I have joined a company as Hr Asst and i need to know how to write internal memo regarding proper usage of computers , Switching of AC, Monitors, chairs in proper place and display of company id card regularly....
pls help urgnt ..

From India, Trivandrum
Dear Anu,
Office memo is generally addressed to individual or group of persons. Yours is a general communication to all. Therefore, it cannot be "memo" but "Office Circular".
I recommend you trying on your own. Some senior like me will correct the draft.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
thank you.. for the suggestion .. i am trying to write it by own, but thought experienced persons suggestion will help me in future circulars and memos Thank you so much for the support Anu
From India, Trivandrum
Dear Hr,
For anything don't depend on INTERNET.
try writing based on your knowledge, it's oh k initially everybody has done mistake and you also will do.
If you want to get a good impression in first mail, then go back to school days and remember those letters and put them in a word doc and after finishing it read it minimum 5 times, am sure you'll be able to do at least 10 corrections (pls don't use paper).
Like this be a dependent and don't try to follow our Great senior for all silly things
when you turn back in life, you should be proud of your self saying i have learn't my self instead of copying from others or taking guidance.
Free tip : if you still don't wanna try your self, then go and ask my Bro Google.com , search for sample copy of bla bla letters, you'll get millions of resulets that are uploaded by Experts and JACK's who haven't done any thing education on HR.
Good luck

From India, Bangalore
Dear Anu
01. Build up confidence in you
02. Everybody learns only by making mistakes.
03. These internal memos and similar things are too a small thing to depend upon internet and this CITEHR
04. Yourself and fellow followers of this site - please AVOID SUCH TRIVAL MATTERS, to keep this site on a high level

From India
You may send a general email to every employee explaining that amount of energy we would be wasting if the terminals are not switched off. After leaving the premises chairs and other things should be arranged before going.
Alternatively you can stick posters with permission of serious at various locations indicating you need to switch off the devices when employee leave the office
Also you can spread awareness program during induction.

From India, Mumbai
Just to add something here, It is sad to see that the youngsters are just trying find the easy way out instead trying to learn, relying on sending mail to the group.
This is higlighting two weakness in the system either he is not suitable for the job and does not have the reqiured training/self confidence to carry it out or he has bluffed himself into this position. The request is a simple cricular and not a complex instrument that requires help form experiienced HR professionals.
As it is I think Anu you need to pick yourself up move forward instead trying the easy way out.

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
@Rukshandeva, I would partially agree to this. This forums and blogs are good facilities which were not available earlier. i do agree that sometimes this forum are misued, but this is a beautiful platform to share knowledge and knowledge shared always increases the wisdom. Moreover you come to know various practices followed in different domains and if this knowledged shared properly can bring a good change in the society.
It also gives good platform for juniors to gain knowledge from seniors and also exchange cross-border culture and who knows some may get a better options from this platform.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Mois,
Agree on knowledge sharing aspects, but if you look at some of the reqeusts they are basicaly not on knowledge requirements but request to get your job done eleswhere. It does not require so much knowledge or experience to right a simple memo or circular to your collegues to follow the laid down company procedure but it may require some expertise write the company procedure, this is what I am trying to get at.
Any way nice to have some of these coments as it helps all on how to carry on in your job.

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear Anu,

Congratulations on your new Job. We at capacity Builders wish you all the best!

An Inter-office-memo or IOM is an instrument through which we communicate internally with all our fellow employees. Technically it differs from an Office circular.An office circular is used to give generic information to the employees, like ' There will be a blood donation camp as a part of our CSR, from 10.00am to 4.30pm. Doctors from Apollo Hospital will be visiting our office to collect blood.It will be conducted at the conference hall premises. Those who are interested can donate their blood by free will'......Whereas an IOM is used to communicate something which the employees are expected of and they don't do it. For example saving electricity, keeping the premises clean, switching off computers/monitors when they are not using them or coming in late after lunch breaks and tea breaks etc.,.

So the term you have used is correct. Frame a letter on your own and let us know, we will correct it and tell you where you went wrong., Remember never ask or give fish, instead learn/teach the art of catching fish. My mail ID is or call me at 9951548543.

All the best!!



From India, Hyderabad

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