Dear Friends,
As we all know, there are many fake experienced people entering our companies.This is due to liberal background verification.If we all put the details of those fake experienced people, that we come accross.We can filter this fake experienced people to maximum extent.
Pls post your comments.If everybody come forward, we can put those details in the site.

From India, Hyderabad
We can create a list called as BLACKLIST and post it in forums and people form the forum will keep updating it from all over india, tis way fake resumes can be minimised:icon10:
From India, Mumbai
Hi people,

I'm a HR of a reputed MNC.My bro owns an emloyment verification firm.We do employmnt verifications fr d candiddates in our concern.Though we hav caught many of them(in d mid fifties!!!), I think its absolutely essential that we do not share the blacklisted dtails.
THis can very easily lead to companies & individuals usin this to target employees who r a thorn in their flesh,though they r honest ones at that.

Even if d candidate isnt honest & is genuinely found,As a principle we feel it is unethical to share the candidates' adverse background with any potential employer whether it is connected to the same industry or different. There are situational factors that go into the analysis of the antecedent verification. There is always a scope for betterment in the conduct, behaviour, maturity and interpersonal relationship, wisdom in the integrity of a candidate in matters pertaining to finance and career. What was adverse behaviour earlier would have been taken as a learning opportunity to individual concerned and the such mistake or defaults wolud be avoided in the career journey.

We are of the considered view that any antecedent verification is stand alone type irrespective of a candidate or the company who is willing to take comprehensive look at the candidature profile.
Remembr that its not just d candidates who always do mistakes,even companies do it.Many arent in the limelite bt we r gettin very much aware of such things post satyam scandal.Though this is quite rare, it may also b that d verification may sumtimes b accidentally or intentionally wrong due to enemity; or the previous company(s) may mislead in verification due to past grievance wit d candidate.SO plz dont share blacklists as it mite have lot of discrepancies.ITS ALWAYS BETTER TO B SAFE THAN,wen wen we share & aftr realise d candidate's innocence.
Bt such conmen shud certainly be taken to task-this we always do by dismsissal which is a big punishment in itself.Bt makin sure they dnt get employed anywhere else is quite too high.
There is always scope fr them to transform after their dismissal or out of age & maturity in d future.
Our aim certainly is tio prevent fraud cv's bt not to spoil their careers. The increasd vigilance wud eradicate it & shud suffice.In US they do hav a common pool usin SSN bt then d same SSN provides them basic livin,food & JUS enough fr sustenance even they arent emp[loyed fr their whole life.
In france,old peopl r taken care like kings by d govt itself.Bt this largest indian democracy has peopl dying due to starvation wen there stil r peopl who r very very rich or mayb richest.They actualy can make a difference if they their importance is in showin d world dey r a few bucks richer (which really makes no real/physical difference bt jus a psychological one) wen millions r starving to death.These companies r coincidentally owned by them.SO lets not get too xcited bt @ the same time we can certainly dismiss them immediately which is a big punishment in itself.

It isnt healthy to affect people's lives just to make our job simpler!!
plz let us take this in the rite sense & move forward

From India, Madras
Yes Ramya, I agree with you.
In terms of moral responsiblities its not a nice idea to share the list in these forums.
We as in HR people have no right to affect any1's individuality.
Let the verification bearaus n company's do thr jobs.

From India, Mumbai
Agreed with RAMYA, even I am of the viewpoint but some extremist members of CITEHR are hell bent on sharing the details of candidates and these people gonna go to hell...
From India, Pune
Dear Sushma,
The cost of someone cheating you has made you think of posting their details on the web and make it accessible to everyones' view.
The cost of hurting their image...would be much difficult to handle for teh Employer :-)
I believe u need to focus on taking stringent measurements to verify background. Rather than thinkingt of posting their details.
By letting the candidate know that they have faked their experience, they will make sure that they dont do it once again. But you can let them know in person.

From India, Madras
Hello Everyone,
When I read this posting, I recollected one resume that I chanced to see in one of the portals while handling a requirement. The guy was 50+ yrs of age and his earlier exp showed that he worked in a comapny where I worked too-with the period partially overlapping- and I couldn't help but laugh for 10 min when I noticed that he was supposed to have worked UNDER me in the dept that he showed his exp in!!!

I FULLY agree with Ramya...on the need to put our perspectives in the right place.

But there are a couple of things that she doesn't seem to have considered.

FIRST..... I agree with her statement: "There are situational factors that go into the analysis of the antecedent verification."
But remember that UNLESS & UNTIL the person KNOWS that his/her immoral/unethical act WILL BE noticed & the consequence will be adverse effect on his/her career, no one will have the incentive for course-correction leading to improvement. That's human psychology...whether we admit it or not--every crook[to whatever grade] THINKS he/she can get away with it until the end of the world.

