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Dear All,
Can somebody guide me to introduce the substantial policy to implement to reduce the frequent alienation of new joiners. As this is becoming a great issue to handle in our organization. It takes lots of efforts to close the vacancies due to being a part of engineering company & being specific in the selection criteria as per the company requirement.

From India, Taramani
Dear Mr. Kaskar,

Have you realized "WHY" is your company no able to retain employees? Did you refer the exit nterviews given by the left employees/ abruptly absconded ones, outspoke regarding your comapny?

Please keep in mind, employees leave on insatisfaction. The estrangement is caused majorily due to reasons viz., low appreciation and work culture. Well, in new joiners you sense this above what is usual.

Astute employees always look for flexible working culture -- It doesn't mean that you leave 'em to do what they want, rather arrange tasks timely, Do you know that saying -- ALL WORK & NO PLAY; MAKES JACK A DULL BOY!!

- Give them some refreshing training out-campus.

- Determine acceptable awards -- employees should be effected by programs arranged to them on the tasks alloted.

- Reward them with some flexibility on work hours and vacation time when needed. You may acquaint the freshers to avail the same after their completion of timely tenure with the company etc.

- Ensure that they are provided with all they need to complete the job, as well as allow time for them to ask questions

Practically, eventhough a policy introduced will not peripher employees & may also not reduce specificaion. Your try adding the following clause as in seperate annexure. (this is standard) -

Fail to report: If you donít come to work and donít call in, at some point we have the right to determine that youíre not coming back. Thus, our rule is that unauthorized absences of three or more consecutive days without notice will be considered as a voluntary termination, and we will remove you from the payroll. If you are repeatedly absent without authorization, you could be subject to counseling, suspension, and termination.

Please ensure your business runs on good trust. Don't incept bond policies, which is vague and imprecise to company.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Hi Kaskar,

As you say we spend a lot of time and effort trying to recruit the right person and then all is blown away when the new joiners walks through the door on the first day.

Imagine a new joiner arriving on the first day, excited to start, only to discover that you are not prepared or organized. The new joiner is given various company brochures and manuals to read for a few hours while the boss/manager figures out what to do with you. This will make the new joiner feel unwelcome and send a damaging message about your culture. Instead the message you want to send is that you are organized, efficient and running a tight ship.

Here are some tips that we use in our organization to help prepare a new joiner the right way:

1) Create a Plan.

Before the new employee starts create an outline plan on what will be covered, during the first day and week. It is important that the plan is in some sort of order and might include:

Ensure the direct line manager is not out of station or busy on a project

An overview of the department, including any recent relevant history

A personal introduction to team members and other departments

Basic housekeeping such as location of washrooms; fire exits; photocopier and fax operations; telephone systems etc.

How to locate important files and other sources of information.

What kind of communication you expect and with others.

Confidentiality and other policies.

Plan to spread this out over the first few days since only so much can be retained on the first day.

2) Ensure Logistics are ready in advance.

Make sure the joiners computer, phone, email accounts are set up and working before the first day. Have lists of passwords waiting and ensure the workstation is clean and stocked with supplies.

3) Check in regularly.

Check in regularly, not only to provide detailed bite size information but also to see how they are adjusting.

You might even conduct an "entry interview" after the first week or two, to get their perspective. Ask questions like:

Did the job turn out as expected?

What improvements can be made to the way you were inducted or oriented?

What areas would you like help with?

Do you have a good understanding of the departments and who to go to for what?

Are you getting enough feedback?

Are you clear on what is expected of you and how you are doing against those expectations?

Prepare in this way and you will maximize your chances of your new joiners success.

Hope the above goes some way in helping you on the right track.



From United Kingdom, Barrow
Dear Ms.Sharmila Das,
Thank you for your suggestion & Prompt reply. I am in a situation that my senior authority has raised this query to me & I need to give him list of options that can be implemented to restrain this kind of incident. Where as in being a HR representative I am aware of the reasons of frequent quitting that is imposing a mammoth tasks & responsibility on the new joiners. Our company is not HR oriented company & it is self centric hence I wont be able to suggest them to be introspective. I am looking out for few things to make a list of to present him which shall be not so harsh & even acceptable for the employees also which will restrict new joiners to quit in short span.
In other way I am planing to discuss your above said procedures with my Exe. Director to opt for the best available options.
I have got another query Which is the best possible way for the recruitment to hire consultant or to use job portals?

From India, Taramani
Joining a new organisation is like entering into a new family. Any new joiner faces a new environment & culture, a new set of people to work with , different rules & processes and new set of systems to work on.

Given this scenario, most people need to be helped to settle down & feel that they have made the right choice by joining the organisation. The least a supervisor should do is to personally introduce the new joiner to people with whom they will be working, show them their work place and also the people they need to contact for various requirements, and spend reasonable time in initial few days to ensure that the new employee is familiarized with all the key systems & procedures and ongoing work assignments. This time should also be used to reinforce what is expected from the employee. The first few days set the tone for the employees long/short association.

Apart from this the other major factor which causes short term attrition is a mis-match in what was conveyed before joining and what the actual situation/ role/ environment. Most often organisations & hiring managers paint a very rosy picture about the role and the organisation which raises employee expectation and if the reality is vastly different, it may leave a big negative impression upfront.

If these 2 things are taken care of, most of the issues can be addressed. You can also check the posts on Induction & welcoming Employees on our blog.

Hope this helps you. Best Wishes


From India, Mumbai
Just remember a thing, every body works for living. Employees will stay focused in long motivation only when they genuinly like to enjoy their job. Eventhough, if your company do not possess HR orientation, you need to putforth the thoughts which should speak BY THE EMPLOYEES about their potential growth in the company and train them regularly, so that they develop the necessary knowledge and skills to advance in the company
The culture should be instated by conducting facility tours etc., Why do you think these BIGGIES (MNC's & BPO's) conduct outings once a month...it is because of intrinsic motivation.
Final and foremost is, employee needs recognition & rewards (a methodology to contol attrtion) which provides interest in the benefits provided by the company. If the above pointers work you may barely mull over the loss of any employee.
Dear, they have been many ways in recruitments. Further more, social networking sights like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., have been immensely working their solitude at best. Post requisitions in these sights with your id and you see the flow of resumes desired.
Best of all is to post your requirement in CITEHR which has thousands and even more candidates looking for opportunities plunge-in with their profiles.
Job boards do give spotlight on resumes that are old & new, desired candidate list will be less. You may try other free sites like Craiglist etc.
If your company is looking for a flexible individual, you may hire this Consultant at higher pay packs that will inspire them to stay with the company. These candidates should be handled by department heads, GM's & CEO's etc. Human resources usually takes a very methodical approach to hiring new staff
Trust the above information helps you to understand the needs to your company.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Please check your company/s HR Policies. You should have some policy on Retention. Retention of employees is possible only by incorporating measure to keep the employees happy. You have to motivate the employees to stay in the company, if not for ever, atleast for longer duration / periods. There are monetary and non-monetary motivators. Some people get motivated by monetary benefits. Some are motivated by non-monetary benefits such as designations, foreign travel, technical training and so on. So your Retention Policy should be a mixture of both. Further, if you hand out everything in one go, the human tendency will be to ask :What is next !" So, whatever you provide, should be spaced out so that you keep satisfying the expectations at regular intervals.
You can, alternatively, hire me out as your consultant to provide you lot of suggestions, improvements in your HR policy !
Best wishes

From India
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