What hr really does for a company? What is the role of HR?
Why companies need to hire HR, Why it must be go ahead with HR?
Can’t company deal with HR Department? Can’t a company fulfill responsibilities of hr which are being done by so many hr’s...?
If HR must be hired for organization should HR have any special skills, exceptional skills apart from responsibilities (like Recruitment, statutory compliances, HR budgeting) why because everyone who want to come for HR, they aware of it. But they are not able to understand when a new task or problem has been assigned or comes .for example: Control of attrition, Retention of employees, reducing HR budget, efficient utilization of human resources, framing policies, manpower gaps, Induction, training and development. He/she is not able to understand situation of company, its business strategy…Right?
How HR related to company business strategies employee growth opportunities, profitability of company?
Consultants, companies hiring graduat

From India, Hyderabad
The answer to the question whether companies can do without HR, the reply will be 'yes', if they can do without people.If some one in the company can do HR functions, why the comapnies go for HR recruitment. Functions like recruitment appear to be merely going through some CVs and shortlisting candidates. It is not as simple as it appears tobe.Facilitating entry of the RIGHT and BEST candidates into an organisation requires various specialised skills like job analysis, skills analysis,to confirm job fit of the candidate and trait and personality analysis to confirm the culture fit of the candidate and all thsi is of paramount importance to an organisation since it is said that the yield of a crop depends up on the quality of the seed sown. Getting right candidates into your workplace has considerable bearing on your indutrial harmony,productivity and quality of customer servcie and in a nutshell, in providing you a cutting edge to you over your competitors in this break-neck competitive markets.

Similarly statutory compliances is not merely filling some reams of papers and filing before statutory authorities. What is important in this job is complying with requirements as stipulated by the relevant statute which needsless to say, requires fair knowledge of the provisions of the statutes since penalities, both pecuniary and penal are stipulated in the Acts This is only a sample. It is left to one's fertile imagination as to how important numerous other functions like performance mangement, Organisational devlopment, training, career path, competency mapping,talent mangement and talent retention are performed by HR.and to perform it, it requires special skills.Hence the need for HR.

The question whether the HR discharges these functions with the efficiency expected of them depends up on the quality of HR that is drafted to do this function.You cannot expect a raw candiadte or a fresher to do this job with the deftness of a veteran or a senior. You need to draft talent for this job at senior leadership positions who can guide and peovide direction to his team to make HR a startegic partner in the business.


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Bhardwaj Ramesh

Dear B.saikumar,

Agreed fully with your views................

When we talk about the organisational development,productivity,yield,employee satisfaction,customer focus ,CSR and profitability, all the processes have to be alligned with each other. Four wheelers we cant run on three wheels.................we can't expect that production/quality people comply the labour law or other statutory provisions.There are specialise people to do the specific jobs.............Hence HR come forward.

We can't run the ORGANISATIONS without manpower.HR job seems very simple for others but it is not so easy...............see the roll in the strikes...........see the roll in counselling and motivating........................human resources are very sensitive issues which needs to be handled very carefully.They are stretegic partners for the business houses.They are considered the mouth,ears and nose of the organisations.......

So they play very crucial roll in the organisation.

You can handle all the assets very easily,,,,,,,BUT HR handling requires specialised skills.

Hence HR roll is very important for the overall development of the organisations.

From India, New Delhi
Dear Bhardwaj I coud not agree more with you.We both are on the same page. B.Saikumar HR & Labour law Advsior Mumbai
From India, Mumbai

Presently working as Dy Manager HR & Admin with a Greenkogroup of Company

Interested to read the replies of B.Sai Kumar and Ramesh Bharadwaj.

In reality, the HR Activities are very crucial and important, like mothers care from birth to death, Otherway, it is intermediary between employee and employer.

But most of them are misused / mis guided by HR Professionals... No proper suggestions / modifications are provided to Principal employers in order to formulative leave policies or any other policies in practise.

The system of performance appraisal also is misused in many companies. No fixed parameters are used for assessing an individual. At last the decisions will go according to the will and wish of the concerned departmental heads / HODs / Reporting Manager.

Grievance procedure / redressals are not followed properly. Exit interviews are maintained only for the sake of ISO 9001 documentation. The comment or grievance that were mentioned by out going employees are not taken into consideration. No action will be taken through company suffer losses.

If any body (HR & Admin staff) is strictly complaying with rules and regulations, other non-HR staff will try to eliminate those persons and Corporate HR and Local HR Heads do not bother to interfer or safeguard the interest of the company.

HR professionals may feel bad about some of my findings, i am sorry for the same, those were my bitter experiences for the last 26 years. Pls do call on my mobile, to have suggestions.


S.Rao / 9849562900 / Hyderabad

From India, Hyderabad

International Corporate Trainer / HR (OD) Consultant
Please tell me, why you have thrown up so many questions, one after another, like Machine Gun fire ? What are your objectives ? Why do you ask such very basic, primitive questions ??
There are thousands of pages containing articles on HR, right from the Industrial Revolution days in Great Britain hundreds of years ago !
Your posting is also incomplete. Obviously, you have copied from somewhere and posted it here, in the name of generating discussion. Perhaps you are under the impression that most of us here are under-employed and have nothing to do.
If you are really that much interested in getting to know the answers, it is better for you to buy a book on Human Resources and you will be answered in full measure.
Best wishes

From India

International Corporate Trainer / HR (OD) Consultant
Please use this site for asking meaningful clarifications, which you would not otherwise find in internet. Most of us are experienced professionals and can provide or share our experience from real-life situations. Let your queries be specific and pointed. Dont ask questions like, Who invented the Wheel, why it was invented, what are the uses, why wheels are circular etc etc.
Best wishes

From India
I think as per as company's prospects of growth HR plays 100% role, without HR no organisation can function. For career planning and succession planing HR play an important role for the organisation. Now a days HR's role for stratetigic planning also.
From India, Mumbai
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