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Veena Pachorkar
Hello Seniors,
I am Veena, working in Trading Co. I am working woman not student. But still my dream is complete my Ex.MBA in Finance. It is age fault or anything else I don\'t know. Unfortunately i am not concentrate in my studies.If want to start within few minutes I lost myself and close books and doing chit chat.
Please anyone help me, because my exam will come soon

From India, Mumbai
Getsie Jesse

Hi Veena,
Have questions for you. What was your last formal education and when did you complete it.
There is not age limit for learning or studying please remind that to yourself. at time when you have break in studies and think of continuing studies you tend to find difficulty in concentrating but this will happen only for few days.
You need to have the will power, interest determination to study then this is perfectly possible at any age. Don't look at MBA as a yet another degree that will not help you at all.
Plan and dedicate particular time of the day when you prefer to study and everyday observe that as your study time and keep yourself away from people, mobile and TV. Preferable in a room which has sufficient light and air with no or minimal sound.
Its good to do some physical exercise 20 minutes in advance before you start studying. this helps in concentration and quick learning.
Most of all its important for you to spend dedicated time for studies.

From India, Madras
Ashutosh Thakre

Hi Veena,
It's your attitude towards study that needs to be modified. If you really value your dream, then no one can stop you from studying. My Grand father completed his Masters in Law at the age of 76, so age is definitely not the deterrent for not studying. Believe in your dream and pursue it with full vigor. Try mediation and few stretch exercises to set your study mood.
Ashutosh Thakre

From India, Mumbai

Hello Veena Pachorkar,
Both Getsie Jesse & Ashutosh Thakre are right on-dot.
Like Getsie Jesse asked, when did you study FORMALLY?
Also, details like your family background, any kids, husband's work, etc--all these aspects have their own level/grade of bearing on such situations you mentioned. Do you get support from other family members?
The queries can go on & on--the more inputs you give, the more focused & practical would the suggestions be from the members.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad

Hello Veena,

Others have given you good advice about motivation and focus, etc. And TS has raised pertinent questions about your background and situation. Please let me take your post as an example and say what other information I would have given while seeking help.

In addition to saying that I am a working man and not a student, I would have said whether I was pursuing the course by distance learning or attending a course; if the latter, then I would have said whether it is an evening course or a weekend course. I also would have explained what is meant by "age fault". For example does it refer to my personal age or present versus the past (In the present age, communication is so easy that I could chat to people all over the world instead of reading articles on the web. I would also explain what I meant by "doing chit chat". For example, when I did my courses by part-time studies, I used to go to the local library to keep my attention focused and not be distracted from my wife and children. I was in my early 30s when I did the first course and mid 40s when I did the Masters. No web facilities during that age.

Like one of my friend put it a bit crudely, there is no option but to put a strong glue on a chair, park oneself and study alone to achieve an academic dream.

If I want to grow vegetables and flowers, I have to spend time working in the garden at the right time, give the plants nourishment and water when required, weed the plots, etc. No doubt there is the option of engaging a gardener to do all that. In the same way, I know of people who have bought degrees on the net. But I do not recommend that as an alternative.

From United Kingdom
Veena Pachorkar
Thanks to all
Hello Everybody,
In my family only three persons, my husband doing job and he forced me for getting admission in distance learning. My family support me and now I my 42, it means I m completed my graduation before 20 years. Its my own problem for concentrate in Studies

From India, Mumbai

Dear Veena,
Age does not matter, if we have the desire. Certainly, a gap of 20 years will have some effect. But, it can be overcome. I know of people who have gone back to studies after 40 years, done research and got PhDs in their 80s. I am sorry to keep asking questions.
Have you any children? If so, study along with them. You say your husband forced you? Whom do you work for? If you feel your husband forced you, then how can it your dream? I presume he coaxed you and supports you to achieve your dream. I know a lady who was coaxed by her husband and her boss to take up teaching. She attended a teachers' Training Course (BEd) after 20 years of graduation. She had two young kids at that time and her husband was also studying for his masters degree by part-time route. She completed the course and became an excellent maths teacher and retired 5 years ago.
So, you can also achieve your dreams, if you can resist chit-chatting with others.

From United Kingdom
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Veena,

There are two types of dreams. One is daydream and another is that takes you to reality. What dream you would like to pursue? Former or latter? Former does not require any hard work whereas latter requires lot of hard work and above all strong willpower.

Concentration power is absolutely linked to one's motivation. Higher the motivation higher is the power to absorb knowledge.

Imagine if some another woman writes posts likes this: "I am working woman not student. But still my dream is complete my Ex.MBA in Finance. I do not like anyone disturbing me in my studies. When some family member disturbs me, I start shouting on them. How to handle this situation?"

I recommend you setting target to yourself - "I will complete Chapter No ___ in coming one hour." This target will bring focus on your studies. Secondly, keep off mobile. Keep it in silent mode and that too in another room. Keep off your TV as well. If some other family member is watching TV then close the door of your room and also tell others to keep low volume of TV.

Why do we observe fast? Why do we pray god? Indirectly these are the means of bringing self-discipline. Abstinence is a virtue. Loosely it can be called Sanyam in Marathi. A person attains or retains success because of this Sanyam.

I appreciate your openness. You have asked for solution for your weakness. Identifying the weakness this in itself is a strength. Other members have given valuable advice. Start working on it.

Make a strong determination, come what may I am not going to deviate from the target for the day. Attainment of these small targets will start motivating you. It will increase self-confidence in you. With this very confidence, you will be able to complete you MBA with very good marks. In future when you look back possibly you will astound at your success. But today what matters is development of this strong willpower.

Remember you are from a place where examples of strong determination are replete. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar had travelled from Karad to Pune by walk to complete his M.A. Bal Gangadhar Tilak raised building of his English School himself that was made of mud and cow dung. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar studied in street light. While in prison, instead of wasting time, Bal Gangadhar Tilak wrote "Geetarahasya". It is this determination that makes a person extra-ordinary from ordinary.

All the best and I will wait for a post from you, say after 2-3 years telling that you have completed your Ex MBA. Not only me but all the members of this forum will be glad to here this news.

Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
I work 9-6, am a single parent, daughter is 15 years. i also work a second job from home. in between am also studying for my MBA. my problem is i keep forgetting what i have studied. its been almost 15 years since i completed my degree. my first year exams are coming up in December. hope you will be able to help me find a solution.
From India, Cochin

First of all, you should do spend some time analysing about self and make sure to list your goals and strengths. By doing so you can learn about the things you should focus on whether it be studies or job. Then to start learning from the first day, don't stress too much instead start with a half an hour learning which you can gradually improve with the days to come. Then make it a practise. It is important that you realise that you are out of your comfort zone in order to achieve something great in life.
From India, Bengaluru
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