Hello, Small clarification, will there be different assessment procedures for internal promotions and recruiting from external sources? Is yes, can you please indicate the differences?

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Assessment centers for recruitment and for internal promotion have different outcomes or purposes. Generally speaking, the acitivities for promotion can include information that is more specific to the organization

If you are assessing for promotion to management, first decide what competencies you expect the candidate to demonstrate. For example, lets say one of them is problem solving. Define the competency specifically and create a list of indicators - behaviors that can be observed

Let's say that one of the indicators is " consideres a range of alternatives when suggesting a solution, including new or novel methods or procedures."

Now you can create a case study of a typical problem in your organization. You can include jargon or examples that only an internal employee would know, whereas, with an external candidate your case study would have to be generic in content.

Furthermore, your final assessment matrix is likely to be different.

Perhaps your matrix for assessing an internal candidate would include something like this:

assessment center activities ( ie case study, role-play, personality profile) 50%

performance reviews for the last 2 years 20%

record of continued educational or skills enhancments 20%

dept head recommendation 10%

When assessming for recruitment, you dont have these elements, or you may be using tools ( like PRISM brainmapping) to screen out candidates that dont fit, and then do an interview and a role play for example.

In essence, what you do in assessment is determined by many factors:

goal of the assessment


number of people to be assessed

criticality of the role

management philosphy toward assessment

Hope that helps you.
2nd May 2013 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
In case of internal promotion, you are assessing a candidate who is already known to you and you have his reocrd of previous years performance,proven record of his skills and knowledge.Normally weighatges are assigned to these factors.The panel thus need not do any further assessment on these parameters.The Panel need also not assess him in terms of culture fit as he has been with the orhganisation. The interview panel need only assess him for his potential to shoulder higher respnsibilties. In case of recruitment from outside, the Panel needs to assess him in areas of knowledge, skills and traits to ascertain his job fit and also need to do some assessment of his ethical and value system to asecratin his culture fit.
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2nd May 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir (Mr. B.Sai Kumar)
Good to read the above two replies, but most of the companies are not assessing their employees based on their performance and job profile, instead things are decided based on the will and wish of the reporting bosses/ HODs... where in the role of HR is constrained to accept finally and some times proper working staff are degraded and made them to leave the organisations. In most of the companies HR attrition will be more, local managements will try to influence towards Recruitments and towards Rewards (increments, incentives and promotions).
I suggest, HR must be strong from bottom to top and it should report to TOP management instead of reporting to local Head. HR must be a separate vertical in all the companies. Hope you will agree this.
SRao / Hyderabad / 9849562900
4th May 2013 From India, Hyderabad
I agree with you Mr.Rao.There is this risk of the blue eyed boys of the reporting authorities(HODs) making it to the promotion despite their low abilities of performance much to the neglect of the real meritorious candidates.One way of getting over this problem is to make the performance appraisal as objective as possible so that weighatges or ratings be given by the Reporting authorities on the basis of verifiable evidence of performance or a written test with a qualifying mark, can be held for junior level and middlelevel promotions to test the knowledge and skills of the candiadtes to neuitralise the "Halo" effcet of subjective evaluation by the HODs. These suggestions are made with regard to promotions in general but not of HR alone. Similar such options including the one which you suggested, need to be explored to make the slections as objective as possible.
4th May 2013 From India, Mumbai
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