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Sarwar Saleh
Is there any terminology for "Employer-employee relation"? If yes, can anyone help me with this?
From Australia, Notting Hill

It is not clear as to what you want to know. If your are looking for similar term, it is master-servant relationship. B.Saikumar Mumbai
From India, Mumbai
Sarwar Saleh
Terminology of Employer-Employee relation in terms of Organizational Behavior?
From Australia, Notting Hill

Dear Sarwar, Is it Industrial Relations you are referring? Your query is not clear.KK
From India, Bhopal
A "Consumption Employment Relationship" this is what we differ in the employee and employer relationship which is is the actual meaning of Industrial Relations without which there will be no proper production for the management without which no proper sale and then no profit and finally no work and finally it may lead to dissatisfaction of work culture in the industry so to avoid such we should be able to maintain good and fair relations between them which is good in all the above mentioned areas
From Egypt, Cairo
you could approach me still if you have any doubt i would explain you still better
From Egypt, Cairo
Arif ur Rehman

We are associates all - no boss, no subordinate - is the catch phrase for effective leadership, management, and teamwork
From Pakistan, Karachi
Raj Rajender

Terminology of Employer and Employee Relation is:-

1) Employer must treat his employee as his own child at the time of problem, at the time of work he should act as master so that employee can be engaged and motivated.

2) Employer vision should be clear and visible to all will help in achieving the goal in equal direction, most of the employer think workman and junior staff have no intellect to understand the business whereas all know business because this is born quality of human, level can differ.

3) Employer should create environment of learning and development which develop the motivational factor in the organisation.

4) Small party can help in employee engagement.

5) Fair policy will help in keeping good atmosphere.

6) Clear job responsibility and thereafter training for the same make employee confident, result he feel no hesitation to communicate. This will also avoid insecurity at the job.

There are lots of measures that affect employee and employer terminology.

Hope this will help you in you query.

From India, Chandigarh
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