

Tatoos on forearms which Dhrutis friends have got are like this: Google and search tatoos in images you will see girls having fashionable tatoos on visible parts which are like those of designs, some quotes, and some tatoos must be on navel and arms which may seem vulgar , since Dhrutis friends are young and its common amongst young people to get this revolting tatoos.

Indian tradtional tatoos are very simple and non vulgar they consist of symbols like OM or name of the person in their mother toungue or some godly designs, which are perfect and accepted in corporate culture.

ANother mentality is wearing of tatoos like bodyart by girls is viewed as having loose character by indian society, so such people may be accepted only as fit to work in bars, beauty parlours, hotels, cinema theatres and the industries as like.

They arent fit for Officers posts, doctors, army, navy, engineers, etc.

If the companys image is represented by employee, no company would like the employee to portray a bad image of the company.

So unless Dhrutis friends cover the tattoo during work time, it may not be problem but if they choose to wear clothes which show the tatoos it may be viewed as offensive by some people
28th July 2013 From India, Madras
Hi Dhruthi,
There is no such rule in Indian companies HR policies & I hope it doesn't make any difference in foreign companies as we see most of them in tattoos. Any how if the tattoos are creating disturbance to others, then it should be prohibited. Implement a new rule in your company so that it will not repeat in future. It completely depends upon the HR & the organization to accept or avoid such things.
Thank you
29th July 2013 From India, Vijayawada
Dear Dhruti,
By so many posts now you must be aware that there is no such policy in India, but people with such fashion statements look good in fashion industry, in corporate world an employee should look professional. The way we portray ourselves cleraly gives our impression to others. SO let your friends decide what they want to do.
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31st July 2013 From India, Delhi
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