Dear All I have been using citehr and find it very useful . You can post query and almost every one is ready to help you with whatever they can.

But in the recent time I came across few post where the senior members and the moderators give negative reply to the person who ask question. They openly insult them them by saying "you should have paid attention to your MBA class or read newspaper or ask good question".How can you decide what is good or bad? If some one wants to know sumthing they will post it here. Citehr is for everyone and there is no compulsion to answer on every question.If you feel a certain question is irrelevant or not as per your standard please do not reply or don't insult other members. everyone is not as educated or experienced as you are. Simple don't reply and don't be judgemental.

Anyone can post question and ask whatever there query if you are going to restrict this then no one would be able to express what they feel.

Its my humble request to all members specially senior members and the citehr moderators to please dont insult by using rude language.

This forum is for all!


From India, Bhopal
Dear Nancy,
Our apologies, if we sound rude while responding to any post. Whether its the senior or moderator or any member for that reason, we are here because we want to help. We like to contribute to an extent that even after years of mentoring, I know many mentors who still remain anonymous. Most importantly everyone contributes without taking any thing back for themselves, because, thats what they want to do.
This is beyond free service, as it takes the time and effort by these senior leaders to respond and care for the member who have raised a question.
My point remains, no one would after such an effort, want to hurt anyone. I am not defending on what you have noticed. I speak for what I have observed.
We are here to bring in a positive change, in other's professional knowledge and understanding. During any moment if anyone did sound rude, we are sorry about it. It was purely unintended.

From India, Mumbai

I have repeatedly requested many senior members to ignore posts where they can't add value but feel the need to pass a judgement about how the member should be conducting themselves. To us the fact that an engagement from the query posting member exists is more valuable than anything else. Politeness is also a virtue we hold very high - and its exceptionally important in an environment where the social ties are this weak - as we don't know each other personally.
Please report such posts and I will reiterate the message to the members in question.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Nancy,

With due respect to (Cite Contribution) and Sid, let me reply to your post. I have just checked to see how many messages you have posted. This seems to be your first message.

If members have said that an MBA should have done this and that; your point of them being not educated is not valid. When students seek questionnaires or MBA project reports on-a-plate, I have commented that they should kindly not ask for such things but do certain things. I know of members who have been a bit harsher with their responses. Even such respoonses have added value to the topics.

As (Cite Contribution) has rightly pointed out, no one posts harsh messages intentionally. When people have pointed out about the tone of my messages, I have publicly apologised in the thread. I am sure that the right way would have been for you to send a Private Message to individuals concerened. May be you have not got the facility to send a private message. Please let us know an example of threads that you have come across.

Here is an example of a message which a person might construe as being publicly admonished but the intention is that of educating bloggers.

From United Kingdom
It's a pity people indulge in this, especially in this age, where everyone is to be treated as equals. After all none of us see each other, or may be even not know each other, then this is pathetic.
Having said this, I have another side of this, if you can permit me.
There are several who come to this forum and raise a doubt, or query and ask for advise. There are several who take this seriously, spend time to put their thoughts together, and this doesn't get acknowledged by the person who raised the query. It's sad, but that how life is. Never do anything with any expectation, if you do be ready for disappointment, else take it as just another day, another appointment met, another good contribution made. It take a lot of people to make this world.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Nancy,

This is in addition to what (Cite Contribution) and Sid have said. Both have given very good replies.

As far as queries are concerned, few members raise very churlish queries. They do not do any kind of search on web and they expect citehr members to spoon feed them. Neither this forum is for spoon feeding nor for cajoling. Tonnes of material is available either on the web or this forum itself, yet same queries come up again and again.

Queries should be asked on what you did not learn or while implementation of knowledge you faced some problems or challenges. Nobody will object for the posts of following kind:

However, look at the following kiddish post:

As a reply to the above post, one of the members has raised her query. This is pure lack of common sense. When some junior members do not show common sense, seniors are bound to pull them up. I do not find anything wrong as such. Show professionalism and you will get professional replies. But when kiddish behaviour of few members pops out, then they are liable for dressing down. If seniors do not do that then possibly that member might do some larger damage and may bring disrepute to the profession itself. When seniors rap the knuckles, it is in the interest of HR function as a whole so do not look at the member but look at the interest of HR community as a whole.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Dinesh,

- The post you mentioned has been taken care of - what was needed there was - a reply, a post move and a closing of thread. This is a moderator's job and unfortunately we don't have enough of them - but by itself the thread causes no issues.

