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Hello All,
Needs your valuable suggestions for the below mentioned subject "Use and throw of knowledgeable employees by management"
Is it right to treat knowledgeable employees like use and throw by management after successful task? By doing these company gaining or loosing anything ?
Please share your experience and how to avoid such things in company?

From India, Pune
Dear Ashish,

Well, your query appears to be for IT industry. However, please clarify in what context you have asked this question. Are you professional or student? Are you from IT/BPO/KPO industry? Are you doing study or research of any kind? Are you the affected employee? Are you talking about some "lala company where employees are removed at whims and fancies of the owner?

Optimum utilisation of resources if the mainstay of business. Resources could be physical resources or human resources. To gain something we have to get rid of something. However, we have to measure pros and cons and then take decision. While removing employees, many business owners do not bother to calculate the loss that it inflicts on their business. Cost of loss of opportunities, cost of loss of brand image etc they do not take into account. For them the removal of employee is just accounting exercise.


Dinesh V Divekar

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.

From India, Bangalore
It is not a desirable practice to make use of the skills of an employee and once the organisation achieves its objectives, discard the employee. If the services of employee are no more required, he may informed in advance.
From India, Madras
Hello Dineshji,

I am Hr Professional in one of leading MNC firm , my question is not related with me , i have seen one old experience person of age 52, struggling with management regarding above mentioned subject , he is working with leading MNC of india, i don't want to raise the name of that organization. so this query not related with any Lala company, you will find same cases in Reliance, Birla, TCS, Infosys and any more Big MNC companies.

We can find lots of people struggling with same issues, because in ONLY big companies you will find that kind of talent who can use that kind of persons, Lala company does not have that kind of talent who can use and throw them , i am talking about reality,

Even sir you are agree with above mentioned problems as per your experience,

In hindi " Project Khatam chalo iska kuchh karte hai, bethei bethei kya Karega " like that kind of statements in Annual General meetings, after Management politics person has to leave the company in any way.

Needs solutions for the same sir, You valuable suggestions will expected

Thanking you,


From India, Pune
Dear Ashish,

For every individual, how to stay "relevant" is a challenge. For this one has to upgrade himself or herself constantly. "Pyramid" always gets narrow at the top. Therefore, competition gets tougher at the top that they should have understood while they were at the base of this pyramid i.e. during their youth. My observations about middle aged persons are as below:

a) Many of them did not upgrade their knowledge beyond their technical or functional sphere. Business runs on finance. Many do know basics of finance. On the contrary, those who were in finance, never tried to understand the operations.

b) They relied on their company to grow. They did not invest even 5% of their earning for the learning.

c) Many of them lack soft skills that they should have developed long ago. The way they speak or carry themselves is incompatible with their position. Many top executives are unable even to write a single page business letter on their own!

d) For many of them computers are glorified typewriters. Though they brandish their smart phones, they just use basic feature of the mobile phone i.e. talking. Computers or laptops or smart phones are the instruments that help improve their personal productivity that they do not understand.

e) Many of them did not plan their career during youth. As said earlier, how to stay relevant is a perennial challenge. They should have read Marshall Goldsmith's famous book "What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful" long ago.

f) Famous company Microsoft has been coming up with upgraded version of their product i.e. Windows. What you think without newer and newer versions of Windows, could Microsoft stayed relevant? Today, notwithstanding doing all this Google is challenging it's very existence. Same thing happens with us also. We have to upgrade constantly.

g) Next is that many of them are yet to come to the terms of changed social or economic scenario of 21st century. They behave as if they are in 20th century. They continue to gloat over past achievements. These achievements were relevant during those times but not any longer.

Lastly, it is also one's fate. About 1-2 years ago Google acquired Motorola at hefty price of 12.5 billion USD. After acquisition Google declared in last October that it will lay off 4,000 employees. In the last month it declared it will lay off 1,200 more employees. Google had paid far higher value than market value to Motorola for its patents. After all who developed those patents? Motorola employees. Now these very employees may find that after acquisition they are being laid off! Do you think Google will show mercy to these employees because they developed patents? No way!

Ashish, tomorrow if you were to start the business, you will also weed out effete employees . One's thinking depends on which side of the fence one is.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Ver well said Dinesh. I totally agree with him. The employees need to constantly replenish their skills in knowledge based industry. B.Saikumar HR & Labour Law advisor Mumbai
From India, Mumbai
Your post remind me of a discussion with my mentor, on how should we make ourselves redundant at our jobs. Especially, before we are fired. This sounds strange, but its true. Tasks and responsibilities will continue to change. Only our agility can help retain a career .
I agree with Dinesh, in IT sector, talents are hired for the project. If the skill-sets is too niche , they are released from the job on project completion . Talent pool are good only for the generic skills. Putting-on-Bench is rare these days.
I am sure you will find better jobs where an higher level acumen would be required. Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai
Dear Ashish,

Mr.Dinesh has beautifully explained how the once so called knowledgeable people become irrelevant in organisations with the passage of time and get jettisoned eventually because of their failure to keep abreast of trends in changes.Knowledge is similar to the flowing waters of an ever green river maintaining the continuity of the flow and confluence with the sea in order to take a different form only to be back to the original but diffused everywhere. Years ago, somewhere I read as having said by Peter F Drucker that efficiency leads to insubordination and eventually ends up in incompetence.( exact statement not in my memory).In the words of Robin Sharma, "There is a cure for aging that no one talks about.It's called learning."But, people in the middle level of their career normally stuck there complacent refusing to learn further.That's why middle level managers are slowly getting eliminated from organizational chart now a days.The examples cited by Mr.Dinesh are very apt and prove Drucker's epigrams ---- " management has no power but only responsibility".and "Golden fetters do not strengthen the company".In the general election soon after the World War II, the people of Great Britain did not vote Winston Churchil who brought victory, back to power but only Clement Attlee, a better administrator.

From India, Salem
True, the metaphor of the rivers given by Mr.Umakanthan is vrey apt and I just want to add a little that the seniors shall be like our rivers which are ancient but always renew their waters with fresh water gushing in from the mountains.
HR & Labour Law Advsior

From India, Mumbai
Hello Eeveryone,
according to me it is not right to make use of skill of an employee and then discard him/he,.if you keep on doing this then nobody will agree to enter into your company because today's era is of collaboration, and employee satisfaction is very much necessary and it is i proved only, when you make the employee feel that he is being treated as a member of your company not just "USE AND THROW" of his skill.....

From India

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