Hi, I am working in small sized Furniture factory (New Delhi) in a store and now I have been also assigned to look after Personnel Dept.
Our Financial year starts 01st April 2013 to 31st March 2013. We are allowed total 5 CL, 7 SL (ML) and 12 EL a year.
As our 1st month of year start from April 2013 according to Financial year so I want to know:
01. How many CL will be allowed in April i.e. in a month if some body takes a leave?
02. How many EL can be taken in April 2013?

It's very urgent and should be according to labour laws.

From India, New Delhi
What does your company policy on CL/ SL / EL say.
To my knowledge only 1 CL is allowed/permitted to be availed per month.
Most of the companys do not allow SL to be clubbed with CL.
One must complete or have served/worked "N" number of days to avail "N" EL DAY. For example Mininum ONE MONTH to be completed for ONE EL.
Most of the employees avail their EL in the last quarter fo the financial year.
I am not aware of your state labor laws.
Current financial will end on 31st MARCH 2014 but not on 31 MARCH 2013.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
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From India, Mumbai

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