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Hi Upasana,
I wonder how could you ask for materials if you are really capable of conducting trainings.
A good trainer would be capable of conducting a program even without a ppt.
Everybody here have their own modules. We have spent a lot of time to prepare them in our own way, from different sources and feedback.
If you are really interested to conduct training, first make you self skilled with what you are going to teach. Then you would be able to prepare your own presentation.
All the best.

Hey Upsana,
What is the update? Were you able to put one & one together?
Please comment and tell us how far you have come... in case you need coaching on building the material one of us can help.

Hi Everyone,
I was quite disturbed to see the comments of the Cite HR members who have
gone about character assassination and issued decrees and judgements
without knowing the person.
The Golden Rule when someone spreads arms in front of you is >> first help
then ask questions if need be.
Agreed that there are a lot of experts out here with a lot of experience.
But does that automatically give anyone the right to be impolite and disrespectful??
When I started my training journey i was totally clueless on how to start? where to start?
All the material from the Net / Cite HR / other sites helped me. I believe there is nothing wrong in taking
help of existing material till you are experienced and wise enough to develop your own.
Anyways I m going to reply to Upasana on her mail id and share some ideas
and i would request the senior members to show some empathy and restraint
before passing judgements on younger members.
Riyaz Khan
Indian Army


I don't really think that anyone here is guilty of character assassination of the OP. But I do believe people are understandably concerned about the OP's modus operandi, ie, asking other people for some training material and presumably just using that to train other people.

That is NOT training. You have been a member of CiteHR for about 5 years or so. In that time you will have seen many similar requests, please send powerpoints etc. You will have also seen my responses to those sorts of requests, ie, exactly how I have replied in this thread.

Training is very important, it needs to be done correctly so that participants derive the most benefit. Training IS NOT standing in front of a class and reading the words on a powerpoint slide. Yet that is what is happening all over the world these days. Anyone can train, all I have to do is show a powerpoint! Do you honestly believe that Riyaz? I think not.

If you are going to to that, then don't waste anyone's time. Give the trainees a copy of the powerpoint and let them read it in their own time back at their desks.

Many people have admonished me because I do not share my training courses. When I train, I develop the training for the SPECIFIC group. Training - as I have said so many times before - is NOT a one size fits all proposition. I do have some basic outline courses, but I adapt those to suit each group. For example, I used to do a job search training course. I had a basic course outline of what I needed to achieve, but each group of trainees had different requirements. I trained about 20 groups of people, and never once was the course the same.

Also I DO NOT use powerpoint. When you come to one of my training courses, you come to learn new skills, not read slides.

You are right in that CiteHR is a wonderful resource with a wealth of information to help everyone, especially the younger ones. Even I derive much from this site which has helped me to develop new ideas and concepts.

The thing that saddens me most is that so many people here DO NOT USE IT. Why is is so hard to use the research box at the top of every page to find the answers you seek. Day after day after day, the same questions are asked over and over again. How many times a week does someone ask for a HR Manual? That and PF questions would have to rank near the top of the scale as most asked. Yet the answers are already here and no-one is capable of doing a simple search.

On your website, you say "Work for a better India". Admirable sentiments and I applaud you. India is at the crossroads now and moving forward at an ever increasing pace. It's future depends on well trained people to drive that change, and bring a better life to all Indian people.

To achieve that, we need to ensure that people entrusted with the job of training the next generations are equipped to do the job, and do it properly.

Hi John and other colleagues,

Firstly I am agreement with how training workshops should be prepared, customised and executed.

What I am not in agreement is the kind of remarks made based on presumptions... some of which are listed below >>

# Do you know there is something called Internet ?? # This is not a shopping centre or a super market !

# Such a short sighted and casual attitude towards training and developing your staff shows me that management does not appear fully focussed on doing what is necessary.

# Suggest you do your homework first and then seek the knowledge of others

# I wonder how could you ask for materials if you are really capable of conducting trainings.

For John specifically -

- Use of Powerpoint is an option available to a trainer.. everyone has different styles.. finally it is the result that matters

We can't declare that people who use PPTs are inferior to those who don't.

- The RESEARCH box on top is not userfriendly/identifiable for a new person.. earlier this button was called SEARCH. When this format was changed even i got lost for some time.

- Prior joining Cite HR in 2007 i was in the Indian Army for 21 years dabbling with various forms of training at different ranks and levels, So I am not a novice in this field either, though I am still learning and unlearning.

- Every trainer learns and evolves over a period of time. But nowadays in companies young people thrust into training by their managers / bosses and asked to PRODUCE training modules/ programs by 'Tomorrow Morning'. It may be one of such instances where people like Upasana put up requests for material.

Experienced Trainers and Motivators should use Motivational language while addressing younger / inexperienced people. I feel the instances I have quoted above can't be categorised as motivational.

This is just food for thought

Mr. Riyaz Khan.... By being blunt, we do not intend to demotivate youngsters. Being sweet all the time does not work with everybody... Anyway, .I am not here to join issues with anyone. Instead of giving them fish everyday, we tell them, please buy a fishing rod, go to the lake / river and learn fishing....whereas you want to not only give them fish, but also give them recipe for preparing a nice dish or go to the extent of cooking a nice dish for them as well..... !!!!! Well, everybody has an approach and a style....
Best wishes


No doubt we all are unique. Its proved many times. Instead of we exhanging ideas, lets educated Ms. Upasana and train her so that, she develops skills which we had developed over a period of time by practicing certain strategies. Every problem has a solution. Lets not make Its yours or my problem. We need to focus on the OUTCOME, only then we can have a good start.

I had already shared my views about the information available in citehr's knowledge base. There must be a TOPIC BASED LINKE containing relevant information(may not be 100%). Also we cannot change the attitude of new members who are desperate to receive information based on their needs.

Sharing PPT will not help anyone to become a great trainer. Its upto to the individaul how he/she is going to utilize the information and present to his/her audience based on their requirements. Every trainer must go by Learning objectives to facilitate LEARNING OUTCOME which must cater to specific situation or requirements. Based on the situation and circumstance it is not vaible for us to implement similar strategies. There is lot more to learn and unlearn as we are doing it everyday.

We need to come to mutual terms.

With profound regards

Dear All,
Please read carefully while adding a comment.....its written at the top." Add Your Comment. Keep Your Conduct Professional And Polite."
You people "except Mr. Riyaz khan" think that you are great trainers who do not know how to keep your professionalism. The kind of language you are using , you need a soft skill training. Please come to the training classes of Mr. Riyaz Khan.
Thank you so much Mr. Riyaz.

Well said Upasana and Mr. Khan.
We tend to forget how WE all started initially. All the related threads I just read had more to do with arrogance.
And at this point the acquired knowledge has failed the test of humility.
Soft skills can only be taught when it has become our second skin. One should impart trainings lived by oneself to set example for others to follow.
There is no point left to show how much “I have learned myself” over the years and then the same “ego” stops them from helping others. What an egoistic display.
Our parents and teachers did show us the way to learn and do it ourselves, they never ridiculed us and believe me that gave boost to our inquisitive selves. We yearned to discover and take in more. Hence, why can’t we motivate people in the best humanistic way possible and not ridicule them?
Let us be more sensitive in our remarks to others. All of us have joined citehr to learn from each other.
Please be empathetic to the needs.

hi all hope the attachment would be useful. thanks & regards snigdha aggarwal

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