Dear seniors,
I was given this opportunity to write an OD plan by my senior HR manager. I believe I can do the content if I get guidance on the headings. Kindly offer me the direction and I'll repost with the document in doc format so that 1. you know that your input is respected and 2. you can have a look at it and comment further on it.
By the way, I'm an L&D officer of a construction firm whose HR department is still in its infancy.
Thanks in advance. Looking eagerly forward to hearing from you.
Aung Ko Ko

From Singapore

Dear Aung Ko Ko

Congratulations for your new assignment. Well, you had successfully developed a positive feeling about getting this assignment done and you need guidance to get it done.

Your first step towards developing OD PLAN for your company is to start discussing with your SENIOR HR MANAGER and gather relevant information that should be relevant enough to be utilized in your OD PLAN. You must seek GUIDANCE from your SENIOR MANAGER as you both understand your organisation better. Probably, you may have to interact with your higher officials in the presense of your senior manager.

Can you expect us to guide you without knowing insights of your organisation? No, you can't because, your plan need to be proof-readed by your senior manager followed by necessary modifications.

I suggest you to please work collaboratively with your peers/department employees. This is the only way to develop INTERPERSONAL SKILLS, thus resulting in a better PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT.

Good luck in all your endevours.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Skhadir,

Long before this gets any reply, I anticipated this kind of logic and yes, I gotta mention from the very beginning that my assignment was a scrutiny, at least for my sr manager, as to what stuff I'm actually made of. Now that the thread's begun, it'd only be respectful of me to tell everything from A to Z.

I joined as a Health Supervisor to the H&S section HR, with a medical degree and an HR QCF level 5 diploma in HRM, armed with a top paper prize on HRM, ABE June 2012 exams. 2 weeks later, the manager who appointed me left. A Sr manager joined, who is a government retiree with some 30 years of work exp. The thing is: we're going through a major structural reform. He's also proposing a lot of reforms and making an OD plan of his own while demanding me to do one. My safety officer showcased my academic achievements to the BOD and poof: I became head of L&D with more than double a pay rise before probation's over.

Currently I'm the lone player in the entire HRD function. And there was this HR meeting in which I made the VC nod a lot over developmental moves we could and should make. And now I'm being questioned whether I actually know what I was talking about. This taught me a lesson not to outshine my boss, but walking away from it? No sir.

I obviously bit off more than I can chew for sure and now I simply must learn how to chew it in time, with or without help. I just tried to get any help I can muster.

With warmest of willing respect,

Aung Ko Ko

From Singapore
Dear seniors,
This is especially about organizational agility that the HR dept can help bring about. I'm thinking about three steps in achieving it:
1. Individual development
2. Management development
3. Organized empowerment of line management
Please help me swim through this murky depths.
Aung Ko Ko

From Singapore
Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant and Trainer
Dear Aung,
Earlier there was discussion on the subject. One Manish Sawankar had prepared the plan and uploaded on this forum. Later there were contrary views as well. Click the following link to refer it:
You take inputs from this link and improvise it further. Once you are done, upload your OD plan as well.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Business Communication Trainer, Personal Coach
Dear Aung,
I am sure there will be more qualified experts here to help you with your OD info.
I would like to commend you on your positive attitude. Swimming in `murky' waters of organizational politics is not for the faint hearted and you certainly seem to be made of tougher stuff.
Stay true to your convictions and always do what is right. Success will surely follow.
I speak from personal experience.
Prashant Sharma

From India, Khopoli
Organization Development is a continuous process. Based on the information shared by you, I am outlining an approach that you could consider. I have also attached reading material
a. Discovery phase:
Determine business challenges impacting revenue or growth and their root cause. e.g. accidents, quality issues, attrition, morale
b. Data Analysis
Identify People issues that may contribute to the problems e.g. supervisory skills, attitude to safety, pay/benefit issues, performance recognition
b. Implementation
Develop solutions to address the problem, get support from senior leaders and institutionalize the solution through the leaders.
Most importantly, seek inputs from your bosses at every stage and let him/her take part credit
Best Wishes

From India

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Manager HR - Trigyn Technologies
Hello Aung,
Empowerment and adequate decentralisation is essential for organisational agility. Most managements while expecting agility are not sure of giving empowerment because of lack of trust about employee's willingness and ability to be accountable for it.
Clearly your people development efforts will have to be about developing culture of Accountability. Normally it is a tough challenge as all your line Managers will have to lead from front in order to create an 'experience' of 'Reward and Consequence'.
So, in effect the stages that you have identified are right, just that in your place, I would focus more on leaders ability to demonstrate and create experience.
All the best!
Shamik Vora

From India, Mumbai
Dear Chandra,
"Let them take part of the credit"? Are you kidding? Speaking like a doctor, if a life is saved, it doesn't matter who gets the credit! I'd happily let anyone who wants it have it provided I could save my patient and in this case, my organization. And I have one "superweapon" that'll get me all the inputs we're gonna need from our bosses: The golden "What do you think?" question. President Eisenhower used it. Jack Welch used it. Steve Jobs used it. Why won't I?
And thanks for the reading materials. The ppt is as amazingly helpful and compact as it is.
Best regards,
Aung Ko Ko

From Singapore
Dear Shamik,
It is widely believed that "People only uphold what they helped create." And yes, according to Dale Carnegie, the best way to inspire people, in this case, line management to champion something is to make them think it is their idea! This is no easy task, but what is easy hardly works and what works is rarely easy. I think I'm result oriented, not someone who tends to be satisfied with any result as can be obtained by following pleasing methods.
The previous manager who left also bespeaks the value of management development regarding this matter. Now it makes two of you, though lexical density varies between you two.
Aung Ko Ko
P.S. I uploaded a powerpoint document which depicts Step 1 of the plan. I'll keep you all informed of the process.

From Singapore

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