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One of our family enemies had filed a false FIR against all our family members over a property dispute.But I was exonerated by police.I was never arrested or charge-sheeted.I never faced any trial or summon by court/police.The police said in in its final report that there is no evidence against me. Now my question is whether this false FIR will have any impact on my placements or career.I ve no criminal case pending against me.Do I need to mention about this false FIR in my resume??Do background checks include whether any FIR was filed?Will it have any adverse impact on my prospects?
5th April 2013 From India, Kolkata
A person who intentionally causes damage to others reputation is subjected to punitive action on defamaion with its own limitations. A proof of the statement must be shown along with evidence that the individual intensified statements against you were false.

The false accusations (as said by you) made against has been documented as FIR, which though is a critical state. FIrst information report over any commission of offence; where any informant may intimate the police and they file a report which is presented to the court for trail in which the accused hasto attend the appeal filed against the source. As far as my knowledge is concerned; by attending the plea & proving no documents and eveidence available -- is a point your case convened is dismissed.

[My point here is FIR will be recorded]. Notwithstanding, you will have to inform the employer ON THE WHOLE, as many employment checks often run on experience, education and induvidual background related. Improvise initiation, therefore, it lessens the impact on your career succession.

The impact is trivial in nature based on the competency in how you handle the employer while at interview.

Good Luck...!!
5th April 2013 From India, Visakhapatnam
Thanx a lot ma'm for ur precious advice.I want some opinion on what specifically companies check-Whether any FIR has been filed or the person is formally charged/prosecuted or arrested? FIR can be filed by any person against anyone but that needs to be taken cognisance of in the court(in my case no cognisance was taken)..
5th April 2013 From India, Kolkata
As a part of the Backgound checking process. the back ground agency or the employer visits the local area police station of the applicant's place of residence in order to check any records filed as a part of substantiation. In the face of NO cognizance you are said to have no indict.
5th April 2013 From India, Visakhapatnam
One more point I wish to add. If you desire so, probably you might as well mention briefly about the case and the ultimate status of the case in your CV. If possible you might as well attach a documentary evidence to support your status. I hope making a true statement in your CV would add to your virtues and your sincerity and honesty which would be appreciated by the interviewer. Display that you got nothing to hide. I think being a property dispute which got nothing to do with your career or character/conduct due weightage thereof shall be given by your employer to be in proper perspective. On practical side make sure that the HC at the police station do not spoil your party try to keep him in good humour and happy with you. All the best pal.
6th April 2013 From India, Bangalore
In addition to what have been contributed by our experts and leaders, please consider initiating a background verification on your own. That will give a clearer picture of what would your future employer see. Thereby you set your plan of actions.
A background verification can be initiated by registering in National Skill registry , Nasscom. You never, know, nothing might affect as the police already closed this case.
They would even issue you a certificate that you can offer with your resume to your future employers. It might take some investment for you, but will be worthwhile . Wish you all the best
7th April 2013 From India, Mumbai
From the description, it can only be said that a complaint was filed against you and other family members before Police Station. Police after basic investigations closed the case. Thus, technically the complaint has not turned into a FIR. Only after the Police finds substance in the complaint that an FIR is made, in petty matters like loss of identity Card, or driving license etc one is required to make a complaint to the police before a duplicate is issued and Police just keeps it in record and no further cognizance is taken. Since in your matter too no cognizance has been taken, this is not a case where you have been prosecuted or arrested for any crminal offence.
7th April 2013 From India, Bhopal
I seriously dont think there is any problem bcz individually you have done nothing wrong as you said above but, in another statement you said "I ve no criminal case pending against me" which i want you to clarify ...Is there anything that you are not comfortable to share with us? , because the property dispute/ FIR against your family and anything that can affect your career are totally different matters in actually.

Second, you must not take it like this issue can affect your professional life or I should say you must not drag these personal things into your professional life consideration. Although, I accept sometime these kind of problem bothers us alot and forces us to think over these things or put us in a dilemma whether these can disturb our professional life or not but we often forget in this situation that we are by taking worries and mixing our personal life problems with our professional life, actually ourselves allowing them to bother our professional life.

Also im not agree with Sharmila ji that you should tell all about FIR and dispute to your employer, which can certainly affect your job and can create many questions and doubts/inquiries on immediate basis and I believe that you won’t really accept. However, I accept background verification may disclose these things but we must not forget these are related to your personal life, not concerning to career life or past employments which actually matter most for your employers/recruiters.

Moreover, with the process of background verification, recruiters and employer like to know the work history of an employee/candidate, nature and behavior/ dealing at work and any legal/criminal activity (if any) in personal and professional life which can affect them by anyway not about family disputes and issues running in family. Though these issues and family problem can impact to candidate/ employee mentally and if you are strong or are able to handle yourself (i.e. Depression) and never let these things come into face at work, there would have no problem for you. Now it’s totally upto you.

One thing i really dont understand why people are scared of background verification and feels like recruiters/ employer are very much like to know their personal life or should i say consider it most than employment history.

