Hi, I am currently working with one of the most reputed bank in India. Before joining i have faced a lot of issues. Starting of woth, the consultancy through which i went for the interview had informed me Rs. 12000 per month as my salary. So i cleared the interview. After all the procedured regarding joining, I had a meeting with my soon to be Serion Manager who interviewed me regarding the salary and when i raised the concern about the salary, I negotiated it to Rs. 10,500 per month in hand(after all deductions). So i accepted as i was a fresher. I was really excited as it was my first job. Soon i started going to office and after 5 days of training i got the appointment letter which showed the my total salary per month would be Rs. 9,700 only so i would be getting Rs. 9000 in hand. I felt betrayed by this and raised this issue woth my manager. She promised me that she would do something about it. I still continued going to the office without signing the letter. After two weeks they came to a conclusion that they cannot pay me Rs. 10,500 in hand as salary because there are others who have the same salary with over one year of experience. I very much lost truth in this company and they offered me the salary they promised in their group company. I refused it as it was not my area of working. So i joined with Rs. 9000 salary in hand and after 3 months i was not feeling well and so i took off by informing them. The second day, they started pouncing on me by saying if you don't come on the same day itself, you would be given a notice of absconding. I was explaining the manager that i am really not feeling well and i cannot come to office. So she told me if you come tomorrow you will be given the notice of absconding. I am still confused as to whether not going to office for 3 days means absconding when i am telling them i will be coming the next day to work. Kindly help me out with the same.
From India, Mumbai
Dear friend,

You have clubbed two issues, one is your salary and another is your absence. Let us first analyse about salary.

What has happened with you is quite unfortunate. One some amount of salary is agreed, organisation is bound to pay that amount. Reneging commitment is quite bad.

However, this is what problem with HR is. In the good old days of personnel management, the first lesson taught that "personnel manager should never become impersonal". Unfortunately, this very message also declined along with the personnel management.

The incident goes on to show the gaps in recruitment process. Why recruitment was initiated without fixing the salary for particular designation? Why there was disconnect between line managers and HR?

It is quite unfortunate that this should happen at "reputed" bank of India. HR Heads of these very organisations are more than eager to deliver lectures at seminars organised at five star hotels on Talent Management, Performance Management and so on. What happens in their own company is contrary to their sermons at these seminars.

Coming to your absence. I feel that you are not jelling well with your managers. Possibly your disgruntlement took toll of your performance. Possibly you did not dedicate your heart and soul. Your managers noticed it and were finding some reason to fire you. Your sickness came handy. Sky would not fallen down if some junior had abstained from work because of sickness. But then they could be using your sickness as pretext.

Anyway this is what life is. You have two options, one is to compromise and ask for apology and continue with the current employment. Remember first job in a branded company is very important. It will become easier for you to get into another branded company if you continue with them. When you report for your work, go along with medical certificate from doctor.

Your other option is to quit the employment. But then can you afford to remain unemployed? Getting next job may take time and it may not be in national-level company. Therefore, weigh your options carefully and take a decision


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
@dinesh. I am not worry about the reputed company as i am working only as to learn about banking. I am not going to put this experience in my resume. I want to seek new employment as a fresher itself. I just had one doubt. Can they for absconding even after I informed them that i wont be coming. Because from what i have heard, absconding has some other meaning and it does not suit here. Also i will be starting my banking course with TimesPro very soon as i got selected so i wanted to know if i apply as a fresher at some other bank after that course will they found out about the past of working with another bank? Also am planning on quitting it in next 30 days. So will they have to give me a warning 1st or a notice period of some days before firing/me resigning it?
From India, Mumbai
Have you notified them in writing or orally? Have you got any proof that they have received your notification? Without proof, it’s just your word against theirs.
From United Kingdom
It was all oral communication and i dont think they will stick to it. I shall send a mail to my manager regarding I will be attending tomorrow.
From India, Mumbai
I take this opportunity to appeal to all that we should always put things in writing, when we inform bosses about our absence. I learnt that from a bad experience. Luckily, my boss supported me saying he had given oral approval to my going on leave. However, as it was not recorded, the others did not know about this and they created problems.
From United Kingdom
I just need to work for one more month. After that i will be leaving so can they fire me on immeidiate basis. I was told by my manager that i would be given a notice of absconding when infact I wasn't going only. So can they charge me with that?
From India, Mumbai
Dear friend,
Nothing will happen. First of all you should know that Bank will close its cash balance on jumbling system on daily basis.In case of discrepancy bank manager is responsible tremondusly. He will be charged first immediately on the spot. You neednot to worry, in case of legal aid contact me at

From India, Guwahati
Dear Friend,
Same had happened with my friends also in Kolkata regarding salary. Now regarding abscent...u send him a mail that you will absence due to illness. Then nobody can make you abscond.............

From India, Kolkata

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