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Dear Ank6075,

I am rather surprised that you have not bothered to respond to the advice given for your predicament. Rather than advising you, I will raise some questions and give an instance of how things happen in life.

What qualifications do you have and what was the post to which you do not want to go back? Could you also kindly tell us why you joined that organization and why you want to quit before your probation period is over?

Now, I will give you an example of how people from the organization that you want to leave can be involved in your fate later in life. Mr. X was working for an organization and his boss (Mr. Y) had given him a bit of trouble. Mr. X left the organization and went to teach. After a couple of years, Mr. went for an interview at the same university where Mr. X worked. When Mr. X's boss asked what he thought of Mr. Y, as he had seen him talking to Mr. X, Mr. X did not say anything good about Mr. Y and Mr. Y did not get the job.

In another instance, Mr. A left an organization and joined another, within one year his ex-boss from the previous organization joined the new company and became his boss again. So, if you are thinking of running away from a bad boss, think twice.

Dear ANK...
I understand that you have felt extremely dejected with your present company, but that must not and should not more specifically stop you from following the protocol of any company.
Please meet the HR and just share what you are going through, this would solve more than half your problem, in terms of being open with the company from your side.... in case you are still not satisfied then you have the right to take your call on whether you would continue or quit the job.
But my sincere request to you is that please keep your employer informed, this is absolutely essential, even if you have worked for one week or few days for that matter.
Never be impulsive, it only takes a toll on you - the most.
May God give you the wisdom to make the right move in every step of your life :-)
Be Blessed!
Best Regards
Well Wisher

Dear ANK,
It is right to leave the organization if you are not happy, but what will be the next.
If present employer not take any action with humanitarian grounds, if it repeats the same in another organization can you do the same thing?
Do not think as fool the same thing will repeat in the next organization also, if you cannot change your way of thinking.
Just take a day leave spend with family members search for new job, in the open market getting right job is not so easy.

Dear Ank6075,

There are good experiences and bad experiences in life and in profession. Good experiences keep us happy and encourage us to continue to put in good efforts to grow in the chosen path. However, though bad experiences are considered as disappointing, they too help us experience and learn the unseen side of the world and move ahead in a positive direction. There are certain points which you did not share in the forum.

1. Is it due to work culture or boss you wish to quit? If that is the case, you have 2 options - either absorb whatever happens like a blotting paper and wait for an opportune time to quit, properly or remain like a dew drop on a lotus leaf, untouched and unabsorbed by things happening around you. Or is there any other reason to quit?

2. You are bound by the terms of your offer letter / contract of employment and the employer can take on you.

3. What would you do without taking relieving letter and experience certificate for a just 3 months of work experience? If you wish to not work altogether in your life time, then it is up to you. Even then, it is improper to quit in the manner you did.

4. Remember that you are on probation and if the employer does not relieve you properly and implicates you, then it will hamper your future prospects.

Unless a stone is chiseled, it cannot become an idol. Take anything that comes your way and in the long run, you will grow taller and wiser, glow brighter and live better.

With regards,


I liked the advise given by Mr Anil Arora/Mr Kannan/Parag and many others.I fully support their views.Only one thing I would like to add.Study the terms of appointment and act accordingly.I feel there would not be any notice period involved so far you are on probation.
Dear Member, Continuing in the job or discontinuing in one's job is purely on one's wish and will. No external forces could compel anyone to act against the will of the individual. In your case, if you wish to discontinue/resign your job in your company, you should submit your resignation either a hard copy or a soft copy message, by observing the clauses of the appointment order accepted by you. If the resignation clause either during the probation period or after the confirmation, must be adhered to by you. If those clauses are violated, then your HR Manager/Department may initiate action against you.

If those areas are taken care by you, no law or HR Man or Law- man could do anything.

Liking or disliking one's employer whatever reason or reasons is purely on one's perception/observance/future prospects.

Keep your mind cool and sincerely try for an opening with your positive qualities. "Good gets Going and Going gets Good. Tough gets Going and Going gets Tough. Nothing is a constraint to a workaholic. Best wishes .

Pl submit your resignation letter in a professional way, this will help you in future.
Many employees think the role of a HR comes only at the time of interview or hikes. when they have any problems they must reach the HR and take their advice before deciding. That is the role of a HR to counsel and give suggestions and also to intervene if they feel the employee is being targeted unfairly. most of them dont do it and only once they put dow the resignation they discuss with HR who cannot help after resigning.
My free suggestion would be, if you have problem in job, escalate it to the top management or try to fit into company shoe's,
If company is too worst then take call and that too by information and tell them on FACE, your company SUCK"s and i cannot work in such mess and then exit (atleast by your Split they can change-so that next coming employee may be comfortable to work)
Even if you take all those waste Papers (appointment letter, experience letters for 3 months is WASTE OF PAPER)
if a company is accepting such 3 months letters that too from Freshers like you, THEN AM MILLION PERCENT SURE that is also a faltoo company.

Appear to be a beginner. Looks that Ank6075 do not possess any self esteem and dynamism. also lack self motivation.These are people who wants to occupy only the CEO post and nothing less even before getting ready to be a group leader. they will learn only through a hard way. Jumping coys is not a crime once earn a name and fame in the market. but you have to work like a bull and prove that to the employer and the competitor.
Secondly if at all you want to jump you will have a value in the market only if you are employed at some place. If you sit at home and try to reach someone your value will be not even 50%.
Think in this angle. best is to continue, get the beating for your action.first prove yourself in what ever place you are. Automatically you will be spotted and rewarded by your company or by some one else in the mkt. Try atleast FIVE Full years before you think of any new place.

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