Lastly, I seriously want to know from Candidates/Members, how many of you have experienced or being a recruiter/employer have adopt this kind of Background verification in their professional life -- >

I would suggest you, please be free mind and step ahead with confidence in your professional life and must not share these family problems to your employers/recruiters.

For example, a candidate must not share family information or any kind of family details while interview until asked by interviewer, so the same is here. You must not be too honest but professional, sincere and confident Hope you got my point.

Best of Luck
7th April 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Anil ji,

Every other person have their own stance. If I may say this "Its now or never", which impacts any information given to most employer -- for instance, a passport as an identity proof, Do you think employer keeps it as a testimony. NO, Employer have their BG checks on each& every document provided (Either we say Professionally or Personally).

Besides, let me site you a tiny example, Our CEO requested me to do a BGV to an employee after he has worked for almost about year and half. Definite enough to the verification done at the time of his joining we had no digression towards his professional milieu. However, when we recently felt stats of his behaviour, found foray in his personal intricacy. [He had a hit and run case in the past]

Each day we see many things in our lives, but are you sure if you are not veritable to your employer, you may have to face issues later. I know & understand that been proactive initially may get you no jobs. Rather one in 10 employers will forsee this amicably.

Let him decide his point of view, I'm sure many excuses can get in trouble. Instead a straight aspect keeps anyone saved.
8th April 2013 From India, Visakhapatnam
Before going further, let me repeat my question first.

How many Recruiters/Employers are here who have adopted this kind of Background Verification Procedure? or let me ask this question again with a slight modification to all Recruiters/Employers : For how many employees of your organization you have adopted this procedure of background (Police) verification and how often? And, if you'v adopted, what was the purpose of it initially, or should I ask, was there anything that influences you/your purpose of background verification of an employee?

Why I am asking this because I am really interesting in knowing what actually ask (YOU) an employer to go for Police Verification for an Employee/Candidate and in what circumstances or on what basis/findings? And I believe, your answers, certainly gonna help me and other by many ways in our learning, and it would be highly appreciated.

I also accept and know how much background verification of candidates/ future employees/employees helps us and what it values to us but there are something which I would like to highlight you again is the PURPOSE/REASONS, and difference between General Employee Background Verification or Advance Employee Background (Police) Verification?

Let me take your example where you have cited a story of an employee who had a “Hit And Run” case in his (personal life) past which was discovered by you after *requesting your CEO to perform BGV to employee.

Now my questions to you:

*What was the reason behind this request to you by your CEO or what actually made him realize to go for BGV? (if you feel like to answer)

After getting the truth about this employee what was your actions?

Does this case ever made you ever feel like to go for BGV for other employees?

And if yes/no than why?

For what Percent of your employees, you have adopted BGV so far.

I also accept, No, Employer has their BG checks on each & every document provided by employee and not for all employees actually.

Hope my questions find you interesting.

