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Hi All,
I\'m working as a HR in an IT Company. I just have a query regarding recruitment. Why candidates are not turning up for interviews? Really I\'m fed up of this. After taking many follow-ups still candidates are not coming for interviews. Even after giving confirmation on mail. I give them a reminder call a day before interview and when in the morning I again confirmed from them then they\'ll say we can not come.
Not able to get any solution,I\'ve to complete my hiring. Please suggest me some ways.
Really looking for a help or advise.
Nisha Sharma
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From India, Delhi
Hi nisha,
In recruitment this is common problem every one face. if want to hire 5 employees then you have to call 100 members shortlist fifty and call fifty. 20-25 will attended further round u get 10 you can select 5 .
candidates have different views on joining company, some will look for reputed company some will see only money, some will see for future so on..

From India, Madras
HR Nisha

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Thanks for your early reply.

@Govind: I'm looking for a Software Engineer who can work on PHP frameworks. Exp:1-3 yrs. As per my knowledge, resources are available in market. Yes we are not paying very high salaries but we are paying candidate expected salary (we call only those candidates who fits in our budget). We don't have any negative image of our company in market. Even those who left us they are very much satisfied due to our work culture and appraisals.

@Syedhussain: In last few days I line up 12 candidates in which 5 are not appear for interview. 6 are rejected and 3 are shortlisted. Plz let me know this criteria is really bad for hiring?

Even some candidate requested me to give a second chance to appear in interview then again they are doing the same thing.

Besides all these, how we can improve the communication with candidates because some candidates are in very hurry as they are at their work place.

Really I'm very disappointed this time as I didn't get this response earlier.


Nisha Sharma

From India, Delhi
Vaishalee Parkhi

HR Consultant & Trainer
Hello Nisha,
This is a common problem faced by IT company, I guess. If you apply some different strategy it will help you.
I would suggest, why don't you refer to those candidates profiles which were kept on hold earlier and could not be recruited just some one was superior than them? Those who have liked your company environment and working culture would definitely think of attending interviews.
Further, if you are ready to take 1 yr. experienced candidate, you can think of recruiting freshers also. Someone senior within your organisation can train and develop them. Also freshers will get job and will work sincerely. You don't have to run behind them.
Hope the above helps to solve your problem.
Best regards,
Vaishalee Parkhi

From India, Pune
HR Nisha

HR Professional
Hi Vaishalee,
Very nice and practical approach. I did the same thing but still they are on hold by management side. Even 1 candidate is really very interested for join us but still he is on hold.
For freshers, I'm trying to convince my boss but he is not interested for the same. As per him, fresher needs intensive training and they are time consuming. Still trying to convince them. but truly speaking freshers help us in cost cutting and they can easily mold in our atmosphere, yes they require training but everybody needs that. Last year we hired 2 freshers, they are really very profitable for us.
From last few days, I'm feeling myself in a messy situation, I've a solution but no body wants to go for that. Don't know what to do in these type of situations.
Nisha Sharma

From India, Delhi
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The only way out for No-show at the interview stage, is to shortlist more. However, not every skill sets will allow you to do that.
Did you try referrals ? When employees refer their friends, the chances of no-show falls drastically.
Can you consider a mass walk-in? What are your chances to advertise for a walk-in in newspaper or even FM? A walk-in would attract a lot of rejects and increase the administrative work, but atleast you'll have people who are interested in the job.
Here's an old discussion on how to manage 'No-Show' both at the hiring stage and at Induction. Managing No-Show
Looking forward to hear from you

From India, Mumbai
Hi Nisha,
You declare a referral policy for your company and announce some attractive referral bonus for calling the persons for job as per your requirements. The persons offered by your employees will definitely come for interview and join your company and they will stick on the job too. The referral bonus will have to be disbursed after the candidate completes his probation period of three months and the referring employee has to be on board with you at the time of award of referral bonus. We have this policy and we do get the right candidates.
MP Mittal

From India, New Delhi
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Currently placement officer (Earlier Sr. Executive - HR)
Hi Nisha,

As you have got most of the answers from our friends here, I dont feel to say nothing knew / new..:-)

Anyways, its quite common in recruitment field. but i can say only 1 thing. these days only few ppl (pls dnt mistake am not pointing any1 here)..

are merely doing recruitment job a merely as a sales job like selling man power convincing and the candidates r compromising.

So when you come out this and focus on how you are doing it, you will be able to cope up i think.

The best part a recruiter can do is Counselling rather than merely recruiting. we need to maintain rapport with the candidate it is how we speak with the candidate and its our approach that brings him to our office and then we can catch him in person and when we got him at our place, we can change his mind believe me that's not a big deal.

IT happens but when you focus on what's not working rather than what is going will end up with a failure due to tha lack of focus.

So keep going. and if u could let me know your requirement, i will try to helkp you out thru my contacts also.

You can reach me on my email id: "[email protected]"

or on my number:



Mob: +91-9989922100

From United States, Hauppauge

Accounts & HR
Hi Nisha,
As a recruiter,while having telephonic conversation itself try to find out the seriousness of the candidate for the Job and then decide to call him for Interview.
Also we are not in a position to decide/judge the genuineness or fake excuses as even we are one among them who goes for interview.
Try to short-list more candidates and have good backup.


HR Manager

When i was a IT recruiter (in a consultancy) i used to recruit for some Niche skills for IBM. At that time i had a tough days to close a single position even after many shortlist, line ups and other usual followups nothing happened.

I called up a candidate in Hyderabad who is willing to relocate in Bangalore (job location is Bangalore) due to some personal reasons. When i called up him he started telling all his family situation and how important it is for him to relocate. Then i supported him by giving him a detailed job description on what would be his role and how can he show up in interviews with his skills and asked him to well prepare with what he knows.

At last i myself closed the position with the said guy. Interestingly the guy came to meet me after he joined IBM in Bangalore with a small gift for me. Even this was my first good closure after a year of exp as a IT Recruiter (this happened on 2008). After that i followed the same trick for all the positions. I was pretty successful and i am now a HR Manager heading a Plant (factory) at Chennai.

1. I would suggest you to look for the job seekers who are willing to relocate from a different region (State) to your area (Refer Preferred location in Job Portals).

2. Don't call the candidate (the Exact Matched Profile) as if you need to close the position. Call him to understand him on what he is good at and have a long discussion to know his strength, willingness and interest.

3. If you follow the old techniques of calling 100 and freezing 5 vacancies you will be stressed and frustrated on before you call the 15 or 20th candidate. This may work for ITES requirement of freshers.

This is my first post in Cite HR, like to have suggestions, corrections and comments on my post.


Varadharajan K

From India, Chennai

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