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need your help i started working from april 1 2013 and till today that is 3rd july 2013 its been 2days decided to not to resume work with same company and today on 3rd july 2013 got a call from hr person asking why am not coming to work from last 2 days.told on phone i would not be coming to work from now.then said can you email me about this i asked him ok will do and he said if you dont send any email then it will be counted as absconding which will be against me. so i wanted to know that what should i do.will there be any thing legally they will do against me as its just 3months of job still am in probation period.what would you suggest me to do.and yes i am not interested in taking relieving and experience letters and etc.please help very urgent please reply me today itself..please..waiting
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You need to send a formal mail and request the company to waive off the notice period.
Hi Ank,

What you have done is absolutely wrong and not advisable. Whether you like that company or not, you should respect the company which gave you a platform where you could learn (at least for 3 months). I hope you are fresh to the corporate world and do not know how to act professionally. Kindly try to do the following

1. Though you do not want Exp letter and Relieving order from this Company, this is not the right/professional way of conveying your resignation. Kindly write to them clearly on your resignation and the reason why are you leaving. Let them acknowledge the same and keep the copy of the same for future reference.

2. You would have worked there for 1 or 2 months but it is always better to keep your employer informed in a professional way on your resignation which will help you out as you grow in this corporate world.

3. If you failed to adopt this kind of the practices from now, you will not come up better in the Corporate houses. Do not worry about what they will do after that, let them do whatever they wish but you should do your job well.


What would you do if you didnt get satisfaction with your new and expected jobs in the future?

What would you do if not found the suitable atmosphere or the things that forced you to take this step with your present employment?

Would you please share the reason why you don't want to continue your job?

I second, Mr .Kannan, whatever the situation or reason was, you must respect the employment conditions and resign from the position by providing a valid reason. Your HR Person is right that you will be declared absconded and responsible for every deserving action in case of any violation of terms that you were agreed while joining this job.

At this early stage of career, you must understand the importance of opportunities and that this is the learning period. You first have to make yourself comfortable with the atmosphere, need to learn from everything and stay for a period to get a good understanding of your work/area of the function which will help you to take a second step towards your career goal and direct you to move ahead.

Rest, I request you again to think about your decision and opportunity you have been provided, and please share the problems if you have any with them.

You can seek every possible help from the Community and guidance from the experts and seniors.
Dear colleague.Its an unfortunate but common experience that your going through. the most common cause of this is failure to reconcile employee expectations with actual work environment provide by the employer. \\i advise that regardless of what happened to make you want to leave the job please maintain a good professional attitude of communication. In future always try to correspond with your Hr before just disappearing from work because that is totally irresponsible. remember we now live in the age where your records can be retrieved by any future employer about your work history whether you left peacefully or not. \\i therefore suggest that you go back to the company hr, talk things over and formally end your working relationship with the company instead of leaving a red flag that might interfere with your future employment prospects. secondly I suggest you get a mentor who can guide you in building a fruitful carer instead of making rash adverse decisions like you dis. Tha
Hi ank6075 ,
why dont you take leave officially, take a small trip out, forget this, AND THEN TAKE A COOL, RATIONAL decision.
Sorry to say, it is not fair to just stop going..... whatever may be your disappointments. Every job may have its own share of disappointments, esp the first one, as we have a lot of ideal situations in mind. (It is something like your lover, the pleasant one after becoming wife/husband, showing a different part of personality which was not visible to you as a lover.... )
Please admit to HR that you are confused, and you need 2 days time to think. Take a small break,FORGET THIS FOR A DAY... than take a cool decision. In a rational frame of mind, if you want to quit, quit PROPERLY, ETHICALLY. World is small.... you may have to face the same people again and again
Please dont say i have decided rationally. If you have decided without being bogged down by emotions, your mode of leaving would have been different...
You can sms, if you still ha
Dear all
I do agree with the above observations. Probably, this may be his first or second job.
He should respect the company which has given an offer.
Again perception to management and the HR person differs.
He should go to the work, discuss with HR. He may be given another opportunity or slot where he can excel..Wish him all the best
Manager HR IWMUST Trichy
My feedback same in line with M.Kannan and Anil Arora but I would like to give you a commonly-under-estimated advice. Never make any decision in life by being emotional, specially work related. Your emotional intelligence is directly related to your money earning capacity, the more you are emotionally capable, more you are able to handle work and people, you earn more .
I would suggest a bold and courageous step; jot down why you thought of leaving the company. But do this without the blame game, we are responsible about how we react, we can change ourselves but not others. Job change will never solve any issue. The more these words seem philosophical, the more practical they are and hence producing results.
As Mr M.Kannan said you are fresh to the corporate world. Hence to prepare yourself, on day-to-day basis read motivational books and watch videos of Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer, Larry WInget. These people are guaranteed to help you.
Understood that you are very new new to corporate world. First try to point want are the reasons forcing you to take a decision. Can you work on few if possible to resolve the issue. Remember that any decision you take now will definitely have a impact on your career. World is small , your feedback will be definitely take by other recruiter officially or unofficially.
That s all I can suggest. Think twice before you react.