Only sometimes [or only for some people] would this realisation emenate from within [such people usually have a lot of self-introspection leading to change, whether the world notices or not], but for large majority of the people, the incentive/necessity to change comes form OUTSIDE themselves-thru law, friends' feedback, public opinion, etc.
I can give JUST one example here...though I am sure you can get umpteen-small & big ones-if you look around you. Had Ramalinga Raju been caught or alerted way back in 2001, do you think we would be seeing the lakhs of people effected NOW......including employees, investors, the ordinary people and the slurr on the IT industry in general? Whatever corrective action is taken, it would be only post-mortem rather than pro-active.

[YES....I am convinced that the Satyam saga is a case-study in a lot of ways....some of which haven't even been realised as of now-in a way, today's corruption in quite a few IT company's HR depts can be traced back to the beginning of the Satyam's rise between 1999-2001. All those who have been following the unfolding story of Satyam on a regular basis would know what I am referring to.

But @ the same time, Ramya does have a point when she says "There is always a scope for betterment in the conduct, behaviour, maturity and interpersonal relationship".

So where do we draw the line? That's a definite challenge for HR. If we just leave such cases to the individual companies and/or individuals-some of which may not have the resources to pay for the background checks-we run the risk of such guys slipping into the mainstream and causing havoc when they are caught. And if we make some sort of a carte-blanca conclusion, the natural process of betterment of quite a few individuals would be definitely impaired.....which goes against the primary premise of the effort itself.

I am not sure....but this is one topic that needs a solution and @ the same time needs to address long-term aspects too.

Aur Ravi......
zindagi chahiye udne ke liye bhi
Doobna ya udna bas apne apne khayalo pe nirbhar karta hai.:p


From India, Hyderabad
It is all a part of your belief. I have seen many people who prepare fake resumes and are now relishing in big companies. And these people have a very good contact.
Now coming straight to the point, instead of thinking that you got cheated by some person who put fake profile and was trying to get a job, just be happy that you found out his fakeness and prevented one person from joining the organisation. And before pointing fingers at others see how much clean and clear you yourself are.

This is just a normal thing and just by venting out your frustration on some forum will not help you, today I will fake my resume and you will put my name there, tomorrow someone other may do, people passing out every year are many and many will do fake to get a job, so you will just go on and prepare a list of such people, and then it might become that if the name is not on the list the person is good, this you HR will then declare to do your job simple. So just after you recruit a person you will just search his name on the blacklist and if it is not there you will give them clean chit? or apart from searching the blacklist you will also conduct your own reference check, and if you dont trust the blacklist and choose to do your own checks for every new employees then what is the use of the blacklist????

Let them fake, even sometimes I encourage people to fake, I tell them to do this and that so that they get a job, now what you are planning to put my name in blacklist that I am encouraging people to fake resumes, Oh no,, :cry::cry:

From India, Pune
Hello Ravi,
I am not sure what you mean by that posting of yours'. Are you justifying that faking is OK? It does seem so...going by your line-"even sometimes I encourage people to fake, I tell them to do this and that so that they get a job".
This is what I understand from it: faking is OK, if it ensures getting a job. So, by extension, doing anything wrong-including murder-is OK, if the returns-read the 'price tag'-is appropriate. I can't see any other logical conclusions than this [someone pl. correct me if I am wrong.....I will stand corrected]. In which case, frankly I have nothing to add-except to say that I AM SURPRISED. I don't want to put any labels to this human nature...though I can. But anyone who is an expert in psychology would be in a better position to comment on this trait.

Pl. don't worry about me getting cheated......if you read my posting again carefully, my intent was just to mention something that happened, as an example-nothing more, nothing less. THAT person tried to cheat.....which is different from me getting cheated. I hope you can see it. And it's HIS problem...NOT mine. And pl. don't worry about me getting happy or sad...unfortunately-for whom is upto you to conclude- I don't allow SUCH things to DECIDE my happiness or sadness Ravi.

To answer your line-"I have seen many people who prepare fake resumes and are now relishing in big companies. And these people have a very good contact"- it only suggests YOUR frustration rather than mine.

When I said-I FULLY agree with Ramya, I would also have appreciated if those who read my posting also read what followed those words, which is: on the need to put our perspectives in the right place. I don't think it's correct to read half-a-line and begin to draw conclusions.
What I meant was Ramya's logic & the reasons were correct. How to find a way to handle the situation is what I wasn't sure........BLACKLISTING may be just one of the ways. But like many-including me-suggested, the CONs it has would be more than the PROs. But yet, a way does indeed has to be found--before it's too late for the HR profession.....again upto each individual to take his/her call.
Thus far, Asha's suggestions seem to be the best. Let others too air their views and let's then see where we go from here.

I do hope I have made my line of thought clear.....which is different from the conclusions, if at all.


From India, Hyderabad
Hello Everyone, Is this thread alive & in circulation? Not seen any postings after mine 4 days ago..........did I say anything wrong? Rgds, TS
From India, Hyderabad

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