Dear Experts,

I had joined an organization on December 2010 as a Trainee Engineer. During June, 2011, the management people had made me sign a bond. The bond was valid through June, 2011 tilll June, 2012.

I had given my very best to learn everything related to software in my first year.

I was about to complete my bond period, my employer requested me to sign another bond of one year duration which would last till August, 2013.

On hesitating, I was given a salary offer which was more than double of my existing package. I had crossed my mind and accepted the offer,(although I had an MNC job ready but the salary was not as lucrative). During January, 2013, I had some health problems due to over working on multiple projects. My boss, just kept on giving me projects to keep me occupied more than 8 hours sometimes. I had tried to escape this situation and talking to them to hire a trainee or a junior guy to help me, but the management guys were listening as if they had understood everything very well. Still I coulnt see any signs of hiring another guy to reduce my burden. I started reducing my duration of work from 10 hours to 9 ...8.. 7... 6... and so on..

Finally I had to attend a meeting in which my working hours were discussed... blah... blah... blah...

I kept on repeating the same routine again and again... Management team kept on giving me lot of warnings... Finally they had asked me to move on with other job... But they had given me 30 days to finish the pending work which would be around 20 Engineering Projects... Each project would take atleast 40 days of team work... I told them being a single person I cannot deal with such a huge amount of work in such a short notice of time... My employer had started talking to me like a insane person.. The guys had repeatedly pleaded to finish the work... But I remained very solid to not commit to their request... Finally the boss gave up and started saying bad things.. I could not talk and walked away from the office without saying anything... I had escaped the hell finally and came back to my native and started studying my subject and relaxing a bit etc.. to forget the past two years... I have been staying like that till now... I decided to look out for some other jobs in OEM and MNCs, I had attended an interview in a nearby place.. I almost got selected but the HR has called my previous employer, he told him that I was irresponsible guy etc. etc. and made me loose the opportunity after six months of being jobless.. Now my boss is behaving like a child... Blaming me for all losses that had incurred to him etc.. and his mental health has affected... blah.. blah... blah...

Please help me in solving this blame game... I want my relieving letter back to join another company... So far so good I had attended 3 interviews... Out of which I got selected and refused due to bad reputation in previous company... Being jobless for 6 months has made me little restless after working hard for 2 years...

From India, Suri
When you appear for an interview next time, can you share that your ex-employer might give a negative feedback as you didn't comply with what they had asked you to do? Take the HR in confidence.
You already had your salary doubled in a year's time. This supports how productive you had been and your firm valued it. However, you couldn't take it, beyond the human limits, hence turned a burnout!
Do you know anyone in the industry who can vouch for your capabilities ? A reference letter from your faculties or a colleague who had once worked with you, might help.
When you separated from your employer, why didn't you collect your documents ? You stood there long enough, you should have taken your documents from them. Now , its almost futile. They will try to jack-up your options even further. So look ahead.
Get referred to a job and remain honest about your last exit. Wish you all the best!

From India, Mumbai

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