Hi All,
I am bipin i am an IT profession,i did a blunder mistake which i realize now and want a solution for that please help me out-
I joined a very gud IT company with some fake exp after spending 5-6 months in the company they ask me the exp letters for verification i provided them fake exp letters and within few days of this process i got a interview call from another company i cracked the interview and resigned the current company,after joining new company i did not enjoy there work culture now after spending 1 year in this company i am getting interview call again from the same company where i put fake exp,i am very much sure i will crack the interview,but on the other side i decided if i am selected i will only show them original exp letters only.so my question is that will the crosscheck my new data with privious data and after finding mismatch between the data they can fire me???

From India
Dear Bipin, Is the present call for interview based on fresh CV or on the old one. If it is based on fresh one, go ahead boldly. Else don’t join the company. Rgds.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Bipin,
You post is not very clear; so I raise some questions before giving any solution.
When you joined a good company, what fake experience did you give? Did you forge it or only claimed that you worked?
Did you not do any research about the new company when you left this good company? Why did you leave this good company?
Did you apply for a job in your old company or have they approached you and called you for an interview?
If you had applied for a job, did you not have to show what experience you have?
If not the HR, some in the company may remember what you had claimed about your experience a year ago.
That's why, one of the senior members at CiteHR keeps repeating that when one lies, one needs profound memory. However, when we tell the truth we do not need a good memory.

From United Kingdom
Hi Premkumar,
The fresh cal is based on new cv with all original data,but the position is the same team under same line manager,suppose if i joined what is the probability that they will verify new data with the old one?and if the check they easily track my fakeness then at that time what are the wayouts should i use?becoz many of my frnds told me that whenever a employee rejoin the same company they will ask the previous emp code so that they can track new and old data,so plz suggest the wayout to handle this critical situation.

From India
Hi Nashbramhall,
when i got a cal frm gud company at that time i am having only 6 months exp,but they ask for min 1.5 years of exp,so i make one 6 months fake exp of xyz company also increase 6months exp to 1 year which i originally have.I resigned from the gud company due to 2 reasons-
1. I am getting a gud pkg frm another company.
2.I am very scarred abt the verification process followed by gud company so decided to resign by own else they fire me due to fake exp.
This time i am getting cal frm the same company(gud company) based on my fresh original cv,so plz suggest they wayout what to do when they check and ask me abt this blunder?

From India
Only honorable way out is for you to come clean and explain that you were foolish and had faked the experience and have learnt a lesson. Did you fake your experience when you got the second job? It's never too late to come clean. Then you do not have to live in fear all the time.

People have been sacked even after years for faking experience, etc. For examples see

Several heads to roll in Adikavi Nannaya University | Deccan Chronicle <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

Lying on Your Resume: What Are the Consequences? - MonsterCollege

Breaking news: Prolific Dutch heart researcher fired over misconduct concerns | Retraction Watch

Iranian minister sacked over fake degree | Education | guardian.co.uk

Job fraud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

More examples at Google

From United Kingdom
Dear Mr Bipin,
All these days You knew that you have been doing wrong things just for the sake of Job and more importantly for money. Do not harpen on the issue How to manage or manouvere rather than what to learn or How to come to clean parmantely. It is never too late for good things as Mr Narasimhan said in this forum several times earlier. There is no immediate sollution or quick action that you can take now. Because either way you will be in disadvanatageous position. Explain your current orgtanisation that you did a mistake and will not repeat again.
Idealy you contiune to put your best in your current job.
All the best .
V. Rangarajan.

From India, Pune
Thanks all for ur suggestions...i use fake exp only in 1 company rest i put only original now i want to do job again in my 1st company where i use fake exp becoz i love to do job there...surely this time if i selected will explain the situation to hr manager,rest all depends upon hr whether to hire me not to hire me...

From India
Dear Bipin,
Do not fake anymore, be clear and clean. Tell them the truth yourslef, don't wait if they catch you and then you will defend. if they don't take you back it should be ok, if they take you after your truth you would be able to work for a long time without fear.
if you don;t tell them and join, you will again feel insecure. make sure that you will never give fake information in futre and have learned a lesson.
PS: Almost all the compaies do check the previous record of employee at the time of joining, do varify the documents also. They catch you or not, depends upon the HR Team.
Arvind Mittal

From India, New Delhi
Mr bipin
my suggestion would be better not to tell the current co which are working at present that u got offer from other co
just go back to previous co and have a discussion with them tell them that truth that u have used fake experience and give them a promise in written the same will not happen for next time if they can forgive u for this accept their offer, it they dont come back to current co
if u are going to disclose with the current co about the offer there are chances to loose both jobs

From India, Hyderabad

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