- I don't completely agree to the "liable for dressing down" comment - juniors are to be corrected (even aggressively) when they are directly reporting to you - but on a platform where ultimately everyone is equal, that is not required.

- You are right - this platform is not meant for "spoon feeding" - so we have a choice to not do that. But many times these seemingly irrelevant threads become seeds of connections for two new members. So it's alway best for seniors to ignore such threads if all they are going to add is a judgemental comment about the inefficiency of the user. If it's repeated and the senior has time they can point out the research bar at the top or go one step ahead to find the relevant threads for them. Again, showing these new members how silly they are is not the goal.

I sincerely request senior members to ignore such threads - this is how we have functioned and it helps maintain an open an inclusive platform. But more importantly it helps new members not being "told upon" the minute the open up and it is up to us old members to make them feel welcome here. I am in no way against debate - but it should never be directed towards the seniority or novice'ness of a user.



From India, Gurgaon
Nancy, the Super Moderator & other Moderators have already spoken on behalf of all Senior Members. I personally endorse their wisdom.

My own viewpoint, however, remains that no one ever likes on the CiteHR platform to hurt anybody's feelings. But if something is pointed out by the senior lot in an advisory capacity, it should be taken by our young friends in the right spirits. Only then a one-to-one equation sets in. Advice is to be viewed as something different than insult, only then true learning takes place. If ego levels rise so high, that a pungent comment injures one's pride, one shall continue to feel uncomfortable as an HR professional, since plenty of Senior people within the organization (including those from the HR Department) do have a tendency/ style to throw blame on HR executives for whatever goes wrong & be highly judgemental in their statements.

Therefore, to digest criticism with a smile may be a way of conditioning oneself to grow in one's career. Nevertheless, the caution given by you to the senior lot shall not go unnoticed.

From India, Delhi
Thank you everyone for the time you took out to reply on the thread.

I did not write this for apology or something .My main aim was just to highlight that this thing do happen. I am really grateful to all the senior member who are here to help in any possible way.Please accept my reply on each post.

For (Cite Contribution)1979 and CHR thanks for such a polite response.

for Nashbramhal. I am a member since 2007. I created this profile just to raise this issue. I absolutely agree with your point of spoon feeding. But to take out your anger pubically is not accepted no matter how irritated you are with the question. Here I am not targeting a particular member.Its for a general concern.

For Tsk.Raman - exactly this is my point if you are taking out time to answer please dont expect anything .If someone appreciates thats good if not its there choice. But i specially take out time to appreciate member,even though the thread is not mine.

for Dinesh Divekar- knw some question are pure out of sense, like use of toilet paper and all. But my point is to avoid those question instead of being rude.

For B K BHATIA- I know its should be taken positively, but it will discourage members to ask more question. Its a public platform and may hurt someone's feeling.


From India, Bhopal
Dear Friend

First of all let me welcome you on behalf of the knowledge sharing Forum CiteHR. Here you can share the knowledge with our members and if you have any query, you will get the reply for that too. Our members will surely help you in getting the solution for your query.

Please go through thread and <link no longer exists - removed> thread in which you will get a lot of treasure for enhancing your knowledge.

Here no one is having any intention to insult anyone personally. By seeing such silly question some young and energetic senior members gets boiled up. That's why such replies got registered.

After logging in the site some members are posting a new thread for asking query about facing problem in Logging in.

Posting a new thread for raising the query regarding how to start a new thread.

Completed Ph.D. But unable to draft a simple intimation note to all the colleague about his completion of PhD, while distributing sweet to all his colleagues.

Will you accept some sense in posting such queries. That's the reason some of our members are getting irritated. Here we have never met each other. Even though we are staying together in the same office/location we cannot recognise personally about our existancy in this site.

Some people needs motivation to do the work. If you motivate them, surely they will succeed. Some people needs banging. If you bang them surely they will come forward to take up the task. If you leave some people to work independently then they will perform better. Here you have to monitor them from some distance. If you involve yourself then they will get tensed and start committing mistakes. We cannot behave in the same way with everyone. Everyone needs separate way of dealing. After analysing properly, the senior members used to give reply to the query.

Please understand no one knows each other. We all are here to give assistance to others and take help from everyone.

So do not take anything to heart and in future you are advised to take active part in all the discussion of your choice.

From India, Kumbakonam

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