About the poster, I second you, let him decides his further actions to go with
8th April 2013 From India, Gurgaon
I was a victim of false FIR filed against me and my family.However I was exonerated by police and was never charge sheeted/indicted.My parents and brother were acquited.Will this false FIR affect my chances in tcs?Does tcs not allow students who have FIR filed against them but later exonrated by police?I ve no criminal case pending against me.In No Criminal offence certificate what sud I mention?I was never arrested/prosecuted/indicted.No cognizance was taken against me in court.Plzz tell me about the policy of tcs.Do they allow students who have been cleared of all charges or they reject students against whom FIR is filed even if it is false?What is the objective of No Criminal offence certificate?
9th April 2013 From India, Kolkata
It was a false 498a FIR in which I was implicated and later exonerated by police.
10th April 2013 From India, Kolkata
I m indeed thankful to all of u for ur valuable advice.However I need to make a confesion tha the FIR was filed by the wife of my elder brother and it was a false 498a FIR.I ve started another thread to ask if I need to mention abt dis in the No criminal offence certificate for tcs.Sorry guys for not mentioning this fact earlier.I was apprehensive about the response I would get.But u guys have been very supportive so I guess I can share the truth.Besides I again iterate it was a false FIR and I was never indicted in it(exonerated by police,no cognisance taken).
10th April 2013 From India, Kolkata
I ve another thread will false FIR affect my career in this forum.I had mentioned in that thread the FIR was due to a property dispute but actually it was a 498a FIR.
10th April 2013 From India, Kolkata
You need worry at all..... you yourself are telling it is FALSE FIR... then why you should worry...... In case if the your company comes to know tell them that it is against the family and not against any individuals.... and more over it is false...
Foprget this issue ...
wish you all the best - venkat - bangalore -
10th April 2013 From India, Bangalore
You do not have to worry about the FIR (as said by you as false FIR) Also the SI of Police has confirmed that you are a part or party of the FIR.
You may request the Police Inspector as to that No FIR is alive in the police station, which is a valid document for you. Verbal commitment by the Police or any other Government Authorities, will not have a validity.
Dr. V.Sundaresan
10th April 2013 From India, Pune
Even for Government Service for which a regular Police verification is done, this kind of case where only an FIR was filed (false or real) and later dropped, does not disqualify the candidate for employement. There are several cases like this. You need not worry at all. For employment in Private Sector these are really secondary issues. What counts there is your competence for the post. If the company, TCS, is asking specifically, in any format provided for this purpose, whether you were ever arrested or whether any FIR was ever filed against you, you can state the facts as they are. If they are not asking anything like this personally then why should you yourself raise these issues, which really donot matter at all for your employment. I therefore broadly agree with the views expressed by Mr Arora in his posts above. Donot mention these happenings in your CV. It is not required.
11th April 2013 From India, Madras
Can anyone tell me WHY it is necessary to mention such a thing on a resume.
It is not relevant in the first instance, and only gives a potential employer a reason to screen you out of contention for an interview as they will not know all the facts and will make a superficial judgement.
Get the interview first, and go and present your credentials.
THEN AND ONLY THEN, when it is considered likely that you will be a viable candidate and they want to start the verification and referee checks, do you present this matter.
Surely you have paperwork which states clearly that no charges were laid etc etc. So you can present copies of that and clear the air on the spot.
That way, you will be judged solely on your merits and skills first and foremost with nothing else to cloud the interviewer's judgement.
Don't make life hard for yourself.
13th April 2013 From Australia, Melbourne
I ve decided I'll not ponder over this matter anymore.Me and my family have already suffered a lot due to this false 498a FIR.I still remember how I was a young boy then and I had to fight the corrupt Indian system.Any other person wud have succumbed to the trauma.But I had to fight bcoz I couldn't see evil winning.The police did not dare to falsely implicate me but it did indict my parents and brother falsely.But the complainant herself confessed in court that she had filed the case due to a minor misunderstanding and that she had stayed in our house for just 4 days.And my family was honorably acquited.I've seen the ugly side of Indian law and I ve decided if I ever face any problem due to this false FIR I'll never do any job rather I'll practise law and give justice to innocent people.
14th April 2013 From India, Kolkata
Had you given the above information at the outset, I am sure people would have given the same advice as Aussie John and we would have avoided unnecessary debate on the issue.
I take this opportunity to appeal to members that we should give complete background information while seeking help at CiteHR or any other forum. This will help experts to give a considered opinion based on full facts.
14th April 2013 From United Kingdom
I completely agree wid u Sir.I m indeed indebted to the cite hr team for their valuable advice and support.I also appeal to everyone to present the complete facts without any fear.There should be no apprehension in telling the truth.I admit I was a bit skeptical in the beginning bt now I m relieved after presenting the full facts.
14th April 2013 From India, Kolkata
Sadly corruption is not confined to India, it is every where. What we need is people who are strong and will stand up and fight for what is right. I hope that one day you will find the strength and courage to practise law or whatever is necessary to help your fellow men and women to achieve justice, and not have to suffer as your family has. Good luck.
14th April 2013 From Australia, Melbourne
Dear All,
There has been matrimonial dispute going on b/w me and my wife and my wife motivation-ally frame me in false cases and lodge a FIR against me and my family U/S 354/323/324/506/509 . i am an IT engineer and working in IT company now wanted to know that these Fir will make adverse impact on my career or can i loose job?
27th July 2015 From India, Delhi
Mere lodging of an FIR may not result in loosing your job.
Many cases which arise due to matrimonial disputes are false,exaggerated and made out of anger.
Even courts have taken dim view of the misuse of laws to protect women.
One must take a careful view after consulting your lawyer about the case filed against you.
Keep your management informed about the case.
India Together: Should our anti-dowry law shield husbands too?: Shoma Chatterji - 13 August 2014
27th July 2015 From India, Pune
Hello Neeraj,

The Sections you mentioned doesn't have 498A--related to Dowry harassment--which is non-bailable.

Hence I don't think you need to worry much......BUT suggest consult a lawyer ASAP.

Unfortunately, private Companies really don't have a clear roadmap/rules on how to respond to such situations. Every company CAN respond differently to the SAME set of Sections filed against 2 employees. Right or wrong wouldn't be the issue here.....from the employee's will be more of the time, money & effort issues from his/her end to handle such situations.

However, I think you need to think MORE about how you will go about handling the leaves needed for Court appearances--which could be often. If you manage the permission for not appearing in-person, that would be good for you.

Like Nathrao suggested, inform your Company.....BUT first consult your lawyer on HOW to inform them. There could be many nuances in that act, since how the Company responds depends on how you inform them.

All the Best.


27th July 2015 From India, Hyderabad
hello sir against one of my friend FIR is filed in an.accidental case he got surrendered to police station n also he got bail will he be punished or penalised. N wil it effect his future carrier can he get govt job.. if the opposite party takes the case back will he get govt job n other jobs
5th March 2017 From India, Bengaluru
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