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Dear All

My Friend is a HR professional having 5 years of experience in generalist function. He is working as Dy. Manager in HR & joined 5 months before to a renowned organisation having good repute. The opportunity he got in this organisation was by his current senior who was earlier his boss in his past companies. So there was bonding of trust & familial relation between his current boss & himself. even his family was well known to each other. So upon his several requests & recommendations my friend has joined under him with a loss in salary, loss in all other benefits & compromise in designation etc. He has been committed by his boss that the loss in salary & other perks & facilities will be make up at the time of confirmation. When he got joined there he find there is a lot of unfair practices with the system followed there & his boss has initiated & involved in that. After joining, his boss also trying to get himself involve in those unfair practices, but my friend was shocked & not accept with the changed behavior of his boss to whom he respects & regard like a Guru in establishing his career.

For a better scope to avoid the nuisances, my friend started to oppose his boss in certain cases for which his kindness does not allow to accept & support. By result to which he boss get annoyed & not assigned any responsibility to him. When my friend asks for any work & any support, he simply replies " there is no work for you, there are many people more competent than you & I have so many works for them. You simply sit in your workplace & don't do any thing. If you will do any thing I will not support you, so dont create any problem for me. please sit aside & do wat ever you want to do by your own except any company work.

After so many time my friend queries, his boss stopped talking to him & avoiding him in many ways & also trying to appraise all the subordinates in front of my friend for their silly works to emphasize favoritism which creates frustration on my friend.

Looking to the seniority & emotional bonding with him My friend does not want to fight with him & simultaneously searching another opportunity but after a fresh joining with 5 months it was a problem for other industries to intake him in virtue of retention.

He was very frustrated within this situation because he doesn't allow himself to take salary without doing any work.

please help my sincere request to all......



Hi Pari
Its Bussiness,and in bussiness every thing is fair ,like in love and war,Consequently,your friend has fallen prey to emotional attachments.
Let him learn a lesson from this and start a fresh.My only advise is if talent is there in a person he can survive anywhere in the world.More importantly it is always very difficult to fight unfair practices and corruption alone.So being fair to one's own self is sufficient and must try to gain power before fighting such odds in life.
Last but not the least save your dignity and never allow others to play with it.
Boss is always a boss when its bussiness and he can not be anybodies friend in bussiness.
Try getting out of such nasty situation and stand alone to face and fight back such odd time.

Hello Pari,

Suggest take Bijay's advice.

I recollect mentioning this in another thread: There are situations that need 'thinking thru the Head' & yet others that need 'thinking thru the Heart'. Unfortunately, your friend [OR is it YOU?] seems to have mixed-up both.

At least, the boss's TRUE colors came-out in 5 months--rather than later.

Usually there comes a time for everyone when he/she has to make a VERY FUNDAMENTAL decision--that touches the very core of one's existence. That's when his/her true colors come-out. Pl assure your friend that though the present situation indeed is a cause for worry & tension, this will surely be temporary--like Bijay mentioned, Talent has a way of coming out & being noticed by those who matter. His boss is JUST AN ABERRATION--NOT the Standard.

The only aspects your friend needs to figure-out are: (1) how to handle queries about moving within 5 months. (2) how to handle his boss's reaction once this gets known.

All the Best.



dear Sateesh ji
many thanks for the suggestion. but can you please help me for getting an answer for your asked questions . i;e
(1) how to handle queries about moving within 5 months.
(2) how to handle his boss's reaction once this gets known.
and another one thing I am perusing a full time PhD now. This is the case of one of my best friend who was earlier my colleague in my past organisation.
I appreciate your input in regards to his situation. and also looking for other's o suggest.
due regards

hallo Bijay jj
Thanks for the advice. But will it be it appropriate to left a job within this stipulated time period. what can my friend answer to the interview panel in a new job.?
please help.

Dear Pari

The answer to the question is simple; considering your friend does not indulges in such un-ethical subterfuges.

(1) how to handle queries about moving within 5 months.

- He should tell the truth (without being very specific or taking names). His track record in the previous job should put him in good stead.

Moreover, since he has sacrificed his designation and salary in the new job; this can also be proved from the documents.

There is nothing wrong nor there is any stigma; if a person wants to change a job; which does not suit him or his temperament.

(2) how to handle his boss's reaction once this gets known.

- There is no need to confide in his boss for everything he does; especially his personal career decisions.

however; in the end, his boss will come to know about this; but it should not affect the boss as he has already washed his hands off him - isn't it ?

I am sure your friend will not have any problem in finding another job opportunity - there is a dearth of such people who live by their principles.

Warm regards.

Hello Pari,
Raj Kumar has said it all--I couldn't have bettered it.
The crux to handle the first question is: NOT to take any names [howsoever it may be tempting for your friend to take his boss's name--after all it's human nature to hit back when the chance comes]. Quite often this boomerangs.
Pl convey our All the Best to your friend.

Dear Pari Ji,
Mr. Rajkumar has answered your querry,However to add in,I believe your friend must be an honest and humble person too,so appriciating his qualities he should maintain and submit the true records and references other than the prevoius 5 Job at his Boss's place.Industry needs talented and proving candidates and I am sure your friend is one among them.

professional life and personal life should run parallel like railway track; any ways every company accepts honest people, if ur friend dont lie I am sure he/she can land easily in next job. For a person with good attitude and personality short tenure is never a barrier.
Don't forget to take the issue to next level before you leave the company.
I am sure in this generation it's not so difficult to contact head of company or head for your friend reporting boss.
Make sure at least the person who is coming next into your foot at that organization will not suffer.
IF YOU ARE TOO POLITE IN 21st CENTURY, PEOPLE WILL CUT AND EAT YOU. so be brave and go ahead in complaining to higher authorities and then quit the job.
there are many website where you can give your company feedback, go ahead and provide your valuable feedback. so that others will not suffer from same problem.

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