Hi Everyone,
My name is Abdul Razak, I'm from Bangalore.
After Completing my BBM, i applied for job at Malabar Gold and Diamond PVT LTD. They had a 3years bond and 10000.Rs deposited to sign in. They told that Job timing is between 10.30am to 8.30pm but after joining the job i understood the job is having very hard timings. They made all to work there till 12am sometimes 1 am or 2 am in the midnight. they never provide us food in the proper timing also. So finally after working there for 5months, i planned to do my MBA has Enrolling to Subject Finance and Marketing. But as per the Bond they are telling they wont give my money deposited money Rs.10000 back as they have provided me training. I told them i haven't get any training as per the company. If i file case against the company, will i have the chance of succeed ?
They have provided training to too many people, but i haven't got any training there. Some of my colleagues got the training too.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Abdul Razak,

Such a wretched piteous consequence to be faced by one who wish to be free out of this "BOND" situation. As far as I understand from the situation, it's High Time that you reveiw your original Bond signed to the employer -- Read the points thoroughly in terms on the BREACH OF CONTRACT/BOND/AGREEMENT. At some point it says about your notice to the employer, if you wish to terminate your services with the employer, therefore, read and understand, IF the clause has such notice, suggest you to give notice period to the employer and resolve it without potential breach.

Many a times, employees are unaware of a point, you can anytime break an employment bond if the unauthorized changes are made by the employer during your tenure with them. In your current position, the state of your expression,

entails considerable changes made by the employer on the working schedule altered without appropriate notice is a WIN point to you.

Already; you've put your point across -- Why don't you ask 'em to get you some training certificate for your future reference (I'm sure your employer will never confer delibrately such a thing). Also, you may check with others what sought of training was endowed in respect to their job.

Appease yourself, talk to the HR/concerned on the above points, check with their prospects & then let us know; what best you felt to do.

You may not demand your money, certainly you can ask for it. If still the employer denies the above there are many customs to follow. At the end of the day, if nothing works, seek a conciliation officer at the Labour Comissioners office.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Your work timing is a 12 hour shift, that is not allowed under factory act
That its self is a good ground for breaking the bond.
(Assuming, of course that you have it in writing or some proof that you were made to work 12 hour shifts)
However, in reality, though you can make their life a little difficult, and may be finally get your 10,000 back, the process is difficult. The cost of the lawyer fighting the case will be higher, and the disruption in your study will be just as high. In addition, this case may affect your future job prospects.
So you need to check how important this 10,000 is to you.
If its not important, then first ask them to give it back, giving reasons (check your terms and find a loophole), then with lawyer notice and perhaps with a complain to labour officer. However, if its not working, the. Drop the matter and mark it for future reference and be careful when you sign any bond.

From India, Mumbai
Hello Abdul Razak,
I am with Saswatabanerjee--at the EoD, it's YOUR overall priority that should decide your course of action.
Pl be REALISTIC--many times in a career [or even personal lives], what may be absolutely legal & ethical need not necessarily be the REALISTIC course of action. This is where the individual's priorities come into play.
In your case, do your best to get back the 10K the company needs to return to you--BUT pl also think about where you should draw the line, keeping the tangible & intangible costs of pursuing the matter beyond the line in mind.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad

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