Hi all!
How can i write a memo to staff saying that everybody must use the iPad to take the orders, every single time, no matter how small it is. When the manager is not in the premises, we can still check from the video cameras who is not using it. Not respecting the rules will lead to dismissal without exception. If the iPad has some problem or is not working, the staff must inform the manager. The one who doesn\'t do it will take a fine.
Thanx :)

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear Lilyana
Please prepare the notice for diciplinary action for the mentioned misconduct abt the ipad. Even if any staff refused to follow the same, take the necessary disciplinary action on him / them, and send the fillers in staff for said disciplinary action. It will help to get the good control.
Sachin Gaikwad

From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant and Trainer
Dear Lilyana,

Though Sachin has supported your views, I have little different take.

iPad is only means of noting down the instructions. End result is implementation of the instructions. Why there is so much focus on means than ends? What happens when staffs do not down the instructions on iPad but note down on some diary notbook? Why the age old methods are useless? What savings (or losses) activity of noting down instructions on iPad gives you?

For implementing the instructions, you wanted to keep the staffs under video surveillance? What is your focus on? Getting the best output from your people on police on them? If you issue memo of this kind, will the staffs get demotivated? Have you thought of it?

Leadership is ability to influence the people. To influence, business leaders have to use various powers. What you are talking about is exercising coercive or positional power. However, for making your subordinates compliant, if you go on using this power untrammelled, it could boom rang on you. Have you thought it of?

What you trying to do is nothing but micro-management. But please remember, micro-management has always given micro results.

For non-compliance of this instructions, you wanted to terminate the staffs? Is this not height of coercion?

I request you to re-consider your decision before you shoot the memo.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Administration & Liaisoning Head
-Why it is mandatory for everybody or needs to use iPad only for noting down the orders?

-What benefits you are expecting by imposing such conditions?

-Is there anything which is not in favor of their work/ your business and facing losses because of not using iPad for noting down the orders?

Your query is making me feel like “A Teacher asking students for not using Pilot Pen, Gel Pens but Ball Pen only”

I completely agree with Mr Divekar and also would like to say, by imposing such conditions of "using iPad for noting down the order is mandatory”, and letting them know about your surveillance activity; you are actually working against their moral which can get you unwanted and negative results in regard to expected productivity by them.

Your prime motive must be to get maximum output by allowing them to work freely by using their style, skills and experience following the respective work system, not to get them distracted by this kind of obligatory actions and scaring them that one is keeping his eye on each and every action of them.

Your motive is still not clear. And If there is any organizational/ business software /application you are using/ pre- installed in issued iPAD to employees which can help them in their work, you and your business by direct entering order details anyhow, still can this issue be handled wisely but not by issuing memos for such a small thing which I won’t even say is an issue.

If you have allowed/ issued iPAD to your employees for their work, I believe it must be to get quick/fast and easily working like we issue Laptops to employee for their work at home (anytime work) if and whenever it required.

I second Mr Divekar, leadership is able to influence the people which is one of the characteristics of Superior Leaders. Quite often, employees need someone to look up to for direction, guidance, and motivation. There are times, when many employees need the boss to inspire them by word or action. Employees need someone to look up to, admire, and follow. Even when the production or delivery of services looks like "it is all going well," the leader may at times need to step in personally to offer a suggestion or encouragement to ensure that employees perform their jobs in an optimal manner but your determined action by referring such rule may go against the moral of your employees and put you in more difficult situations in the future. Please be aware of it.

From India, Gurgaon

Dear All, Before commenting, please understand the nature of job and business. There is not one solution for all problems. Regards,
From India, Pune
I assume you are referring to use of the iPad for taking orders in a restaurant.
In this case you could issue a memo to be displayed on the notice board of the restaurant. Although i think breach of memo resulting in dismissal is too harsh a step.
You could probably start with charging the staff who breach the memo with amount to which the order is worth. This should help in developing a habit of using the device. Also making them understand the importance of using the device during team briefings might help.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Friends,

I do not see any problem here. If as is assumed in a previous post that the organization is a restaurant then let there be no other means of taking an order except for the ipad.

If a person goes into a room to sleep and finds a bed then why will that person sleep on the floor.

Why would someone not want to use the ipad? This question has not been asked and the organization says "off with their heads". Well that is the Middle east I suppose follow orders else get kicked in the butt.

It is difficult to use?

Does it slow down the order process?

Have the staff been trained to use them?

Why do they not want to use the ipads?

These questions need to be examined before implementing it forcefully.

They do not need any management skills over there, there are millions waiting around to step in for a job there, one goes there are 10 more waiting.

The same thing is happening in India, leadership skills and management skills have been thrown out of the window, now it do or die.

Engineers, MBA's, or any other certified people are dime a dozen. There is still some semblance of sanity in the ERP market Those with ERP skills are still treated properly as there are very few of them to go around.

Just remember if there are lots of an something to go around then it looses its value


From India, Hyderabad
You can issue the meme only if the iPad is issued by the company to its staff & those people already know how to use it. It is something strange & worthless.
From Saudi Arabia
mohan jeeva

Industrial Relations
Better you may appoint private detective that person may find who is ?.
From India, Chennai
Dear Members
Many of the members have ventures in writing essay without understanding the problem and help the person is seeking from the forum.
She wants a format (draft) to communicate about the compulsory usage of the ipad--without sounding it an offensive or threatening. It is that company’s policy about the ipad..she hasnt asked weather thje policy is right or wrong.
Shailesh Parikh
Vadodara, Gujarat
99 98 97 10 65

From India, Mumbai

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