Dear, How can we measure the successfulness of leadership development? Any suggestions/comments Please?
From Saudi Arabia
Dinesh Divekar
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Sharmila Das

Dear Mr, Najamsj,
A Leader is a dealer in hope..! Measuring development is not always Business or Organizational related. Personal & Professional behaviour also scruitinizes the outline concepts of a successful leadership development. Results are simple when we look into the aspect of a leader, who overlooks in taking risks, creating an assertive culture, guidance on personality development, encouraging integrity, wisdom, time and most importantly honesty amongst group.
To nuture as a proven LEADER it takes years together. How would you measure such a leadership development in a limited time?
Views of other mentors/seniors are anticipated. Thanks!

From India, Visakhapatnam

Thanks Sharmila
I agree with your comments but here in our company we send our section heads, managers, Gms etc for leadership courses.
Once course is over there is no looking back. Our top executive have asked us to design some sort of strategy to measure to some extent.
Hope we can come out with something tangible.

From Saudi Arabia
Sharmila Das

Are the strategies for meauring their Performance, Success & Failure in team building, Effectiveness on goals, Analyzing and Improving effectiveness to product versus services?
Please do clarify with your Top Executive on what scores to be determined for the instructional stratergy effectiveness. Probably, that is when even we get a better understanding for a tangible outcome.
Look forward to hear you soon.

From India, Visakhapatnam

It is admirable that your organisation has decided to measure training effectiveness. Without sounding training jargon, a simple way to measure training effectiveness, in my view, may consist in the following steps.;

1) Training shall be measured in terms of beahviour, perceptions and attitude of the employees trained. For this you need to record their views & attitude with reference to factors/variables you are looking for improvement. you can collect feed back about this and their behaviour fbefore tarining from the personnel records with you or you may adopt any feasible method to collect it so that you can percieve teh cahnge if any and set out to measure it..

2) After training, you need to collect again feed back about these parameters and see whether there is any change in their perception, attitudes and behaviour. For example, see whethr he stopped complaining about staff now or he is more able to jell with them now etc. However such feed back shall not be collected immediately after training as no change takes place immediately after training.

3) You can recod if there is reduction in costs in the job which the employee is doing or in the department which the employee is heading.

4) You can record whther there is any reduction in the number of complaints of all sorts from the department or agaisnt the department either from internal customers or external customers.

5) You can measure effectiveness in terms of maintenace of records and registers in the department with help of audit or inspection reports, post training.

6) you can measure whether there is any reduction in time lag between an order for supply and delivery

7)you can also measure whether there is any change brought about in work flow chain in the department to expedite delivery of servcie.For example you can get an idea about this from the reduction of over time etc.

My views are only suggestive and simple devoid of jargon and technicalities.Hhowever you need to identify the parameters for each department or employee with refernce to his j job profile and goals and the training for which he has been sent and dvelop metrics and rating scales etc to measure the effectiveness.


Hr & labour Law Advisor


From India, Mumbai

Hi Sharmila, Probably our management wants to measure overall performance of leadership. Nothing specific.
From Saudi Arabia
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Najam,

Your post is more than a week old now. None of the training professional has come forward to give reply to your post. Rather those who are not into the training, they have given their replies. I had been waiting for the week to check the number of replies. Your last interaction was on 4th April and nothing thereafter.

Had there been the post on requirement leadership trainer, there would have been slew of replies boasting of training achievements. When it comes to solving the queries, hardly anyone comes forward. The example well illustrates who needs to be taken seriously.

Which is the training agency that provides leadership training to your staffs? Rather than raising query at this public forum why you did not approach them? Ideally they should be solving your query.

Now coming to answering your query. Measuring the effectiveness of leadership is on two counts. At operation level it is increase in operational efficiency. Be clear how can the department's performance can be improved by the leadership training and then only go ahead with the training.

If you train your senior management professionals on leadership then overall business performance has to be measured. Therefore, on enterprise level, there five measures viz., PBP, IRR, ARR, NPV (these are the techniques of Capital Budgeting) and ROCE. The last one is the most important.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore

I am not a trainer in this field. However, I have conducted Author Workshops and seminars on Research Methodology. The effectiveness of Author Workshops can be measured by measuring the papers published before and after the persons attend the workshop. Similarly, the effectiveness of attending the Research Methodology seminars can be measured by the marks that students get after attending to what they achieved before. Similar logic applies to any training. No doubt some metrics require a longer time period to show any change.
There are two reasons why some do not respond to such queries. One, the bloggers do not give enough information at the outset and raise vauge questions without describing the real situation. Two, they consider answering in general terms a waste of their time.
I appreciate the contributions by Saikumar and Dinesh V Divekar, who go out of their way to clarify things.

From United Kingdom

Hello Najamsj,

I am not sure IF you are still looking for inputs from members for your query--suggest respond to the responses of Dinesh & Simhan [like Dinesh mentioned it's over a week now].

W.r.t. your remarks to Sharmila's comments ['Probably our management wants to measure overall performance of leadership. Nothing specific'], Looks like there's a drift of thought process vis-a-vis your management. When one isn't even clear of 'WHAT' or rather the Goalpost, then how would he/she/they be able to even go about achieving/reaching it, let alone bring about 'SUCCESS'....can't help but add: 'whatever it means to your management'?

B.Saikumar has mentioned a very valid aspect--in his Point(1)--"......For this you need to record their views & attitude with reference to factors/variables you are looking for can collect feed back about this and their behaviour before training from the personnel records with you or you may adopt any feasible method to collect it so that you can percieve teh cahnge if any and set out to measure it..", though I wouldn't really depend on the personal records to begin the task.

IF your Management is really serious about enhancing/improving the leadership skills of senior managers, then the ball ought to start to roll WITH THEM--meaning they should collect data, analyze the strengths & weaknesses/limitations of each manager & THEN decide WHICH Leadership Training Course each one needs to be sponsored for. That would AUTOMATICALLY give you some verifiable/tangible benchmark(s) on which to measure the effects of the training over the performance.

To explain, let me give one situation that I noticed early on in my career. Our Division Head [I was just a Trainee then] was known for his very rude, rough & rash behaviour with everyone who had to interact with him--included many managers & senior managers--so much so that his Nickname was "Sher Singh".......guess you can imagine the rest. But what carried the day for him was his excellent technical competence.

We noticed that he was absent for over 2-3 weeks once & were told that he was in some Training program. When he returned, we were in for a BIG shock [for the better]--the change in his interactions, including junior staff was distinctly perceptible. It was a total contrast to his earlier 'avatar', so to say.

We checked-out & were told that his training was in an IIM [Indian Institute of Management] focusing just on his People-handling skills, which was the result of some Corporate-level checks on his overall leadership skills.

Co-relating with your situation, I guess you don't even have a need to have any elaborate measurement techniques/methods to evaluate the success of such Programs/Courses--since the 'taste of the pudding would be in the eating', so to say. Hope you get the point.

What would be CRITICAL would be to focus on the right aspect of the overall leadership profile of the concerned manager that needs correction/enhancement--BEFORE he/she is sent for any training--AND the Institution where he/she is sent for the training. I may also add another point/aspect: the individual concerned SHOULD BE WILLING to change for the better, which involves an amount of acceptance that his/her attitude HAS BEEN NOTICED [some may not be willing to do so, given the 'ego' factor].

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad

Hi Dinesh
You are very much correct. Seems we don't have enough professional on this forum.
Well leadership training is done by our corporate but measuring effectiveness came from our top executive management.
Here we want to measure overall performance and nothing specific.
Anyway thanks

From Saudi Arabia

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