I am 2011 pass-out B.E.I did many courses and at last i got job this year feb as a software testing engg. The company asked to sign a bond of 3 years.Since i was not getting much opportunities, I accepted their terms and conditions.The company was a 5 years old company.After working for 4 months i got hyper acidity,stress,anxiety problems and other health related issues.I was living in a PG and i decided that i cannot stay and work anymore because i was not able to sit and work for 8 hours. I told my manager and HR regarding this and they said after looking my condition to take rest.I wanted to leave the job and stay at home for some time, so they got agreed.They did not give me experience letter rather they gave me a "service agreement termination letter",in which it is written that because of health condition the employee has been relieved and the bond has been waived off.Now if i will join some other company will they will accept this or i should not show my previous records? The other HR will consider my health problems and not put question on my caliber?

From India, Bangalore
Dear Friend
You had made a blunder by signing a 3 year contract. But as luck favours, your organisation relieved you from service and waived off the bond.
Kindly check if your reliving letter has mentioned about your health condition and reason for termination. In this case, you might be asked few question by your new employer.
This wont create any issue for you, I suggest you to proactively get a fitness certficiate from your family physician. Your next HR is only concerned whether you are fit for employment and can give your 100% at work.
All the best

From India, Mumbai
@Abhishek-Thank you so much for encouraging me and giving needed guidance. I was in dilemma whether i have done correct or not. I have full confidence in my caliber and after recovering I know I will be able to get a nice job based on my knowledge.
And my relieving letter consists of the health statement and reason for termination.

From India, Bangalore

Hi Ani,
As Abishek mentioned, you are lucky that you are relieved from the organization with a letter stating that the Bond which was signed stays in-void from the date mentioned. However practically speaking you have just 4 month of experience in your career and would suggest you not to show this experience at all, while looking out for a new opportunity. Though you get a fitness certificate, etc from a physician, this will not work out 100%.
You have mentioned "i cannot stay and work anymore because i was not able to sit and work for 8 hours", I don't think so you can provide proper justification if questioned in any interview.

From India, Bangalore
@Mahesh- Now i have recovered much and I can work as per the standard office hours.It was just a bad phase for me I think but now I have improved medically.But then I have to start my career again as a fresher.Should I?
From India, Bangalore
I guess i missed a point and hence commenting.
kindly note that you have NOT broken the bond.
The bond has been terminated by both parties and its a decision agreed by both the parties.
Both organisation and employee are happy with the decision
All is good

From India, Mumbai
Your only aspiration in life, especially in the start of your career, should be to learn, unmindful of the effort & hard work required to be put in. Any private company that you join will have such expectations from you. Hyper-acidity & similar other health problems only occur when you create tension out of job pressures. This can continue to happen if your sensitivity levels are high. And hyper-sensitivity is co-linked with hyper-aspirations for growth.

So just keep working diligently & sincerely, with the only objective to learn more; your growth shall be automatic. Curtail your aspirations & do not compete with others; merely compete with your own self. This implies that you put in intelligent effort to continuously improve your own knowledge & performance.

I don't see any bar to your acceptance by another organization provided you don't emphasize during your interview on the 'health issues' & 'termination of your bond'. Just focus on the positives of your experience in the previous company & on the fact that your only ambition during the next 3 - 4 years is to learn more & contribute to the organization.

From India, Delhi
Dear young friend,

I don't think that you have done the right thing. Bonds are a common thing these days. This is because, a company cannot go on investing in training and development continuously. If a person joins a company, gets trained and then simply leaves the organisation, it is most unfair. In the first instance, you must join an organisation that suits you and your qualifications / experience. One should never join an organisation as a stop gap or in desperation. Secondly, you say that you are not able to work for 8 hours which is ridiculous. This era is an era of 27 / 7 /365 ! where do you stand here ? Then comes stress , acidity etc, which are silly reasons. If the health issue is serious , these can be very easily managed. The medical science has advanced very much in our country! At least in future, do realise the reality and try to learn something when you join a firm. Mere qualification and several courses does not make you competent. Hope you would understand the situation and come out successful in your career and in personal life. Wishing you all success.

Dont get disheartened friend.
Bonds are illegal in India. Thats why HR call it "Service Agreement" to safeguard themselves from law. Bonded labour is a crime.
I completely agree that if an organisation invest in you then they should see you serving for a good duration of time. But many HR misuse it and put unrealistic terms in the "Service Agreement".
You should only sign a service agreement, if they are giving you a niche training. The bond amount should be realistic and should cover training cost and travel cost. The bond perioid should be justifiable.
3 year bond is ridiculous unless they are training you to go on moon.
You are all good and go for a better organisation, dont sign any bond unless you really see any value in it.
Your health is more important than your job, nothing else matter.

From India, Mumbai
The company is taking every candidate in this term only of signing 3 years bond and there is no good clause. Training is given for 3 days and that too for 2 hrs a day.Signing bong is a trend I know but it should not ruin your life also.It should have healthy terms and conditions,this the company should think before bringing it in front of the candidate.The project in which i was working got stopped suddenly. I think whatever happens,happens for good.
From India, Bangalore

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