Dear Seniors,

It has been only 1 month that i have joined this company as a hr.I am just done with my MBA and this is my first job as a hr so basically i am a fresher in HR field.I am of very jolly nature & i behave very frank & friendly with everyone with juniors also & seniors also.My problem is no body is taking me seriously i know that a hr personnel should be frank with everyone but my frankness is now creating problems for me no body fears of me & everyone argues with me even if i say something to someone very politely they get angry on now at that moment i feel as if i am the employee & they are my hr they do not listen to me at all & my senior doesn't likes this he keeps on telling me that i have no control on the employees you make fun of yourself.Now if i'll shout at them they will create scene.I am really confused i feel bad when they don't respect me i just want them to listen to me & talk to me properly.What should i do? Is the problem from my side? if so then pls show me the proper way & also explain me the traits which a hr professional should have for her improovement.Badly in a need of help this leads to lack of concentration in my work please help !!

Thank you,


From India, Nasik

Talent Acquisition / Consultant - Catalis world
Dear Shriya,
Being frank and friendly with employee is not the issue.
You can be friends with your colleagues. But that do not absolutely mean that we compromise on the work.
If when you are working, you might have to face a little arrogance from your colleagues, it is their bad to not to realize that you are performing your job role.
Be honest to your role. No matter what, communicate whatever is essential. Do so in an authoritative manner.
For eg let's say office timing. We all have a time by which we are expected to come in. So if someone is walking in late, you may ask what happened. But if someone is a regular late walker, you'll have to very authoritative handle the case and show him the consequences of not ocming on time.
Understand the fact that HR is a double edged sword. You should know when to be sweet and when to be sour. That's the only thing that can help HR sustain their role.
Hope it helped.

From India, Mumbai

Agile Solutionist
Don't worry Shriya, this is just a starting trouble.

The entire organization setup has been changed and hence the role of HR. It is more demanding now. Promoting company to existing / potential employees is an important HR task but apart from that, strategic business support,expertise in branding, change management are some of the critical HR tasks. Gen Y workforce expect their HR representative to be more keen on instant peer support, counseling, career management, single window problem solving and above all their trusted messenger to CEO.

Be friendly with people and it is nice not to behave like a traditional bureaucrat. However keep a distance and act professionally while interacting with the team.

Never get in to debate with employees and this can create unnecessary tension and grievances. At the same time, when somebody shout on you, request them to behave properly and tell them to join for a discussion at meeting room and listen to them.

Today, there may not be systems in place. Slowly you need to plan and roll out one by one. Also please keep in mind that people never like to be controlled and worldwide, new age people practices are not based on controlling workforce.

To start with why don't you focus on the given areas with some suggestions. However you do more research, plan and then execute the approved plan of action

1. Attract Talent

Conduct road shows (offline/online) to promote company and promoters. Start online groups and represent in social networking forums. Initiate product training or training cum placement programmes

2. Manage Attrition

Start HR Counseling, Employee Surveys, Open Forums etc. Put systematic exit process in place and try to know the pent up feelings of employees resigned. Constantly evaluate people and processes with the help of simple tools

3. Motivate Workforce

Host celebrations, Initiate training programmes, Announce Corporate Goals,Performance Plans etc. Conduct in house campaigns and provide an ecosystem conducive to overall development of the employee. Provide Employee Self Service across the organization and let employee access payslips, leave information

4. Manager Performance

Try to provide more visibility in performance management processes. Link performance to compensation and benefits in a realistic manner and make it transparent. Use performance management systems through employee self service

Wishing you the very best and a successful career !!!

From India, Bangalore
Dear Ms. Shriya,

You are not given an opportunity to please employees and intake their anger. As an HR, prima-facie, improve employee-hr relations by communicating openly, staying positive, respecting employees and giving them room to grow.

Every HR faces such situations at the start -- If the employee is been defensive give him some time to poach on his confrntation before you take a step ahead to speak to theat person again. Don't feel defensive by yourself, all you need to do is to help yourself by talking to that employee with some open lines and express views of his critical behaviour which forces you to give criticism. The communication should be in solidarity rather then conflict-ridden.

HR has the right to do RIGHT things at anytime for he welfare of the organization. If your Senior is telling you of "not having control on employees" -- He is enormously correct! Today's generation have defined it in terms of negetive phrases even if any one says, dont waste your time...

Only reason is the pshycology and human menatality things it NEGETIVE. No one can change that, neither You or I, the only change is on "Behavior" that needs tobe changed.

In contrast to IMPROVEMENT, please help yourself in giving time to work. Employees will be employees, the need is just how you diplomatically deal with them which should come out internally from you.

From India, Visakhapatnam
varsha ramnani

i agree with Ms.Sharmila Das
diplomatic way of dealing is the best way for an HR
because the employees should never think you as an HR is on management side..neither management should get this in mind that you favoring employees or something....
you have to create balance.
and most of all, you continue being strict in working hours... and make be interactive in breaks and that time you can be friendly....
more over after a month or so if you can arrange an workshop on organization behavior it will help you somewhere....
Varsha Ramnani

From India, Mumbai
Dear,Varsha Ramnani.I have realised that i should be strict with the employees but mam i have always been friendly n polite to them from the begining so now even if i get angry on them or say something authoritily they don't take me seriously i want to be strict but they do not take me seriously they don't listen to me.What should i do so that they will understand that i am an hr i have authority n they should respect me at least listen to me & do what i say.Basically teach me how to behave strictly with them after being friendly with them?
From India, Nasik

Talent Acquisition / Consultant - Catalis world
Again I would like to draw attention that,

It is not how loud you speak,

It is not how authoratative you are

It is all about communicating what you should.

Like in my case, there are people who walk in late.

Firstly, I used to tell them personally that this may have an adverse effect on them.

They didn't bothered.

Slowly I started to tell them in front of the team or their supervisor.

No good.

Later I told them that this month onwards I am going send a weekly report to the CEO stating the later comers of the week, and drawing a late coming graph of the department and then it would be individual's headache to explain it any further if called in.

When they started to see that i do what i said, the late coming did drop.

Sometimes we need to find out creative ways to communicate what we should be communicating.

Use carrot and stick approach or use the friendly touch approach or authoritative approach depending on the staff you have and what works on them.

Try to formalize your communication. Like if you are giving a warning mail to an employee, mark a cc to the supervisor and/or ceo (depending on working hierarchy in your firm) which communicates very clearly that everything is escalated and traced.

Hope it helped.

From India, Mumbai
varsha ramnani

yes u are right ankita....strict doesn't mean in behavior only....strictness should be shown in Ur way of doing things ..
you have to first observe where employees are going wrong and what you can do to make it more firm way.
try doing same course of work in serious way...
and ya u have to keep in mind that balance is very important...
as you already told us that its affecting ur work...
let me tell u....
think that you are working for yourself...n you have to perform best....because hurdles are every where..but tactful handling is what u need to focus on

From India, Mumbai

administration executive
Dear Shriya,
As all given the great inputs on your problem, i want to say that when as HR Person if we do not show the future career for our employee in the company, they will not respect you. You should control them when as a HR you are showing important career path to them. As well as You should learn the psychology of each and every employee, you should point out the wrong things they are doing. As Ankita said that HR have dual role in the organisation, you should know when you should be good and when you should be bad for them.
Prashant Bhamare
HR Manager
Accor Hotels-Nashik

From India, Mumbai
Dear All, Thank you so much for your valuable opinions they are really make me think & now i am focusing what efforts i have to take for making things good.
From India, Nasik

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