Dear Senior,
Could any one tell me what is the difference role and responsibility between HR Director and HR Manager? Being as a HR Director, what are the significant responsibiliy and ability compare to HR Manager.
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.
Swe Zin

From Singapore
Hello Swe,
This depends upon the hierarchy of the organization. In my previous organization manager means the head of the department for India and the same time director of the company also.
But you will not find this in a typical Indian company. Here HR director is the head of the department who formulate HR strategies for the organization and the manager implement the strategies and manage day to day operations.

From India, Bhubaneswar
Hi Swe,

In simple terms:

HR Director - is a person who sits on the Board of Directors with special responsibility for HR. He will direct (to the HR Manager) which polices are required for the proper functioning of the company. He is also responsible for keeping up to date with all legislation regarding Employment law, and filtering such information to the HR Manager. He may also take part in formulating procedures, rules and regulations. In case of a dispute he is the ultimate authority within the company, though he can be overruled by the Managing Director, who in turn can be overruled by the Board. He is also responsible for all recruitment, including recruitment at Board level. He should work closely with the HR Manager.

HR Manager - is responsible for the day to day HR issues, unless they need to be escalated to the HR Director. He is also responsible for ensuring procedures, rules and regulations are adhered to and all relevant documentation. He is the first port of call for any issues. He is, usually, responsible for and will handle all recruitment at junior management and below, though the HR Director may be involved at some stage.

Therefore, there will be some overlap between the two, which is why they should be working very closely.

Hope the above helps.



From United Kingdom, Barrow
in simple terms hr director is the planner. his responsibilities to make policies for the growth of the organisation.
where as hr manager is one who implement the policies and make strategies for attainment of the objectives set by the director.

From India, New Delhi
You need to know simple distinction in nut shell. Where HR Director is reponsible for making decisions and framing broad policies and programs pertaining to HR, an HR Manager is responsible for managing the affairs from top to bottom of the organisation, as per in the policies and programs issued for implementation.
From India, Delhi
Lets assume that Comapny A has a t/o of USD 100 Mio. Accordingly, they have a HR Director and an HR Manager.
HR Director\'s role is more macro in nature. Responsible or answerable to the Board. Responsibilities will be Strategic. Plans for the long term future. Overall responsibility of HR Strategy, Talent Acquisition, Management, Development & Retention. Ensuring HR is optimally utilized for the overall achievement of Organizational objectives.
HR Manager\'s role is more operational in nature. Will report to the HR Director. Manpower planning, Recruitment & Selection, T&D initiatives, PMS are taken care of. Career planning, Employee engagement initiatives, wellness programs all fall in the domain of the HR Manager.
Hope I have been able to create the fundamental distinction amongst the two positions queried.

From Kuwait, Kuwait
Hi Swe,
As the position names explain, The HR Director is the head of HR division on country , region or global level and direct entire HR department for HR functions.
Whereas HR manager is limited to instruct and manage his own / assigned function of HR like HR-Recruitment, HR-Employee Engagement, HR-Training & Development etc.
However sometimes, company may assign these all functions to an HR manager. In that case HR Director shall be in position to take and participate in company\'s strategic decisions. HR Manager shall always be accountable to HR Director whereas HR Director shall be accountable to the CEO / President or Head of the company.

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Well, it is the hierarchy that matters here as the manager need the approval for any implementations of HR functions etc. The major part of the HR director is decision making and for HR manager is to managing the HR functions.
From India, Lucknow
hi .
well i think that hr director is the one of the person who make a policies and implementing to the system .and hr manager is responsibility to fellow them and find the all problem and do his work propyl.

From India, Delhi

HR Director Res. are to formulate appropriate HR strategies and agenda in line with Business Units needs in alignment with the Corporate HR guidelines with regards to policy norms and talent development To frame the HR and administrative budgets considering both routine & strategic initiatives and ensuring efficient and cost-effective administrative services. To guide the HR team and Administration teams towards implementing the same and monitor adherence.Drive the strategic HR roadmap for the organization, Business Process Mapping and setting the HR vision.Collaborate with senior management on building a performance management strategy and philosophy for the entire organization; oversee performance, talent acquisition for the organization, HR audit, manpower costing,workforce management practices and drive implementation across various businesses and functional teams.

Hr Manager;s are Industrial Relations,Statutory complaisance.Talent Acquisition .Proficient in entire HR operations.Future plans for expansion & manpower requirements.Taking care of manpower fulfillment of all branches.

Implementing competency - based performance management system & performance-linked rewards.Training Management.KRA analysis.Payroll Management.Compensation & Benefits Management.Organisations Structure Designing & Attrition analysis.Responsible to handle legal compliances like PF, ESIC, TDS, Shop Act,etc.Employee engagement.Vendor Development & Contract Negotiations.

Very Big Differences in Power !!!!

From India, Delhi

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