Why did you do what you did?

As rightly pointed out many seniors in this forum this is not the way to end a relationship with your employer, why in fact any relationship.

I do not see why you did not inform your employer that you did not wish to work for them any longer. The most troubling fact is that you did not give any reason to leave, you did not feel like working so you just left.

Suppose you had worked with this company for 1 or 2 years and suddenly they tell you that they do not wish to employ you any longer and ask you to quit, how would you feel?

You should not take employment as a game and stop when ever you want. An employment is a contract that work both ways. You are committed to work for the employer just as the employer is committed to offer you employment.

Please take heed form the various replies you have got and decide if you are ready to take up employment or not, if you wish to work then maintain profession decency and quite any employment in the proper way.

Wish you success in your future endeavors.
Dear Ank6075,

I am rather surprised that you have not bothered to respond to the advice given for your predicament. Rather than advising you, I will raise some questions and give an instance of how things happen in life.

What qualifications do you have and what was the post to which you do not want to go back? Could you also kindly tell us why you joined that organization and why you want to quit before your probation period is over?

Now, I will give you an example of how people from the organization that you want to leave can be involved in your fate later in life. Mr. X was working for an organization and his boss (Mr. Y) had given him a bit of trouble. Mr. X left the organization and went to teach. After a couple of years, Mr. went for an interview at the same university where Mr. X worked. When Mr. X's boss asked what he thought of Mr. Y, as he had seen him talking to Mr. X, Mr. X did not say anything good about Mr. Y and Mr. Y did not get the job.

In another instance, Mr. A left an organization and joined another, within one year his ex-boss from the previous organization joined the new company and became his boss again. So, if you are thinking of running away from a bad boss, think twice.
Dear ANK...
I understand that you have felt extremely dejected with your present company, but that must not and should not more specifically stop you from following the protocol of any company.
Please meet the HR and just share what you are going through, this would solve more than half your problem, in terms of being open with the company from your side.... in case you are still not satisfied then you have the right to take your call on whether you would continue or quit the job.
But my sincere request to you is that please keep your employer informed, this is absolutely essential, even if you have worked for one week or few days for that matter.
Never be impulsive, it only takes a toll on you - the most.
May God give you the wisdom to make the right move in every step of your life :-)
Be Blessed!
Best Regards
Well Wisher
Dear ANK,
It is right to leave the organization if you are not happy, but what will be the next.
If present employer not take any action with humanitarian grounds, if it repeats the same in another organization can you do the same thing?
Do not think as fool the same thing will repeat in the next organization also, if you cannot change your way of thinking.
Just take a day leave spend with family members search for new job, in the open market getting right job is not so easy.
Dear Ank6075,

There are good experiences and bad experiences in life and in profession. Good experiences keep us happy and encourage us to continue to put in good efforts to grow in the chosen path. However, though bad experiences are considered as disappointing, they too help us experience and learn the unseen side of the world and move ahead in a positive direction. There are certain points which you did not share in the forum.

1. Is it due to work culture or boss you wish to quit? If that is the case, you have 2 options - either absorb whatever happens like a blotting paper and wait for an opportune time to quit, properly or remain like a dew drop on a lotus leaf, untouched and unabsorbed by things happening around you. Or is there any other reason to quit?

2. You are bound by the terms of your offer letter / contract of employment and the employer can take on you.

3. What would you do without taking relieving letter and experience certificate for a just 3 months of work experience? If you wish to not work altogether in your life time, then it is up to you. Even then, it is improper to quit in the manner you did.

4. Remember that you are on probation and if the employer does not relieve you properly and implicates you, then it will hamper your future prospects.

Unless a stone is chiseled, it cannot become an idol. Take anything that comes your way and in the long run, you will grow taller and wiser, glow brighter and live better.

With regards,

I liked the advise given by Mr Anil Arora/Mr Kannan/Parag and many others.I fully support their views.Only one thing I would like to add.Study the terms of appointment and act accordingly.I feel there would not be any notice period involved so far you are on probation.
Dear Member, Continuing in the job or discontinuing in one's job is purely on one's wish and will. No external forces could compel anyone to act against the will of the individual. In your case, if you wish to discontinue/resign your job in your company, you should submit your resignation either a hard copy or a soft copy message, by observing the clauses of the appointment order accepted by you. If the resignation clause either during the probation period or after the confirmation, must be adhered to by you. If those clauses are violated, then your HR Manager/Department may initiate action against you.

If those areas are taken care by you, no law or HR Man or Law- man could do anything.

Liking or disliking one's employer whatever reason or reasons is purely on one's perception/observance/future prospects.

Keep your mind cool and sincerely try for an opening with your positive qualities. "Good gets Going and Going gets Good. Tough gets Going and Going gets Tough. Nothing is a constraint to a workaholic. Best wishes .
Pl submit your resignation letter in a professional way, this will help you in future.
Many employees think the role of a HR comes only at the time of interview or hikes. when they have any problems they must reach the HR and take their advice before deciding. That is the role of a HR to counsel and give suggestions and also to intervene if they feel the employee is being targeted unfairly. most of them dont do it and only once they put dow the resignation they discuss with HR who cannot help after resigning.
My free suggestion would be, if you have problem in job, escalate it to the top management or try to fit into company shoe's,
If company is too worst then take call and that too by information and tell them on FACE, your company SUCK"s and i cannot work in such mess and then exit (atleast by your Split they can change-so that next coming employee may be comfortable to work)
Even if you take all those waste Papers (appointment letter, experience letters for 3 months is WASTE OF PAPER)
if a company is accepting such 3 months letters that too from Freshers like you, THEN AM MILLION PERCENT SURE that is also a faltoo company.
Appear to be a beginner. Looks that Ank6075 do not possess any self esteem and dynamism. also lack self motivation.These are people who wants to occupy only the CEO post and nothing less even before getting ready to be a group leader. they will learn only through a hard way. Jumping coys is not a crime once earn a name and fame in the market. but you have to work like a bull and prove that to the employer and the competitor.
Secondly if at all you want to jump you will have a value in the market only if you are employed at some place. If you sit at home and try to reach someone your value will be not even 50%.
Think in this angle. best is to continue, get the beating for your action.first prove yourself in what ever place you are. Automatically you will be spotted and rewarded by your company or by some one else in the mkt. Try atleast FIVE Full years before you think of any new place.
It's 3 days since the question was raised and a number of people have given their views.
May I take this opportunity and suggest to members, that we should refrain from giving more views when the blogger that raised the issue has not bothered to respond even after 3 days and a number of suggestions.
Just and update if no body knows those not the only reason i left the job . Few more reasons if i tell here will not be professional enough to discuss. And ya whomesoever thinks i am a fresher and was my 1st job then fyi my work ex is in total 8 years as of now excluding above company . I know very well how to work and react in such situations .i am not a loser .i asked this because never came across situations like this.but its nice hear some positive words . Anyways.everything is sorted now.
hey just to let you know that gotta new job so going to busy dont have that much of time to sit online and work on kindly dont be so fast and put your suggestions forward..
hey come on i dont know you right.check my new message you might need to change your words .you have no rights to say those things to me .got it.first know about the situation then speak your mind..nd yes people like you just sit and comment on others life and character without knowing anything in details...dont just sitbak and chill..kindly put some pressure on your brain too....and ya please dont speak like a kid..
Hi Mr X
I just want to inform you that they won't go legally untill you have signed any terms & condition of time periods for the work (bonds). but i want to say that the culture of every company has its unique identity. every company has its diffrent culture. the company will not set as per yuour terms & condition , but you have to cope up with the employees & its management & its culture. if you go ahead with this mentality than you will not set any where. so my friend just cope with it. they are paying you for your work.
Dhrumin Soni.
HR executive
Gujarat Apollo Industries Ltd.

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